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    Xazor walked into Rama's Corner, knowing that just about everyone in there hated her. She smiled gently and took a seat in the back corner. Bathing herself in the shadow's she looked around at the many gathered there. The silver in her eyes caught the light and reflected it, making her eyes appear almost grey....decieving the deep blue they actually were. A server droid came over and took her order of a JD, and brought it back to her shortly. She took a sip off the drink and set it back on the table, letting her eyes wander from face to face....

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    *Her eyes probably never caught the face of Snack. He had been sitting in his normal booth, as always hidden in the shadows. He watched her walk in and take a booth of her own, almost like she had been here many times before. She knew what she was doing. And the JD to go along with the facade... She was comfy here?

    The Light that radiated from her being would have told the Dark Lord otherwise, but she seemed ... almost natural in here. Though a little in strung like someone was goign to jump out and slit her throat. But who here would commit such an audicity?

    Smiling, he picked up his bottle of water and made his way to where the Jedi sat herself.*

    My guess is that this is not your first visit to this establishment. You like it here that much?


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      Xazor looked up to see the face of a man she had seen somewhere before. She smiled gently and motioned for him to take up the empty seat across from her.

      Please join me, sir.....

      She said softly, taking a sip from her JD before setting it back on the table.

      Yes......I do like it here. This place is quiet.....dark......I can get away and have personal time once and a while. It is quite unlike Master Yoghurt's Bar and Grill on the Jedi Base. There is always someone wanting something from me there. Here......hardly anyone knows me.

      Indeed, this was what she sought. She knew everyone at the Greater Jedi Order......and she wanted a change once in a while. It was nice to get out and meet new people. This place.....Rama's Corner....seemed to suit her.


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        Ah yes... Master Yoghurt's Bar...

        *His voice was a whisper, allowing his lips to form a smile. A vision from his past flooded his mind as he took the offered seat. The vision of friends, of waiters/waitresses and bartenders, his old Master and his Master before her... Many a day and night he had spent in that Bar and Grill, just having a good time. And she was right. The place was always busy, with someone wanting someone to do something for them. Very hectic at times. Not oprotune for rest and relaxation.

        Taking a sip from his water, he allowed his smile to dim slightly yet having his voice lighten up a bit.*

        I don't know about that. It seems you have made a few acquaintences in your past visits here. Heh.

        *His smile turned into a sick and twisted grin as his cold dark eyes locked on to her own.*


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          It almost seemed as though the Jedi Knight could not pull her eyes away from his dark if their eyes were locked in an eternal glare. She shook the thought away, hoping to divert her attention elsewhere.

          Yes......I have made a few.......acquaintances here in the past.

          She recalled the run-ins she had faced.....almost every time she had come to Rama's. She sighed, hoping this would not turn out like those other times.....


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            *He surpressed a chuckle that was bubbling up and swallowed it back down. He remember the words of the late Athena about a Jedi padawan female whom had, on more than one occassion, stuck her nose in business where it shouldn't have been.*

            So, you are the 'Xazor' people have been cursing about? Damn, you must love causing trouble.

            *Taking another sip of his water, the Dark Lord leaned back in his seat.*

            People call me Snack.


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              Xazor laughed to herself. A sly smile danced upon her lips in a playful manner.

     might say I like causing trouble. Actually, I don't....I can hardly say one word to someone in here without them sticking a dagger down my throat.

              She laughed once again and thought of the first time.....a run in with Athena. A bit of sadness came into Xazor's heart as she thought about her. The woman was a good fighter....and a great fellow Warrior and Knight. She smiled, looking down at the table as she thought of the kindness she had shown to Xazor when she was a padawan and had fought.......and then needed to heal before she had continued. Athena had stopped a few other Sith from attacking her poor injured brother and herself.

              Snack you say? I have heard your name before also.....

              She said, abruptly interrupting her thoughts. Her gaze returned to his eyes as he leaned back in his seat a bit. This was definatly one of the more......peaceful encounters she had had in here.....


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                Yeah, we can be edgy at times, taking anything someone says in the wrong manner. Which is why one must be careful when talking to Sith.

                *A short laugh escaped his mouth, only to be caught by the rest of the water from his bottle as it slide down his throat. Mmm, refreshing, He thought.

                Wait... this Jedi had heard the name 'Snack', before? How? Where? Why? Only Jedi that should know his name are the ones of old: the Council, some Masters and some Knights. Maybe one of htem told her about the Lord.*

                SO, you've heard of me? I'm curious... how?


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                  Xazor smiled, recalling her "history lessons".

                  A Master and a few of the Knights spoke of you while I was a padawan. They did not tell me much....but I remember your name. I am trying to remember all they told me.....

                  She scratched her head slightly, trying to recall everything that they had said. She was drawing a blank and it was a bit frustrating.

                  And from what you have too have heard of me? I can only imagine what people have been saying......

                  She laughed slightly, taking a sip from her glass of JD and then setting it back on the table.


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                    They probably told you what the Darkside can make one do.. and that back-stabbing traitors can arise at any turn.

                    *He outright laughed at his remark, which he said in the most blunt and evil way he could. Snapping his fingers, a droid came over and restocked the Dark Lord with a bottle of water.*

                    They've been saying that you love to cause trouble. Of course.. I find that hard to believe, with you being a Jedi and all...


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                      Xazor nodded, recalling that what he spoke was true.

                      Yes...they told me something like that...

                      She said, finishing off her glass of JD. She promptly ordered another when the droid came over. She then laughed at what he said.

                      Me? Cause trouble with the Sith? Of course are correct, I am a Jedi and do not go looking for adventure or trouble. It always seems to find me, though. Everytime I step in here it finds me. I do spar occassionally and have been in a few battles with some of the members here...but as far as looking for trouble, I do not...

                      She laughed once again and then smiled when her drink arrived to her.


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                        Of course you don't.. what was I thinking? But you do come back to where trouble finds you...

                        *He took a sip from his new water bottle, blinking a few times. His eyes still dark solid orbs.*

                        That in itself can prove you like to look for toruble, or at least are addicted to the trouble you find. You like coming here so much, yet dislike the "trouble" that finds you here. But I guess the pros outweigh the cons, huh?


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                          I enjoy myself here because it is.....quiet. No, I do not enjoy company, but I will not stay away from this place because it is inhabited by the Sith. I am not afraid of your kind.....

                          She said softly, taking a sip of her drink and then setting it back on the table top. She looked up at the man called "Snack", and her eyes met his once again. His stare was cold and piercing. She looked away quickly diverting her attention elsewhere.

                          No, I do not seek trouble here, and I do not return because I thrive on it.....

                          The Jedi Knight took another sip of her drink as an awkward silence set in....


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                            ::Saharia grinned, the jedi was back again. She had warned her once and did not warn her again. It was the jedi's neck and that was nothing too important to lose in this universe. One less jedi. She had no real love for jedi, and it might turn into a strong hate in some times but this one interested her, perhaps even held the tiniest amount of respect for her courage, or stupidity? Either way she liked this jedi's attitude, though that would not stop her killing her if in a battle. Why DID she keep coming back then? She walked almost soundlessly to the jedi and sat down beside her, curiosity winning over::

                            You come again, knowing so many hate you and wish you gone, and not form the bar but from everywhere. Did you not heed my warning? I will not warn you again nor save your neck, but rather enjoy seeing one less jedi. But I will share drink to find out what draws you to the magnificent bar of mean and evil sith who do such terrible things the jedi detest so much.

                            ::She grinned at her, coldly and viciously, but also in an amused way::

                            Jedi's blood is on many peoples minds around here and you are not immortal.


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                              Xazor suddenly was awaare that another was watching her. She looked around and spotted the spying source. A smile danced upon her lips and then suddenly the woman rose from her seat to join her and the man called "Snack". She scooted over, making plenty of room for the newcomer. She recognized her from one of her early visits to Rama's.

                              Yes, I took heed to your words. I realize that most everyone in here wishes me gone...but that bothers me not. I am not afraid of the wrath that could possibly be bestowed upon my mind and body. I rather enjoy coming here for it is quiet and dark. No one expects anything of me...and I can be alone, unless some unexpected company joins me such as yourself and Lord Snack.

                              She smiled slightly, taking a sip from the drink that rested on the table before her. She set it back down on the table and looked at the woman once again.

                              We have not formally met. I am Jedi Knight Xazor Dawnstrider. Garou Warrior and loyal member of the Greater Jedi Order. I believe your name is.......Saharia? If I am not mistaken....

                              She had quickly probed the Sith's mind for a name and came back with that. She smiled, a slightly amused look adorning her face once again. She took a sip of her drink, finishing half of the glass before setting it back down. This would prove to be a more interesting night than she had expected....