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  • getting to know you

    *jenobi walked into the bar, and order some beer. as he looked around and saw all of the members he realized how many of him he didn't know. "might as well get to know some of them" he thought. he walked over to a table with a lot of them talking, he didn't recognize their faces so he just acknowledged all of them" hey's it going?"
    *"man i hope this goes well" he thought. he was never good at introducing himself to new people.*

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    Zena nodded to Jenobi as she waved him over.

    "Care to have a drink with me? Seems we both are alone on this cold night with insomniacs."


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      *he smirked*
      "sure, could use it." he replied. jenobi then offered her his hand, and said "i'm jenobi, and you are...?"


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        Taking his hand in a warm yet firm shake, she smiled.

        "Hello, jenobi, I am Zena."


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          " nice to meet you" jenobi said, then asked " so how long have you been here at TSE?"


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            "Not as long as most, but I would gather, not as brief a stint as some of the Disciples. I don't recollect ever seeing you here. I must get out more," she smiled.


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              "naw, it isn't your fault. i usually keep to myself, but ever since that accident that happened here and how it was almost like what happened to my family, i decided i needed to stop being so closed. so if i may ask, what happened to you that made you decide to come here?"


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                "It was more my destiny that steered me here. When I was a mercenary with the Red Moons, a Sith Lord raided our camp, taking out most the men, almost killing me in the process. He took me as his apprentice and told me to seek out the Sith Empire to further my training, as he could teach me no more."

                Zena sighed recalling the past, as she drank it away with a satiable swallow from her drink.


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                  "almost like what happened to me..almost"*jenobi grins*"i was too weak back then to even make a difference, and probably would have been killed but it was their mistake. now my revengence reaches to all who share that blood line."*anger rose in jenobi but he let it go*" so you ever have any brothers or sisters?"