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  • Dios returns

    ::He walked into the bar, found his table and sat down, he was tired from last night of course, two "light" side creatures just weren't that easy at the moment. But he liked how it had worked out. Maybe he had planted a seed in Tomak's mind that would make him do something out of character. Nevermind that, Dios was thirsty so he got a glass of JD and sat back to relax. Looking around, he spotted some people and hoped he might get to talk to somone with some real dark side experience::

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    blade walked into the bar and saw a man sitting at his table. blade was not in a diplomatic mood this night he walked right to the man and kick the right out from under him making the chair fly across the room and break on the wall and Dios fall to the ground. blade then went around the table and sat down and waited for server droid to happen by.

    " pathetic who do you think you are coming here and sitting in my spot. "

    blades tone was calm and serious with a slight grin of delight.


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      :ios stood up and stared at the ceiling for a moment. He had seen this man before in here. He sat at the chair across from blade and took his drink and swallowed what was left::

      You, have nerve my friend! Pain seems to follow me every where but I never thought it'd be that annoying. Pathetic, me, no sir, you are pathetic. You seem to get some delight out of the small things in life. Me, I have bigger things to deal with and a wurm like you is not one them.


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        blade laughed

        " you have fight in you kid but hell your not even strong enough to beat a jedi padawan so what bigger things would a weakingling like you have and what pain has a young one such as yourself seen anyway? "

        blade had been reading the young mans thoughts since he had arrived in the bar.


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          :<img src= ALT=""> ios burned with anger::

          What the hell do you know about Tomak Ohara!? I will learn the dark side and destroy him and his jedi! I have not even been accepted into this order! You must admit that one with the force and one without gives the other a serious advantage. And you read my mind yet are still ignorant!

          ::he laughed for a moment then gulped more of his drink::

          I have been hunting the damned demon that killed my family and train wrecked my life. He might be a padawan but vampirism has another thing to it. That's my pain.


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            blade laughed at the kid

            " all I known of Tomak Ohara is that he is a jedi and he kicked your ***. you call me stupid yet I could kill you but your lucky this day you do not know the era of your ways but learn this you do not need family to survive and the empire is not here to train you for your own vengeance there here to train you for the empire nothing more."

            with that blade force blasted the kid into a nearby table.

            " i know more of the force then you do right know so you better watch your steps and a attitude."


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              :ios gets up and screams::

              I will learn this power you learn. I will serve the Empire by getting rid of that demon and destroying those that get in the Empire's way. You will pay infidel, quit wasting my time! I will finish off Tomak I will prove myself to the Empire.

              :ios drew his sword and turned it on, the silver light splashed across his face.::

              I know where he is now, I've been watching him for a while I'll be back! Stay here Blade I'll come back with his sword!

              :ios concentrated for a moment then dissappeared::


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                blade smile he had pushed the young man into violent behavior and blade knew that the Jedi would still win but that was only because the jedi had training and this young one didn't. blade cared little for what insults the kid through at him all that matter was weather or not the boy would come back humbled or not at all.


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                  :<img src= ALT=""> ios comes back in and looks for Blade. Spotting him, he wipes the blood from his face. He swept his jacket back to show two lightsabers strapped to his side. He walked over in front of Blade and sat down.::

                  I might not be strong enough to be a good match to you Blade but I will serve the Empire well. I have fought Tomak and won, I have his sword with me. I will train and then I will fight the jedi and destroy their pitiful light side.

                  ::As a driod came by he got a drink of JD and went back to drinking::

                  Anything else Sith Warrior that I need to learn?


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                    " you need nothing more then guidence now."

                    blade pulled a chair up from a nearby table with the force.

                    " you may sit at this table if you wish and may I get your name young sith? also may I have the saber of the padawan?"


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                      :ios thought for a moment and then flicked on Tomak's lightsaber, the blade was black with a red fringe to it::

                      Can't you tell it's of a demon such as he? I will gladly give you this since I am glad to have pleased a sith of the empire. I must ask though that we make a trade, your name for mine? Is that fair enough Warrior?

                      ::He slid the lightsaber across the table::

                      What about this guidance, where might I find this before I get truly accepted into the Empire?


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                        blade looked at the kid.

                        " I am blade ice sith warrior of the TSE. As for guidance you can find it any of the members of the TSE most will spar with you and give you tips or complement you on your skill but once you are excepted you must find it in your master. I have had two master already the first did not give me the guidance I needed but the second did choose wisely when they ask who you want as your master."

                        blade looked at the jedi's saber.

                        " also show respect to those you want respect from and always respect those you battle against such as the jedi for they are a formidable opponent. "

                        blade began flipping the saber end over and catching it back in his hand and repeated the process.