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Friendly Introductions (Lady Jezebella)

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  • Friendly Introductions (Lady Jezebella)

    Rama's was not really the best place to meet people, but it was the only place that was conveniant.

    Darius had left a message for the good Lady Jezebella; he really wanted to see the type of woman who the master would take on as apprentice.

    Seated at a table in a private corner, Darius ordered a Jack and Coke and settled back to wait.

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    Jezebella had been given a message that said "Meet me in Rama's." This was certainly an odd calling so she decided to check it out as soon as possible.

    Silently she entered and glanced over the room with curious cat-like eyes. Noting that nobody stood up to wave her over, she found her gaze roaming over to the private tables....where surely Darius sat.

    Crossing her arms over her chest, she raised a brow and made her way over to his table

    "Hmm...I believe you sent for me?"


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      Rising to his feet Darius smiled warmly and pulled out a chair for his guest.

      "I didn't send for you, I just asked to meet you; will you join me for a drink?"


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        Jezebella raised the other brow and silently slid into the seat that he had pulled out for her. Send and meet....they were the same words in her vocabulary...brushing back a long strand of black hair, she nodded, confirming his offer of a drink

        "Of course...."


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          Another Jack and coke was swiftly brought over; after sipping his own drink Darius settled back to truly appreciate his companion; she was, without doubt a beauty, but the master did not accept apprentices on their appearance alone and, aside from his curiosity about the girl herself he wanted to know just why she chose Darkstar as her master.

          "This is pleasant, I seldom have a chance to meet other disciples, socially,"

          Grinning to himself slightly;

          "You know how it is, things seem to degenerate between, the young and inexperienced, the urge to prove ones self seems to override...commonsense?"


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            Jezebella nodded and smiled. It was an odd truth....but still it was plain fact. She was quite interested in this new acquaintance because they shared the same Master. Although she pretty much had an idea of what was to come....she might be wrong

            " very true. I, myself, don't socialize much anymore. Although I tend to get out more often now."


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              "It is regrettable, but those of us who take our chosen profession seriously need few friends; but at least one is essential."

              Realising how far he was digressing, Darius mentaly shook himself and reached into his pocket, drawing out his coin.

              "I have been straying from my point," setting the coin on the table, "This is the reason I desired to meet with you."


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                Jezebella quickly glanced down to the coin that had been set upon the table. The cloak, that had been covering her mid-section, was brushed back to reveal the coin that was fastened into her armor



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                  "Apprentices must stick togeter, although you are a capable person nodoubt, I feel that I should allow you the benefit of my experiance."

                  Setting the coin spinning on the tabletop he looked back into jezebellas eyes.

                  "There is nothing that the Master will not do to ensure that his apprentices learn from him, often that entails certain methods of focusing your attention, since you are currently in training I am sure that you will discover these methods shortly, although I cannot tell you exactly what is in store you need to know that something is most definately coming."


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                    Jezebella smirked and nodded. Whatever was to be ahead in her path....she would be ready for...or would she? They shared the same Master...she new that well and she knew that he was trying to tell her to be prepared. It was a rough ride ahead..and that thrilled her, but also made her more conscious of the world around her.

                    Her intent gaze had remained upon his face until he was done talking...and than moved down to the spinning coin

                    "I know that my journey into the Dark Side will progress....I know something is coming. It might sound strange...but I have been waiting for it."


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                      "Good, good, you can only prepair for something, and then weather the storm once it breaks over your head,"

                      Placing a finger on the coin he slowed it and allowed it to rest on its edge.

                      "With the Master it is always wise to anticipate the obvious, but then after you prevent him journying down the first two roads he will always choose the third that you did not see,"

                      He coughed, pocketed the coin and stared back into the Lady's eyes,

                      "I think that is enough of the shop talk, lets move onto more pleasant topics, would you like another drink?"


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                        Jezebella smirked and raised her gaze up to meet his. Leaning back a bit more in her chair, she nodded in confirmation of the offer and watched him.

                        He was different than other aquiantances. Something about the way he viewed things and the way he spoke. Noting she had been starring, she shifted her gaze upward

                        "Red wine..please."


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                          "Well, I think I will join you, my friend Jack gets a little boring after a while."

                          Flashing a grin and ordering a bottle between them he poured two glasses,

                          "A toast, to...fellowship."


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                            A small smile tugged at the corner of her lips and she nodded. A toast to fellowship...suitable for the meeting of the two disciples.

                            Reaching for her glass, she brought it to her lips

                            "To fellowship..."

                            Than, with a smirk, she tipped the glass back and downed it


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                              Refilling the glasses he felt questions come to the surface, he still knew nothing about the warrior that sat opposite him.

                              "This sounds like a horrendous line but; tell me about yourself, I dont even know where you were born, or if you have any other family...all i do know for sure is that you are the sort of person who takes Darkstar as a master."

                              Eyes sparkeling with mirth he sipped from his glass.