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  • Resting (Saharia)

    :<img src= ALT=""> ios relaxed at a table and ordered his usual, he was waiting for Saharia again. He was in a good mood and wanted to talk to a friend::

    She tells me to meet her here and makes me wait, is this what they call fashionably late?

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    ::Saharia walks in and notices Dios waiting. Was she late? she hadnt known the time, obviously not only her ship was playing up but so was it's time keeping. If it were a person she knew where that person would be now, in the laws of the old military on her old home. You fixed things a different way::


    ::She moved towards the sith quietly and sat down, staring at a robot until it came to her and gave her the usual drink, Jawa Juice::

    You seem in a good mood.


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      :: Dios watched her come in and waited for her to sit down, he watched her sit down and then stared at the drink as she got it::

      What are you drinking? It looks like horse **** from here! Nevermind that Malady... How was your day?

      ::He wasn't sure how to start a conversation bt he had heard others say this often so he tried it out. He downed his drink and got another::


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        ::Saharia smirked::

        Malady? I have a name and it's Saharia. It's jawa juice, which is basically jawa blood concentrated with rum. It's quite tasty for one who is not a vampire.
        Why are you in such a good mood today?


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          ::Amused at the response he ignored the word vampire and drank some more before continuing::

          Well, Saharia, I am waiting my trail into the empire now and I have a plan to destroy Tomak Ohara, curse his name, once and for all!


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            ::Saharia smiled at the venom in the use of Tomak's name. She had never met the jedi before but he must be worth something if he screwed with Dio's mind energies as much as this. Sipping her Jawa juice, she smiled coldly at a distant memory::

            And what is this plan?


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              The revered council member Dara Shadowtide says Tomak is not important to the Empire, but I've seena vision, he was sitting on a throne with many others, he had the jedi by the reins. He will become great quickly, I must learn more to become better but I respect the council. She was right, he is not important right now to the empire, but to get rid of a jedi is important.

              :: Dios had been planning this for sometime, he would suceed and bring glory to the Empire and the Dark side.::

              My plan is to get Tomak by surprise. I can tag my line to him and appear within a proximity of him. I will wait till I can sense him with his female friend. He drops his gaurd around her and becomes vulnerable... I will try to kill her first, she becomes predictable after a time, she seems to be programmed. But at the same time spontaneous. She might cause trouble but Tomak will give up very quickly if she would be harmed.

              :: He laughed at his own plan and downed more of his drink::


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                ::Saharia smiled, she did not believe Dara or Dios entirely. Any jedi was a threat for all of them had a chance to become great or a nuisance. And there was another matter::

                Do not underestimate anyones skill, or heart. Assuming can get one killed.


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                  :: Kane listened to what she said and agreed to her statement. She was right, he would have to rethink his plan. This would take more time but he knew it would have to be tomorrow, that was when Tomak would have her in his room for some kind of date::

                  Time, time is the thing not to underestimate in this plan, speed could be the key but patience could very well as be better. Tomak has plenty of what you consider heart, but that's only to accomplish his goals of filth and disease, to spread and infect the jedi. If they would just turn from his light and wait in the shadows with us, he would be dead by now!


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                    ::Saharia laughed, the jedi laying in the shadows. That would be a day she'd kill to see. The jedi believed in a naive lie, a lie which they spread to many. A dangerous lie which must be estinguished::

                    The jedi would never give up their lie. And if the jedi were estinguished, then the balance would be toppled and chaos would rule, which may not be a bad thing. But there is one thing I may grant them, and that is that they spread lies to many, including your precious Tomak


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                      Tomak is the Devil's creation, not mine, he is my precious goal but he will suffer, I believe he spawns many lies and with him dead part of the order will collapse.

                      :<img src= ALT=""> ios laughed and shook his fist at the sky and downed the rest of his drink and got some more. He was glad to find someone with a similar view on the jedi::


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                        ::Saharia sipped her drink and nodded::

                        A very small part, as he is only a padawan now. There are many. I wish you luck on your endevour, for the only good jedi in a battlefield is a dead one.

                        How be you finding the sith empire?


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                          :: Dios placed down his drink and laughed again::

                          I find this place to be the best home for Sith out there. I have seen no better and I am glad to have met someone like you Saharia.


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                            ::Saharia smiled and sipped her drink, studying him::

                            I am glad. TSE is what I now call home, and it took many months to come to that decision. You did not start well with many of the women, including me, in TSE though, I hope things become better as that initial meeting fades. Though I resent anyone who believes women inferior, you seem to have realized many women here are far above that assumption.
                            I will not judge someone on their past experiences and you seem willing to open your eyes to the female matters in TSE.
                            More over, you impress me with your hatred and revenge calling, and if accept to the empire I feel you will be a good sith, one that is willing to learn new ways.

                            ::She nodded, being a person who spoke their mind, told him what she felt. She studied his expression as he replied::


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                              :: Dios face went bright. Not often had he recieved a compliment from a sith. He didn't expect many but when one was said it was never something to frown upon. He was glad that she had recognized he had learned many things about this age and he couldn't wait to be able to learn more powers from the sith masters.::

                              I promise you Saharia! I will be a Sith of the Empire and I will bring the jedi to their knees in the name of the Empire. This I will do for the Empire and Tomak will die by my sword!