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    A Force barrier of morality encompassed the veteran of the Lightside. Through this impregnable ethereal barricade, a Jedi can rebut the infectious Darkside; free of its seductive lures, and warped philosophies of a malicious anatomy. Crystal StarRider, cousin to Aura StarRider, paused in reflection at the foreboding vista of Rama's Corner.

    The medical technician informed her of a fair haired woman bearing a similar resemblance, whom he treated for shock months ago, sent on a transport shuttle for treatment at a specialized facility. He relayed further information about the ghostly pale man in dark robes seen at her vigil. Crystal knew immediately it was the Sith Master Council Vampyre, Jedah Lynch.

    A potent gust of wind stripped open her amber robe, revealing the two light saber hilts secured to her belt. Once a Knight with the Noble Warriors of Light, as her cousin before her, she embarked on a defiant search to intercept her close relation. Now a Rogue, battling the armies of the Darkside on an endless crusade for justice.

    The Jedi Knight dared to gain entree into the reputed Sith tavern, as she motioned to the rear of the bar, and waited with a practiced patience for answers to her inquest.

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    Danya, a new Sith Apprentice at the Sith Empire watched as a pretty young woman entered the Rama's, the Sith bar. She smiled wickedly to herself and followed her to the back of the bar. The newcomer was bathed in the light....and it made the wolf in Danya's heart rear it's head. She smiled, nonetheless, exposing her elongated canines as they gleamed in the light. Her bright cyan eyes met those of the Jedi before she said anything.

    "Greetings.....I am Danya Argent, Apprentice to Lord Darkstar here at the Empire. You are a Jedi....what is your name?"

    She questioned, waiting to be invited to sit. The Sith could be civil to the Jedi....but when it was time for her to battle, she would unleash the terrible darkness that enshrouded her soul.....


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      "That will be quite enough Danya,"

      The voice of her master came from right behind her though she would have sworn there was no one there moments before.

      The Sith Lord moved past her with catlike grace, his suple form swaying slightly as he moved to stand between Danya and the Jedi.

      "You look familiar...though I know I have never met you, I have met someone of your family..."


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        "Yes....on both accounts. Please, have a drink with me. I am Crystal StarRider, cousin to Aura. Greetings, Danya."

        Crystal relayed a fleeting glance at her canines and elevated a brow.

        "I have not had the pleasure. To whom and I speaking to?" she asked politely to the Sith Lord.

        The Jedi Knight hailed a passing Droid as she ordered a glass of white wine.


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          DarkStar bowed and took a seat, motioning for his apprentice to do the same.

          "I am Lord DarkStar, though some knew me as Dagger but that was a long time ago,"

          DarkStar grabbed a glass of water from a passing droid and sipped it.

          "You are here for a reason, I can see it in your eyes, care to tell this old Sith what it is?"


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            "Well, Lord DarkStar, Aura StarRider is in great peril. I sense it, and my perceptions have never been mere fabrications of idle thought. The Council elders forbade me to interfere, surmising Aura was engulfed in trials that would only secure her path to a Jedi Master. No interference would be tolerated," Crystal sighed taking a sip of her wine.

            "I countered their decision, so here I am, tracking her down from planet to planet. I know she is with Sith Master Jedah Lynch. If my memory serves me right, she has no chance against such a formidable adversary. Seems we may have a problem, since he is a Sith Council Master."

            Her eyes like twin pools of crystal water, fixated on the Sith Lord, awaiting his response to the conflict she is faced with.


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              Danya jumped a bit at the words of her Master. She fell to one knee and bowed her head in respect, before he motioned for her to sit. She felt terrible if she had done something wrong again. I'll never do anything right.... She thought to herself as she sat across from the woman who called herself Crystal. Smiling to herself, Danya kept her mouth shut for fear of being punished...until she heard the woman's story. She agreed with the ways of the Sith completely.....but it wrenched her heart when people were suffering for no reason.

              "I would help you...."

              She looked up at her Master and then back at the table, not thinking he would approve of such actions. Sighing to herself, she took a class of JD from a passing droid and took a nervous sip from it before looking out the window.....


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                : Seeing the young Jedi VJ strolled over: Well my Lady what brings the Jedi to this corner of hell? On a quest? Come to switch sides maybe, at any rate I'll buy you a drink providing you don't try and kill me.


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                  DarkStar did not even spare Prince a glance as he entered. So, Aura was with Jedah, intresting. A slow smile spread across his face and he glanced at his apprentice.

                  " We will help you find her, though my reasons are my own,"


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                    Danya looked to Lord Darkstar at his words and she smiled with a bow of her head. Looking to him for a moment, her bright cyan eyes seemed to question what those reasons were, but she thought it best to not ask.

                    "Yes, my Master... we shall help her find Aura..."

                    The young Apprentice said softly.


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                      Astonished by their offers of assistance, Crystal still felt something was sinister in the making. A Sith never helped a Jedi unless the act proved advantageous to their cause. She nodded to the other man known as Prince.

                      "Changing sides?. . .I shall become one with the Force before allowing myself to subjected to that living nightmare. I only kill in self defense; although the wasteful act leaves its endless torment and stain upon my soul. I have no quarrel with you, sir. I will be obliged to have a drink with you. . .if you so wish it," she responded while smiling politely.

                      "Odd. . .you would be willing to help a Jedi. I find myself asking, Why?," Crystal asked with an inquisitive air, turning again to face Lord DarkStar.


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                        : Grinning, VJ ordered the young Jedi a drink: So the Jedi are still the same eh? Most of the Jedi I've encountered have been old masters who hid during Vaders purge. Skywalker is far to damn preachy, I'd fight him myself if I had the skills.


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                          DarkStar's eyes narrowed dangerously as he eyed the Jedi.

                          "I said, my reasons were my own, now you want our help or not?"

                          The Sith Lord didn't want to reveal his motives, that he hunted the Jedi for a rematch now that she was stronger was not something her cousin should probebly know.


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                            "If you would excuse me, I must decline your offer. I did not come here for support in my travels; merely for clues to the whereabouts of Aura, so I can assist her in the confrontation against that Sith Master. If you will forgive me, I do not trust the Sith, nor any Darksider for that matter. I was prepared to pay for pertinent information relayed onto me. I have not expected it to come this far."

                            She met his eyes with an intrepid mannerism.


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                              DarkStar's eyes narrowed dangerously, he had concidered that the Jedi might refuse, but he wasn't going to take no for an answer.

                              "Perhaps you didn't quite understand me..."

                              DarkStar's voice was very quiet, Crystal had to strain to hear it over the noise of the bar.

                              "We are coming with you, one way, or another, if I have to take you along in chains to find Aura then so be it,"

                              Crystal could feel the power eminating from the Sith Lord now, it seem to bend the sound in the room, creating a vacum around him and, in the centre of that vacum sat the ancient and powerful Sith Lord who had no intention of being refused.