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Three Guys and a Girl....(Chaos, Sieken, Jenobi)

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  • Three Guys and a Girl....(Chaos, Sieken, Jenobi)

    Danya walked into Rama's Corner, leading Chaos by the hand....followed by two other men. She smiled and found an empty table, then pulled up four chairs. She sat down and waited for the others to sit also. Suddenly a little droid approached their table....and now she knew that it was to take their order.

    "I'll pay, if you wish. I would like a flask of about you?"

    She looked around the table, questioning the other men. This was definatly an interesting evening.....

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    "i'll take a wine any type if fine." "you don't have to pay"*jenobi pulls out a credit tab for $500*" so what's the plans for this fine evening?"


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      Danya smiled and looked at Jenobi. He appeared to have a great deal of she would let the man pay.

      "Well.....we need to think of something fun to do....."

      She winked his way and then looked to Chaos. Her heart fluttered in her chest as she caught his eye and then looked back to the table.

      "Do you guys have any ideas?"

      Danya questioned with a flirtatious smile as she eyed Chaos once again....


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        ::Chaos smiled. He felt like a kid again. Few people really knew the irony in that thought.::

        "Ever heard of a game called 'Truth or Dare'? It is really fun...."

        ::Chaos waved a droid over and got a JD. He told the droid to put it on his tab and looked at Danya. His eyes turned from brown to blue. His eyes were robotic and changed with his mood. Brown was depressed, Gold was to intemidate. Blue was...well a fun color to say the least.::



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          Danya giggled to herself at the mention of the familiar game. She nodded and smiled gently at Chaos.

          "Oh yes......let's play!"

          She said with excitement. The young woman noticed the change in his eyes and smiled....the color was very say the least......this game would be very very fun.......


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            ::Chaos looked at Danya and licked his lips.::

            "Truth or Dare?"


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              Danya thought for a moment. She was quite adventerous...and she had nothing to tell, so she went for the best he had.

              "Dare......and give me all that you got..."

              She said softly, scooting her chair closer to him. Her eyes locked with his as she awaited her....fate.....


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                ::Chaos smiled. He leaned his head to the rigth showing his neck. He ordered the strongest shot of JD teh bar had. He put some salt on his neck. Most people licked teh salt of others arms. Time to spice it up.::

                "Lick the salt, then take the shot. Then it will be your turn."


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                  Danya blushed slightly as she finally saw what the dare was. Smiling for a moment, she leaned in close to him. Starting from the top, she licked the salt long drawn out licks.....until she reached the bottom and was done. Then she took the hit and drank it without blinking. Smiling to herself, she eyed him curiously and smirked. Personally....she had enjoyed that way too much.....

                  "Truth.....or dare........"

                  She questioned him, wondering what he would choose.....


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                    ::Chaos smiled. He wanted to say dare so bad. He was willing to beat she wanted him to say dare really bad. Thus the reason why Chaos was going to choose differently. Delayed gratification. Holding off pleasureso when you get some, you mind want sto explode.::

                    "Truth. Be warmed. The truths about me may shock you though....."

                    ::Chaos put his head in his hands and looked at Danya. He smiled and looked in his eyes. Maybe he was enjoying just doing that to much.::


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                      Re: Three Guys and a Girl....(Chaos, Sieken, Jenobi)

                      Danya waited for him to choose. He continued looking into her eyes until he finally said the word that she did not want to hear.

                      "Truth?! What guy picks truth after something like that?"

                      She exclaimed. Of course she was not upset, just...disappointed to say the least. She playfully pouted and looked him in the eye...then got an idea.

                      "Truth with an added tell me what I want to know, and you get a kiss...."

                      The woman winked as she thought for a moment. A good question....but she couldn't think of any! Sighing, she resorted to "plan B".

                      "What do you look for in a woman?"

                      She questioned with a sly grin....waiting for his answer......


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                        Re: Re: Three Guys and a Girl....(Chaos, Sieken, Jenobi)

                        ::Chaos smiled and sipped his drink some more.::

                        "I look for a few things. I wish I could say looks did not matter, but it kinda does in the real world."

                        ::Chaos looked Danya up and down.::

                        "You more than have that covered. A lust for battle and killing. I do not want a weak women in my life. They must have something different that appeals to me. You are Lupine. I like that. You must shine from teh inside out. You have an inner joy. You just happy to be here. That means you will be truthful to me. You have all of these covered....."

                        :;As Chaos waited for the kiss, he desided to ask his question.::

                        "Truth or Dare?"


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                          Re: Re: Three Guys and a Girl....(Chaos, Sieken, Jenobi)

                          Danya smiled and blushed slightly as he went over his "list" of things he looks for in a woman. She seemed to meet the criteria well. When he was finished, she decided to do what she had promised. He had told her all she wanted to know, and now he would get his kiss. A bit nervously at first, she leaned in slowly, but then put all of her uncertainties aside and touched her lips to his. The kiss was slow and passionate, lasting for nearly a minute. Finally they broke to breath and she grinned to herself, sitting back in her chair. The other boys seemed to be off in their own it was just Chaos and Danya.


                          She decided to give it a go, for then he would have to pick dare next was an "unwritten rule". The young woman waited for him to ask her a question.....wondering what it could possibly be. Of course, she would be completely honest with him, for she had nothing to hide and he put her nerves to rest....


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                            Re: Re: Three Guys and a Girl....(Chaos, Sieken, Jenobi)

                            "Answer what I want o hear and I promise to say Dare.."

                            ::Chaos slipped his lips savoring the flavor of the kiss.::

                            "What so you look for in a man?"


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                              Re: Re: Three Guys and a Girl....(Chaos, Sieken, Jenobi)

                              Danya grinned as she thought about the question for a moment.

                              "He has to be strong and able to take care of me....must fight well....have a darkness in his soul that warms mine....appearance does matter in the real world, but of course...your body is perfect anyway...and those eyes of yours, well....he has to have those to. As far as I'm concerned, you have met my criteria....and exceeded it...."

                              She smiled to herself at the thought of him saying dare. Now the fun would really begin. Everything she needed was quite at hand...

                              "Dare, you say? Well, you like salt, it seems to me...."

                              She winked slightly and grabbed a small container of Margarita salt, then a new Margarita off of the tray of a passing droid. Then, she removed her outer cloak, revealing what she was truly wearing. A pair of very tight black leather pants...and a tight, red halter/belly shirt. Danya smiled as she gently strattled Chaos' legs and leaned back on the table, exposing her perfect stomach. First came the margarita. She held it in her hands and sprinkled it all over her skin....then took the salt and dumped it on. Now it would stick, making it more of a challenge for him. Grinning, she grabbed two shots of JD off of a passing droid...and set both glasses behind her back.

                              "Lick off all the salt......then you must reach behind me, and grab your shots. Take them in succession....and then it's your turn...."

                              She giggled to herself as she looked deeply into his eyes...waiting to see his reaction. This would be a most enjoyable dare....for both of them.....