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It runs red, like blood…

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  • It runs red, like blood…

    Varlon was yet again in Rama's, in a booth secluded from the rest of the patrons far in the back. Unlike the others, whom drank hard liquor and acted like fools, the Lord Konrad drank a rich red Merlot as he always had. Swirling the goblet's contents, he sipped again. "This wine, like the blood of man, flows red because of a wound…" He said to himself, staring into its depth.

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    *The sound of Xenodoros' boots stepping on the floor could be heard as Xeno made his way in. Mysterious and mostly independent, he had much to learn as a Sith Disciple. Of course, he had much of the Dark Side in him; but was it enough? As his sliky silver-blue hair dragged itself in his face, Xeno swept it away slowly as he continued his way in.

    This was the first time he had entered Rama's Corner. "Quite interesting...", Xeno whispered to himself. Xeno did not know anybody but his Master. Xenodoros was not much of a socialist either. Observing the man that drank the red liquid, he laughed to himself letting out a slight: "Heh."

    The comparison of the liquid to the part of a human was excellent. Xeno had brought his attention to Darth Varlon because he was the only one who was not drinking like a savage being. Xeno stood there, observing the 'famous' corner that he had heard of before.*


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      Varlon swirled the wine in his glass again, watching it run in a small whirlpool. Seeing the Disciple's reflection in the pool, the sith lord looked up with his eyes only, gazing at Xenodoros. "Is there something you want, child," He quietly spoke. "Or are you trying to 'check me out'?"


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        *Xenodoros had gotten the lord's attention. As his blue eyes pierced their way towards him, he was insulted by being called child. Xenodoros' first instinct was to say something.*

        "Child?? Who do you call child?? Hmph. Don't worry about what I'm doing, I'm simply observing this unknown corner. Nothing that would affect you physically. Nor am I 'checking you out.' But I am interested at how you compare such an object to a part of a human... "

        *Xenodoros turned around, not caring what the lord thought, as he went to buy himself a drink.*


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          Varlon couldn't help but chuckle to himself as he leaned back, swirling the liquid again before gulping down the rest of it. "It all depends on your point of view," He spoke as he poured himself another glass full. "Kill for long enough, you would think anything that runs a dark red would resemble blood."


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            There was a slight giggle that came from the shadows before a woman stepped out. Her clothing bloodstained...her eyes wild.

            "Dear Varlon, and what would you know about killing that many people?"

            She sat down next to the Sith Lord as a chair moved away from the table...a wicked smirk playing across her blood-red colored lips

            "Now...I know that guy over there isn't, but if anyone's checking you out, it would surly be myself."

            She smiled again, acting as if the two of them were old friends

            "Now Mr, Konrad, do tell me what you've been up to. It's been so long since I saw you last. I missed you, ya know?...And who is your friend? Do you normally talk to people at other tables? Wouldn't it be more proper to just invite him over here?"

            Another sweet, yet deadly smile was cast, this time at Xenodoros. It was more than obvious the woman was a bit...eccentric.


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              : VJ sitting at a table watched this, ignoring his current conversational companions for the moment and concentrated upon this new happening.: I wonder what shall come of this, A battle perhaps. A wicked grin played across his lips. Battle, Blood, war, death, pain, suffering, anguish, that is what he lived for, what he was trained for. As a Dragonion war was a normal thing. Peace is something VJ does not understand. Continuing his assesment, things might get interesting.

              "Doitsumo Koitsumo (translated: I'll take you all on)


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                Freezing up slightly, the Lord dropped his glass before turning in his seat to face the woman, his hand reaching down to snatch his twin darksabre from its place at his hip. He suddenly freezes as his eyes lock with those of Rain, his hand dropping away from the darksabre. "R, Rain…" He stammered slightly.


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                  : VJ noticed Varlon panic at the sight of this woman, and also saw him go for his lightsaber, not wanting to get his *** kicked VJ slowly reached for his blades: Hey Varlon, you gonna need help?


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                    The woman hissed and waved her hand slightly, her palm facing the man. Immediately after the movement was made, VJ was sent flying back slightly, causing his chair to fall and for VJ to end up on the floor.

                    "Do not insult a Sith Lord by asking him if he needs help. Quit trying to make fights, you are not even trained yet. If I remember correctly Sith Master Rama Sha does not allow such things in his bar. So hold your tongue as well as your sword, child!"

                    The woman spoke in a voice that was unearthly, her anger at the young man was clearly seen and felt as waves of darkness seem to flow in waves from her.
                    Then, it stopped. A smile reappeared on her face as she returned her attention to Lord Varlon and softly touched four icy fingertips to the Sith Lord's cheek.

                    "Hai, koishii Shinigami?"


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                      : hitting the floor rather hard, VJ got up: Bloody hell that stung a little. Just because I'm a new guy here that doesn't mean that I'm not a warrior.... Baka Ne! Ama!baka kuso atama!


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                        She growled slightly and turned around again to face the young man

                        "You need to learn manners and respect for those that have earned rank. Lest you find yourself dead before you are even accepted into the ranks of this Empire."

                        She waved her hand and VJ suddenly felt a squeeze in his throat. It went away quickly, and caused no pain. However, the effects would surely harm the one who relied so much on insults to get him places. He would not last long in the Sith Empire with his loose tongue, so she was practically saving him as she made it so VJ could not speak.
                        The spell would only last a few hours, but it should be long enough to save the young man's life for as long as he was in the bar. For if her anger would not be roused again by his petty insults; then surly they would meet a Sith whose abilities were beyond her's. And then the young man would surely wish that he was never born. Just hopefully he was smart enough to not try and engage her in combat. Rain did not wish to kill at the moment, it was a time to visit with a friend, not destroy a pathetic recruit who, if accepted into the Empire, would have much to learn.

                        Muttering slightly she again returned her attention to Varlon

                        "So sorry you had to see that. It's sad to see the quality of the new recruits around here has dropped so low since I left."


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                          : Bows: Forgive my rash behavior Lady Rain.


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                            ooc: can't talk *points up* Please make sure to read people's posts fully before you reply to them...


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                              "R, Rain…" Varlon again stammered slightly before shrinking away from her fingers, a shivver running up his spine from the chill of her touch.

                              "If you're here… then who is the one whom I became blood brothers with so long ago…?" He asked as he watched her, his mind racing in thought, hoping that whatever he suspected someone had slipped into the wine was not fatal, despite the fact he was also at the same time absolutely sure she was as real as he.