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  • Insomnia (open)

    "Pour me a shot of that vodka..."

    Nikka mumbled to the barkeep as she sat down at her usual spot at the counter. Many nights had been spent tossing and turning in her bed. She had tried several times to doze off, but her eyes would snap back open, a vast array of thoughts swirling in her mind like a whirlwind. Nikka finally gave in to the bout of sleeplessness and came here to reflect on many things going on with her at the Empire.

    As the barkeep poured her shot, she downed it almost immediately, retrieving a data pad from her pocket. Scanning over it carefully, she viewed a message from a friend, who had been in a heated battle with 2 Jedi and needed her help. She wanted to help him out in any way she could, even though her skills were quite rusty, but she felt she could handle herself against one of them, which in the message said they were only Padawan learners.

    She sighed, knowing this was the reason she couldn't sleep, on top of other things on her mind. She sent a message back to her friend, hoping that he would receive it soon and tell her what she needed to do to help.

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    Lana entered Rama's slowly, eyeing the keeper behind the counter and the lady it was tending to. She merely passed them by and headed towards her table in the far back corner.
    The disciple reached it, her destination, sooner than she had expected. Already, droids were flocking to serve her, and he gave her order to one of them... Simply stated: A glass of water. Lana took her seat and scanned the bar.
    "...Usual happenings tonight... Unusual as they always seem."
    Her thoughts baffled even her, so she thought no more of them.
    The lucky droid returned with her requested glass of water shortly after her decision. Lana shooed it away before taking the despicably pure substance in. She would watch the bar tonight, she thought, slouching silently into the depths of the blanketing shadows around.


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      She heard the door creak open, but didn't turn back to see if anyone she knew entered. Remaining lost in her thoughts, she kept reading over the message, sipping her drink and pondering over what she would do when she arrived...

      "No.. I can't just go running off like this...."

      She winced as she thought this, but it was for the better. Instead, Nikka typed in a message and pressed the button to send it, hoping the recipients would receive it soon....