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    Flanked by an ebony panther and a battle-scarred wolf, a cloaked figure entered the bar and sat down. To some, her face was unfamilar but she had been here many times before, in fact, her Sith life had started out here, her first night spent trying to defeat Lady Mara Jade. She earned the others trust in time and had joined their ranks accordingly.

    :Why have I come back here? I doubt things are as I remember so what brings me back again?:

    Videl wondered as her eyes drifted around the bar, much had changed since she had first entered the bar over two years ago, had it changed much that much again since she had last left?

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    DarkStar sat in his usual corner, watching the bar, when the woman entered he arched an eyebrow,


    He said quietly, it had been along time since he had seen her, but the ancient Sith Lord forgot no one.

    Slowly he stood and drifted over to her, standing behind her he spoke quietly to her, so that only she could hear.

    "It has been along time since I have seen your face...along time since you have walked these halls, what brings you back now?"


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      : VJ's eyes wandered across the bar as he drank, not pausing until he say this new female enter. Lord Dagger walked over and began to talk with her. Interested in such a rare beauty VJ walked over: Greetings, I'am VJ, sith disicple, may I ask your name my Lady?


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        Overhearing VJ as he spoke to Videl, Nuriko replied. "She is Videl. She used to be a Lordess of the Empire long ago."

        Nuriko nudged a droid to go to Videl and offer her a drink, as Nuriko herself sat down to a small meal in the corner of the establishment.


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          : Nods: Thank My Lady, you say Lady Videl was a Lordess of the Empire once, She must be a powerful warrior or have a cunning wit, perhaps both. : Orders another drink: Hey could I get some Jack&Coke, and you my Lady what would like?


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            "My name is Nuriko Sha, and another droid is already fetching me a drink."


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              Hmmm... Nuriko, A nice name, Tell about yourself Nuriko.


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                A voice filled VJ's head, one similar to his conscience, but that of Tempist instead. He had been watching from the rafters as he tended to do when his usuial table was taken.

                She's married. To Rama. Don't hit on her, or he'll hit you a few times with his blade. Just a warning.

                Tempist droped himself down from the rafters, and landed perfectly on his feet. He looked at Videl, and gave her a nod in greeting. He didn't know her, but it never hurt to be polite to strangers, espically when, from what you know of them, they can kill you within seconds with the force.



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                  : Nods to Tempist: Thanks for the warning, I don't want to fight someone strong as him.


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                    DarkStar bows to Nuriko and smiles.

                    "A pleasure to see you Mistress Sha, you are well I trust?"

                    He nods to tempist and completely ignores the newcomer.

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                      : Nods to Lord Dagger: hmmm.....


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                        She giggles, hearing the "warning" to VJ. Nuriko looked towards DarkStar... "I'm doing better than I was before."


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                          : Vj waves over a Droid and orders a large Keg of Correllian Whiskey: Any of you guys want some?


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                            Videl looked up to answer Lord Dagger but before she could Prince came over and then Nuri. She smiled, she had forgotten that the bar was never quiet.

                            Just like Nuri said, I'm Videl-she said to Prince before smiling again then turned to LD. I don't know why I'm here honestly, just started traveling and I ended up here, I guess it still seems like home to me-Videl said quietly before patting Kuroi a bit. The wolf was looking up at her asking for the bowl of beer she used to give him here. Shiji, her panther watched then swatted at Kuroi's tail before closing his eyes and looking innocent. Videl smiled at her pets' antics before looking back everyone gathered around.

                            So how has things been around here these days?


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                              DarkStar grined at Nuriko,

                              "Glad to hear m'lady,"

                              He turned back to Videl, squatting down to stroke both her pets for a minute while answering her question.

                              "Things have been quiet, people have left, people have joined, people have come back, the same as it always has been,"

                              The ancient Sith smiled up at her,

                              "As always it warms my heart to see an old face around here, doesn't make me feel quite so old,"