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  • need friends to talk too

    Sejain walkes in the bar and sits down at the nearest table."Hmmm this place doesn't Look So Bad" all of a sudden someone walkes in the Bar and introduces themself...

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    blade walked into the bar and saw a new one sitting at his table. blade walked up and tapped on his shoulder.

    " your sitting in my set "


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      Zena ambled into Rama's, as she noticed a familiar face.

      "Ah... BladeIce. How have you been? I thought you have forgotten about me. I gather we both have been busy. Who is your friend?"


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        blade smiled at zena.

        " yes sadly to busy but as for this fellow I have no idea whom he is I just noticed him sitting in my ussaul spot. I think he is a new recruit."


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          Zena laughed.

          "Priming him for the Empire I see."

          "Seems busy,is the plague of my present circumstances. My Master has been detained, on a constant basis it would seem. I have not been trained in weeks."

          Her impatience and dispair over the ordeal reflected off her carriage, as her fists clenched.

          "How's about a drink, Blade? Maybe your new friend here could use a shot," she smirked with a sarcastic tone.


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            blade laughed

            " yes a drink sounds good what can i get you ? "


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              Three drinks slid down the bar stopping in front of Blade and Zena and the third one. "Sniff" "Sniff" Dalamar looked at Blade. "You Smell.......Familiar." Looking at the other Dalamar said,"Welcome to Rama's friend now you might want to get out of Blade's seat." Dalamar bowed to the lady with a small sparkle from his teeth. "How do you do."


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                blade looked at the man who smelled of the blood of one man named gerbo lang. blade did not know this man but he obviously knew blade more then likely the pathetic gerbo had mentioned blade to this vampyre. blade used the force and through it a vision came to him one where gerbo uddered this vampyres name.

                " hello Vampyre Dalamar I see you know of me, May i ask when you fought gerbo lang did you kill that pathetic soul. "


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                  "Corellian ale. thanks."

                  Zena paused before asking.

                  "How about another spar sometime? I could use the practice."


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                    blade turned and looked at zena.

                    " sure thing name the place and time and I'll be there. "


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                      With a nod and a grin, Zena regarded Dalamar, taking the shot glass before her and gulped it in one swallow, a custom of a Mercenary.

                      "Greetings and thanks for the drink.....Dalamar?"

                      She then turned to Blade.

                      "Any time would be fine. I have much anger to unleash. My present circumstances are pressing my patience to the blasted brink."


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                        blade nodded

                        " I can see your anger and can not wait to see you unleash it you are learning quick my friend."

                        Blade winks at zena and begins to smile as he turns his gaze to dalamar.


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                          "I am wearing anger like my apparel these days. It is constantly enveloping me. Not that I care, but it does serve its purposes to enhance my battle skills; still, I must hold it in check at times. I would not want to mortally wound a good friend," she commented with a sly smile.


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                            " oh how could inoccent pretty women such as yourself even think such a thing." blade said joking

                            " well at least pretty out of everything I said. "


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                              "Innocent..?...Just pretty? I recall a time when you thought more highly of me. Perhaps another Sith woman has caught your eye and attention.

                              She growled taking a swig from her ale.

                              "The day I am innocent is the day I marry a Jedi, which is unquestionably unlikely."