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    Dios Kane walked into Ramas, tired after waiting patiently for the a council decision. He sat at a corner as if waiting for someone. He wasn't really but he had a good idea of when somebody might show up. He sat down and got a clean glass and got a drink of JG.

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    ::Saharia walked up to Dios and nodded as she sat down::

    Sometimes the council will take it's time. Each case is different and we do not want deserters, but you seem to have enough hate in you. I did not introduce myself earlier. I am Saharia.


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      "I, fair woman, am Dios Kane and forgive my manners for where I came from women had no rights and had little respect but I am discovering that many in this age are more than just mothers and wives." He stood up until she was seated and then sat back down. "You are rather interesting Saharia, you encourage me in my hatred yet you seemed to have questioned my abilities in front of the council. I can understand that but I was sure that someone with power such as you could sense my potential in your order and would not have doubt at all."


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        Hi there Dios and welcome to one of the Star Wars roleplaying boards. Just so you know, a council decision will not be made in an hour and fifteen minutes. The usual timing for recruitment threads is 2-3 weeks. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]. <img src= ALT="">


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          ::Saharia smiled::

          When you are first confornted in the council to join, you are questioned because we want to make sure we have the right person. The sith feed on hatred, and you do have the strength, but one must make sure.
          When I came my abilities were also questions, as were everyones first time.
          Welcome to the Empire though, if you make it or not. You have great potential.

          ::She nodded at his comment on women and winked::

          Where I come from women are warriors, standing beside their men, dying beside them.


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            Dios sits back and thinks for a moment. "This place is so strange. Women are just as equal as men here, even surpassing men's power in cases. But I think I could get used to knowing that women may now defend themselves without the help of a man." He looks Saharia up and down, "How old are you; age seems to be a hard thing to track now a days."


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              ::Saharia raised an eye brow, why wouldnt a woman surpass a mans power. what made men special? She shook her head, amused and annoyed at the thought that someone would believe that, but lifes experiences shapes each soul. it was understandable if he lived in that way, and she had no right to judge::

              20. Where did your past lie, and what is Tomak Ohara to you? I hope it is not rude to ask


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                Sith Knight Daegal Murdoch stepped from the shadows as he heard the newcomer speaking as to the delciate balance that existed in the Empire between the males and females. If this newcomer only knew the problems that he would cause for himself if he kept opinions such as those public knowledge. The Sith Knight made his way toward the man, stopping just in front of him. Daegal's face changed to one of an evil, sadistic smile as he spoke.

                "Some of the most powerful members of this Empire are Women. And I will advise you, just once, to keep opinions such as those to yourself. My own Master is a Woman, and I can assure you that she could dispatch you without so much as a hint of caring. If you value your tongue, you should hold it, lest you find it not where it belongs."

                Having finished his warning, the Sith Knight's face changed slightly, to one of questioning.

                "Now, tell me why you have come here."


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                  Dios choked on his drink. "Tomak Ohara is everything to me, he is my hatred, he causes the corruption, my past is nothing but gravestones thanks to that abomination. I am 136 years old, I have been jumping through time trying to follow Tomak for 117 years. Finally I find him here corrupting keepers of peace and I was lucky to find an order that would back me in my cause. My time is far back enough that you would not remember anything to it. We were eventually called the dark ages of a planet called earth. I saw time flow through me, technically I am millineas old but I only remember what I've told you." Dios sat back for a moment to let her digest this, he knew by now that his life took a lot of faith to believe in.


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                    "Yes.. a lot of us here.. are women."

                    A cold, dark and feminine voice was heard not far from their location. Sith Disciple Nikka Darkstorm turned toward the man who was speaking about 'women' and how 'women' are treated equal. Her green eyes flashed a dim red as she rose from her seat and approached him, sizing him up and down, awaiting a move or response.

                    "Damn right we're treated equal here. I'm fairly new myself."


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                      I'm sorry Sith, I hoped I had not offended anyone. My time period was much different and I think that many many things have changed. As I said before, I am realizing that the genders are considered equals at this time and I don't plead for forgiveness because I don't apologize when nothing is due for a misinterpretation. Sir, I am sure you just overheard my story and I have had a long day with the Jedi. I would prefer you either sit, drink, and talk or leave." Dios settled back down and relaxed.


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                        "My plan was not to come here and insult people but learn the ways of this culture. I assure you, my only fight right now is with the jedi. If your honor has been insulted I would understand if you asked to duel but I tell you it will be a waste of time because I am little game right now but I still have a little will to fight where none is deserved." He took a swig and prepared for the unexpected.


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                          "If either of the two women that have spoken to you had wished to fight, you would have known it and been suffering the consequences by now."

                          Daegal changed the subject.

                          "Explain to me how you travelled through time."


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                            "I don't understand it much, but I plan on forcing the rest out of Tomak when I can. I do know that it was a very powerful spell cast by his father. They had planned on saving their race from eventual extinction by changing time. Something went wrong when I killed his father and the spell lost it's concentration. I somehow became linked to Tomak through time and was forced along the ride. I come here to discover him among a force to be reckoned with and decide that I need my own." He sat back as he rubbed his chest, "I fought him today, Xazor beat me."


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                              Nikka folded her arms across her chest as she listened. Quirking both eyebrows, she tilted her head to the side, a questioning but curious look grazing her face.