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Parts and Money (Keshia Kou)

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  • Parts and Money (Keshia Kou)

    :: Dios had silently entered, his bandaged body was well concealed under his jacket. His arm however could not be concealed, the entire thing looked like it had been wrapped like a mummy. He didn't care though, it'd be better later, he pulled his flask out and took a swig. She'd be here soon, hopefully. He needed those parts and the money needed to be dropped soon::
    Anytime now?

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    *keshia walked into the bar and looked around for the stranger who had contacted her for some parts he wanted.when she found him sitting off to the side in a slightly darkend corner she walked to his table and sat down and stared at him.*" so you want some you have my money?"*kesh asked ina slightly purring voice*


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      :: Dios laughed and reached inside his jacket and pulled out a credit card and put the card back::
      Let me see the parts I need please... I would like to make sure everything is intact. No offense.


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        *kesh grinned and pulled the parts out from a black suitcase and layed them out for hi inspection*" there everything you wanted....the guy who owned them is really a nice guy"*grins mischiviously at him*


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          :: Dios grinned as he inspected all the parts and saw r=that they were all well and in good order. He took the suit case and slid across the card.::
          I bet he was. There's all the money. Glad to done business with you. Thanks much. I'd really like to enjoy a drink with you but I have to be leaving, give your brother my regards.
          :: Dios took another swig then got up and left the bar with his parts.::