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  • Whatever happens... happens.

    Xavier slowly moves into Rama's. He smirks slightly as he glances around and moves to an empty table in the back of the bar. He slides off his trenchcoat, revealing the sleeveless shirt underneath and lays the trenchcoat over the back of the chair. He sits down and leans back against the wall, his feet propped upon the table with his right ankle crossed over his left.

    The pale Warrior slides his hands back through his hair slowly and takes a deep breath, the hilt of his double-edged saber hanging from his belt. He slowly waves off a droid as it comes up to him and lays his head back against the wall, closing his eyes.

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    ~Sith Warrior Alisa Sha walked into her brother's bar, taking a look around to see if she knew anyone. It seemed the princess of Ord Mantell still didn't know that many people but she only had herself to blame. Getting out more often would fix this problem. Seeing her dark knight and companion Xavier Sadow sitting at a back table, Alisa walked over to him with a smile on her face.~

    "Hi there handsome. Is this seat taken?"


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      Xavier smiles back at her slowly. His hand waves outward, the chair next to him sliding away from the table.

      "Of course not, my Love. Please sit.."

      He smiles again to his love.


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        ~Alisa smiles and places her cloak on the chair across from them and then takes a seat next to Xavier.~

        "So tell me, how have you been lately? I haven't seen as much of you as I would like to."


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          Xavier rests his arm across the back of the chair Alisa is sitting on, his fingertips lightly touching her arm.

          "I've been alright. And yourself? I have missed you a lot, my dear."


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            ~Alisa smiles and reaches over to slip her hand on top of his.~

            "I have missed you too. I have been pretty good, although I really need to not study in my quarters all the time. The holocrons of the Sith Empire and of my family are so captivating that I forget to come out and be sociable sometimes."

            ~She smiles and laughs lightly.~


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              Xavier chuckles quietly and pulls her slightly closer to him.

              "Perhaps a fight will bring the same captivation as studying. Though I can't imagine studying being captivating."

              He chuckles again and leans to her, lightly kissing her cheek.


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                ~She smiles again and feels her pale cheeks flush.~

                "Well I can think of a certain someone who captivates my attention.."

                ~Alisa kisses him back on the cheek and then pauses abruptly.~

                "Wait did you say.. fight? In all my time here I have never battled a Jedi. I think I'm overdue on that actually. Did you have something in mind, my dear?"


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                  Xavier nods slowly and smiles, gently taking Alisa's hand.

                  "Aye.. I do. I think it is about time for you to have battled a Jedi. It is quite fun."


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                    ~A big smile appeared on her face.~

                    "Lead the way, my dear. I'm more than ready. Let's go see who we can find to have some fun with.."


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                      Xavier smiles slowly and stands up, holding his hand out for Alisa.

                      "This is going to be interesting"

                      He smiles again.


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                        ~Alisa slips her hand into Xavier's~

                        "I certainly hope so."

                        ~She smiles and winks at him.~