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  • Yet another round...

    Michin looked around, not looking for anyone in particular, just to see if anyone was really there at this time. Apparently not. He moved towards the bar, his cloak tapping his feet with each step he took until he came to the bar..

    "Alderaan Ruge"

    It was the same drink he was ordering again, the droid walked off and poured his goblet like it had done earlier before. He took the drink in his hand and stood at the bar as he sipped at the drink..

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    Jezebella walked up beside the man and rested her hand upon the bar. She had been viewing him from a far and had now become interested in talking to the man.

    Noting he had ordered an expensive and rare drink at that, she smirked and ordered the same

    "I'll have whatever he is having."

    She tilted her head back and looked to the man...she had never seen him before..perhaps he was new. Or perhaps he was much like her....anti-social.


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      "Do note that what you are about to drink no longer exists, except what is still in those bottles that are still around. For Alderaan no longer exists to produce the drink..."

      His face turned to the woman who had arrived next to him. He had not seen her since he joined many months back, partially due to his silence and not liking huge crowds. But socialization was growing on him lightly, so he looked to her as he took a drink of the Ruge as he watched the droid pour her a glass...


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        "I know..."

        She sneered and rolled her eyes, snapping the drink from the droid...but not spilling a drop in the process. Sipping quickly at the drink, she smirked, as the new taste surged down her throat.

        Shifting her yellow cat-like gaze back to the man, she arched a brow and watched him. Setting her glass upon the bar counter, she rested a hand upon her hip and the other came to lay against the bar counter

        "I haven't seen you around here before."


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          "Because I haven't been around..."

          He looked to her with an arched brow as he took the goblet towards his mouth again to sip it's contents. He favored the rare drink, but soon, there wouldn't be enough of it to go around in the galaxy..

          He eyed the woman once more before he looked into his drink, swiriling it around in his hand...


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            "Well excuse me all to hell."

            Her tone was no louder than a disdainful mumble. Of course...she wasn't expecting a nice quiet conversation. Sliding the glass from the counter and up to her dark lips again, she sighed and quickly downed the rest of it.

            Noting the Corner wasn't that crowded she sighed, failing to find anyone else to converse with. Deciding to give it another try, she looked to the Sith and asked

            " long have you been here?"


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              He watched as the Alderaan Ruge was down so quickly, it was a loss. It should be savored, but that was her decision as he watched her and sighed, sipping at his drink once more. She seemed arrogant, nothing new to him, most people are around this area...

              "Not that long really, about 2 months. But have kept to myself alot though.."


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                Jezebella arched her other brow and slammed the glass down on the bar counter. Crossing her arms over her chest, she nodded.

                She knew that he was disappointed...she had downed the drink quickly and should have savored every bit of the rare drink. Two months wasn't a long time....but still

                "I see. Where are you from?"