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  • Greetings

    [c]Greetings to one and all.
    I have traveled from afar.

    I am seeking answers to what these new powers are that have manifested themselves within me.
    I never had such incredible powers, but circumstances beyond my control brought my rage and hatred to a forefront on my homeworld and this power came into my possession, but I paid a terrible price.

    I have been cast from my own world and universe by a tear in reality that I created with this power.

    Can anyone make a suggestion to where I can find the answers I seek?

  • #2

    ~Alisa saw the man enter the bar and then tell the bartender his tale. Sitting only a few chairs away from him, she motioned to a seat next to her as she spoke to the stranger.~

    "Hello. I am Sith Warrior Alisa Sha of the Sith Empire. Your tale is an interesting one. Can you tell me more?"