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  • (Anti)social

    Having not visited Rama's in sometime, Salem had decided to enter this evening to see some of the fresh arrivals to the Empire. Though he held no real interest in becoming aqquainted with most, once in a while someone would arrive who he thought was worth it. Sitting at the bar, he kept his solid-black eyes on the door, watching.

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    **True, it had only been a few days since the incident with her father in the bar where he told her to not return there. But she had caught the feelings of a familiar presence and could not help but go back. There had been some time since she had last seen Salem and, as usual, she was not going to give up the opportunity to speak with her friend.
    The young girl looked around the bar, again the drunk patrons made her loathe humanity; but then she spotted Salem. A slight smile showed for a brief instant as she walked over to where he was seated. There was no doubt in her mind that he had seen her enter, something in her thoughts told her there was something different about him. Very different.**

    "...Salem? Can I join you?"


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      Eyes shifted from the door to follow Takai's past across the bar unnoticeably. At the sight of his young friend the corners of his lips tugged upwards momentarily before falling once more. Salem turned to look towards the barman, who retreated down to the far end of the bar at the command of a simple nod.

      "Grrreeting-sss Takai," he hissed, head turning back to the Sith.


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        **She took that as a yes and sat across from him, slightly amused and annoyed by the fact her feet did not touch the ground.**

        "It's been too long, my friend."

        **She paused for a moment before speaking again, a hint of curiosity showing in her eyes. Then she spoke again in her soft, often emotionless voice.**

        "...Where did you go..?"


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          "Sss-earching for some things."

          Where he would usually cradle a glass of some odd blue liquid, there was now no glass. Instead his hands were folded together on his knees.


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            **As the droid came by and she ordered a water she looked back to Salem, noticing his lack of anything in font of him.**

            "Do you want anything to drink..?"


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              He gave a light nod, looking to the droid.

              "Blood wine fo-rrr me."


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                **The droid whizzed off to retrieve what they had asked for while Takai looked to Salem with sudden questioning. His order had caught her offguard. She was expecting him to order his usual. **

                "Bloodwine? I have never heard of that drink before...what is in it?"


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                  "Blood, suprisssingly," he replied blanly, a hint of smirk on his lips.


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                    **Again the questioning look appeared in her eyes**

                    "Since when does Salem Ave drink blood? ...Unless this is some sort of experiment."


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                      "Sss-ince it became a necessity," he said with a glance towards the droid.


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                        "A necessity...."

                        **The droid finally returned with their drinks. She took her water and placed it in front of her as she watched Salem. She had read many books and her mind had found a few possibilities as to what change had occurred in her friend.**

                        "What else has become a necessity?"


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                          "Not enterrring sunlight."

                          He paused. These were the only two changes that came to mind, aside from the physical shift.


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                            "..Like you ever did that anyway."

                            **So that narrowed it down to...a blind parasitic leach that lives in the caves of some moon on the outer rim...and vampyre. Salem was obviously not the first.
                            Her demeanor went from questioning to sheer curiosity.**

                            "..When did you become a Vampyre? You were not one when I saw you last."


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                              "It wa-sss the sole purrrpose of my search,"

                              Salem lowered his head, stooping it down beneath his shoulders.

                              "To find them. And I did."