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A new sith and an Old master(open to all)

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  • A new sith and an Old master(open to all)

    : Walking into Ramas Erekrose felt the familar feel of Dark Side energy, walking in he sensed to presences he hadn't felt since he had taught them, He was sure of it. Walking to a table in the back he saw them both, Duo and VJ, both had great potential but no sense of discipline, perhaps it was fate that they should meet again: Greetings VJ, Duo, I see that you two are doing well I no longer go by the name you knew me as I'am Erekrose now, so what have you two been up to since you thought you could handle the galaxy on your own?

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    : VJ choked on his drink as he heard his old Martial Arts masters voice: Master? is that really you?