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Not a typical place for a drink.

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  • Not a typical place for a drink.

    ::A small petite cloaked figure entered Rama's quietly. The Jedi made her way through the busy Sith patrons and walked casually to a quiet booth in a corner. Upon sitting down, Leia motioned for a service droid::

    A glass of white wine please, with a glass of ice on the side.

    ::The droid wheeled off to get the Jedi Master her drink. Leia leaned back in the booth observing the locals and wondering if anything ever really changed here::

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    A young woman appeared behind the Jedi Master, a smile danced upon her lips. She quietly walked around her until their eyes met. The woman bowed and then sat down, her blue robes gathering around her feet like the sand on a beach.

    "Greetings my is odd to see you here, but good, it is....."

    She said warmly, ordering a glass of JD for herself. Turning back to her friend, Xazor smiled once again, her elongated canines gleamed in the light.

    "So what brings you to this place tonight? I thought I was the only 'regular' Jedi around here....."

    The Knight winked slightly and then took both of their drinks once they were delivered. She handed Leia hers and took her own in her hands.


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      *walks into ramas' corner, and sees a Jedi. Smirks slightly and walk up to her table*

      Hey, Jedi...
      *Sits at the other side of the booth* What brings you into our fine establishment tonight?


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        :: Dios walked into the bar and saw some familiar faces and headed over to them::
        Hello Xazor, Leia, Dae. How are you ladies tonight?


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          Xazor looked up and saw Dae, they had shared drinks in Master Yoghurt's Bar and Grill once. Smiling, she bowed her head in greeting.

          "Hello Dae, it is a pleasure to meet you once again....."

          Suddenly she felt a familiar presence and looked over to spot Dios, a new Jedi Padawan. Smiling to herself, she nodded his way and motioned for him to sit.

          "Greetings is a pleasure to see you once again. How is training going?"

          She questioned softly, motioning for a server droid to come to their table so that the others could order.


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            ::Leia smiled at Xazor before giving out a slight giggle::

            Quite are right Xazor. I don't usually frequent this bar. If I do, usually Obiwan2 is with me. But since he is away just like Shade, I thought I get out and see what's new here if anything. Its nice of you to join me this evening.

            ::As soon as Leia finished her statement, she noticed Dae Jinn. Now there is a face she hasn't seen in awhile::

            Dae Jinn! Long time no see. We are just out for the night. Care to join two Jedi ladies?

            ::Once again...another Jedi came by. The Jedi Master redirected her conversation to him::

            Fine thank you. I guess you can call it a girls night out. Right Xaz?


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              Xazor nodded and grinned to herself.

              "I suppose you could call it that. I frequent this place.....I have many friends and enemies here, unfortunatly more of the latter. I used to come here with Shade, and sometimes my Father, but now that both of them are away.....I come by myself. It is quite alright, though....I sometimes sit and chat with Vega, though he hates me anyway."

              She laughed to herself and took a sip of her drink before setting it back on the table top.


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                :: Dios sat down and ordered a strong glass of whatever the shadowy guys in the corners were having before replying::
                Pleasure to see you too, training's going well, I haven't had a chance with my new master yet but i'm doing okay.
                :: Dios looked at Leia::
                Sorry, I don't think we've met. I'm Dios Kane. Nice to meet you.


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                  Sure...nothing better to do. <img src= ALT=":lol">

                  *Orders a Tall Voddy from the droid, sending it away with a kick*

                  So...yeah...jedi, sith, together at last! *snickers*


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                    Xavier slowly walks into Rama's. His hand slides back through his long hair. The Sith Warrior's eyes scan around the bar slowly, growling quietly as he spots the Jedi. He shakes his head slowly and moves over to an empty table, leaning back against the wall.

                    A service droid slides over to him and he speaks quietly.

                    "Correllian Ale.."

                    He props his legs upon the table and crosses his right ankle over his left as he watches the Jedi carefully.


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                      :: Dios saw the knight enter and he saw him sit by himself so he waved at him and seeing the knight wasn't interested shrugged and drank some of his drink down.::
                      Hey Xazor, I might be new but I've been here often, sorta.


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                        Well Xaz this place is very interesting to say the least.

                        ::The Jedi Master decided to formally introduce herself to Dios::

                        I am sorry Dios. You are right we have not formally met. I am a Jedi Master at GJO. My full name is Leia Solo, but please call me Leia.

                        ::Leia extended her hand to shake Dios and gave him a slight bow while doing so::

                        Its a pleasure to met you.

                        ::Turning back to Dae::

                        Quite amusing for a sith aren't you Dae?

                        ::The Jedi Master gave a slight smirk as she made the comment. She could not resist saying that to Dae::

                        Anyhow...please sit down. Soooo..

                        ::Leia leaned forward then gave a joking wink to Dae.::

                        Do you have any secrets you care to tell us Jedi?


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                          Xazor saw the Sith Warrior was Xavier. She had heard his name spoken by another of his kind once....nothing big though. Smiling gently his way, she turned back to Dios and laughed to herself.

                          "Not as much as me, I can assure you. I know this place well.....I have become familiar with the well as the floor, and on occasion, the walls. That is past, if it looks like I might get to know a piece of furnature or otherwise....I leave...."

                          She said softly, taking a sip of her drink.....recalling the not so nice times when she was a Padawan. Coming here was not wise, and she knew it....but she was out to prove something, and many heard her message. Now she was a Knight...she was stronger and had more wisdom. She came here still, holding a different message in her hands and heart now......


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                            Hmmm...none that I can think of off the top of my head!<img src= ALT=":lol">

                            And since I'm not really a member of TSE anymore....And am still not the Sithiest sith i could be...But I try..Just ask any of the patrons here, I've killed a few innocents in my time <img src= ALT=":lol">


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                              :: Dios looked at Dae::
                              You've also drank yourself to sleep and stank up my bed! Sithiest sith, ha, we could've run into a pole that night and we would not have noticed.