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A boy walked into Rama's

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  • A boy walked into Rama's

    A small boy pushed open the doors to Rama's bar, and walked around inside the tavern. The boy appeared to be maybe 12 or 13, human in appearance except for slightly blue tinted skin. He looked at everything, taking it all in. After wandering around for a little while, he walked to the counter and banged his his fist on the wooden top.

    "I want somthing! I don't know what, but gimmie it!"

    The current bartender looked at him, confused. He handed the boy a small glass of milk, and walked over to the next person.

    D arnit, I could have gotten this at home.... Lasarian thought to himself at the sight of the milk. He decided to look around while he drank, maybe he'd see someone his age here. He didn't think so, but it was possible.

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    blade sat at the bar and noticed the young boy and his glass of milk.

    " so what's a boy so young doing in a place such as this do your parents know where you are."

    Blade knew who this kid was but more then likely the kid did not recognize blade for the kid was fairly young when they had last meet.


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      Slips onto a stool beside the boy, and smiles. Ja'Aku looked about 15 or 16, but in reality he was much older.

      A tall voddy for me and my friend here...

      Winks at the boy, sliding the glass of liquor towards him



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        He looked up at Blade, trying to figgure out who he was. He looked familiar, but he didn't know where from.

        "Probably not, but they can figgure it out. Do you know them mister? My mom is Demonnight and my dad is Tempist Opps, they both belong to the Empire."

        He turned and looked at the other person, who looked like a teen, but somehow, wasn't. He took the glass of what looked like water, and took a sip. When he didn't taste anything unusuial, he put it back down.

        I could have gotten water at home too.... he thought to himself.


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          Smacks his forehead

          That ain't water, boy...It's vodka straight. Sheesh.


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            blade smiled

            " Yes I know both your parents but I know your mother best of the two and Yes I know they are both members of the empire as I am. The names blade Ice I remember you when you where allot younger but it looks like your growing up kid. "

            Blade eyed JaAku

            " leave the boy alone you may play your games on me but I doubt you want the wrath of tempist opps on you or that of one Demonnight. now go away."


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              *Bastion walked into the bar bruised and bloody.he spotted Lasarian and growled low as he walked toward him*" hey there lil' is really on the warpath ...murdering innocents thing for you to do is to not so fortunate as you can see"


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                Lasarian smiled when he heard the word 'vodka'. What a funny name for a drink. It seemed just like water... why wasn't it called water? He giggled slightly at the word and said it quietly to himself.

                "Hehe.. vodka..."

                He looked at Blade, who didn't seem to like the other boy. He didn't know why, but if he didn't, then he must have had a good reason. Then, his big brother came up behind him. He didn't know why he didn't look like Bast, but he didn't care. If mom wasn't in a good mood, then it wouldn't be good for other people either. He looked up at him with a gaze of resilliance.

                "Nope. I'm staying here. If mommy dosn't like it, tough for her."

                He turned back to the table, and pushed away the glass of clear liquid. It was even more boring than the milk was. He went back to his first drink, and continued to look around.


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                  A tall, shadowy figgure steped behind Lasarian, and grabbed him by his sides. The boy jumped slightly at this, and jerked his head franticly to see who it was.

                  "Hey! If my daddy finds you botherin- oh, hey dad." he said, looking at Tempist.

                  "Not making much trouble I hope... who slipped you the vodka?"


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                    Klis entered the bar, following behind Tempist. Standing off to the side, eyeing everyone closely. But not recognizing a soul. The disciple stays quiet. Looking at Tempist's boy. Thinking that he really does look old. And finds it amazing that he develops so quickly.


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                      blade points tempist in the direction of JaAku.

                      " He is the man your looking for tempist "

                      Bladed at a grin to JaAku.

                      " your boy has spirit in him he will be a great addition to TSE."