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  • Unmatching puzzle pieces

    Emily sat, curled up in a lone chair she'd pulled from a table, her body huddled against the wall. Her fiery eyes watched as a thin lace of steam strung itself through the air and vanished. The warmth that was radiating from the mug she held barely seemed to phase her cold skin. Hair draped itself over her eyes when she shook her head lightly. She sighed and leaned her head down, her chin resting on her knees.

    "Nothing to do..."

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    A hiss came from just above Emily.



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      Emily lifted her head to peer up at him, her finger reaching up to tap his nose as she nodded.

      "No fun in here."


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        "Everrryone herrre isss borring," he said without a concern.

        "Only a few are worrrth the time of day," he said with a shrug as he sat down on the stool by Emily's.

        "...Sss-orry about last night."


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          Her shoulders gave an absent shrug as Emily curled up again, appearing to almost snuggle against the wall. She craddled the steaming mug in her hands and lapped quietly at its murky contents, her head bowed but her eyes staring up at Salem.

          "I shouldn't have pryed."

          A spell of silence passed before Emily sat her mug on the seat and hopped up. She was standing on the chair, gazing through the room while her arms stretched above her head.

          "What does Salem do for fun?"


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            He mimicked her shrug and silence, then looked up as she stood tall above him.

            "... Kill. Read."


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              She gave a small jump as she stepped down from the chair, her arms swinging at her sides. There was still a bit of ache in her leg, but the pain barely phased her even when her weight was shifted to the weak bone.

              She paused a bit, blinking her eyes as she stared at the floor. A thought seemed to pass through her mind before she took a seat beside Salem, looking up at him from the filthy ground.


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                "Takai! Come back here!"

                **The voice was that of a young boy, it was loud enough to be faintly heard from inside the bar. A moment later a young girl ran into the bar, ducking inside and to the left of the doorway and leaned against the wall; the young boy ran past the entrance, calling to her again, thinking she had run ahead, threatening to tell their father that she had left him behind again.**


                **The words passed her lips silently before the gaze of the young girl raised to the sites of Rama's Corner for the evening. There was the usual droids scurrying around, the drunk men telling each other stories, Salem sitting and talking with a young girl.
                Her eyes returned to the last and she looked oddly upon the situation. Salem sitting and talking with a young girl? That was not normal; not something she had seen before. It had her interest. Her plans changed from leaving the bar in search of strange little creatures to now finding out more about this woman. After all, if Salem was speaking with her, she must not be all bad.
                So, the young girl walked cautiously over to the table, knowing Salem would see her before she would say anything.**


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                  Without looking away from Takai, he nodded.

                  "Grrreeting-sss, Takai," he murmured as his eyes shifted slowly towards the young Konrad.


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                    Emily blinked and looked toward the girl that had just joined them. She pushed up on her feet, tugging at her skirt's hem as she smiled bit.


                    She mumbled the word before shrugging a bit and giving a small wave.

                    "Friend of Salem?"


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                      He smirked for a moment.

                      "Sss-it with us, Takai?"


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                        **She nodded slightly in answer to the woman's question just as Salem had answered.**

                        "The invitation is definetly welcome."

                        **Pulling herself into one of the seats she smirked slightly**

                        "I'm afraid my father will be looking for me soon."


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                          Emily pulled her chair from the wall, sitting on the back of it as she placed her hands on her knees, seeming to study Takai in silence.


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                            An almost silent growl passed his lips.

                            "What a sss-uprrrise. Doesn't he everrr leave you alone?"


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                              "No, not really."

                              **She let her arms drape on the table and rested her chin on them. A smirk came to her lips again for an instant.**

                              "Then again, you would think he would have gotten used to the idea that nothing he does will make me let my brother live a comfortable life."

                              **She paused slightly before looking over at the woman who was watching her**

                              "...What's your name?"