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  • -feeling small-

    -No one could answer the question that was in her mind as she walked into the Rama's Corner and sat at the bar again. The question was simple enough, but the answer certainly wasn't. Why had she returned to the Sith bar? Ruby did not even know the answer. It was just a place to get away from it all, and the last place anyone would look for her.
    She ordered a JD from the barkeep and tried not to look horribly uncomfortable. A non force-user in a Sith bar was not exactly a good situation in her mind. However, the last time she had come a Sith Lord by the name of Miryan no Trunks had told her that she would not be killed. And since no one really even took notice of her entering and getting a drink, she had no reason to not believe him.-

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    Her lack of presence was like a moving glass sphere in the centre of a choppy sea, there was nothing, not a thing that he could sence of her affiliation, and that was a pleasant change to the normal program.

    Takeing a stool beside her and ordering a drink he turned and looked into her eyes.

    "A little risky coming to a place like this, isnt it?"


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      -She looked over at the Sith, a few weeks ago she probably would have felt like crying if one of them looked her in the eyes and spoke to her. Now, she simply shrugged as she looked back at the man through a few misplaced strands of crimson hair.-

      "If death wishes to find me here...who am I to argue with him?"


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        "Yea, you really dont wanna be arguing with a guy like Death, he will just get angry and add more time to your sentence; besides, that white charger he has, can outrun an SSD without breaking a sweat."

        Smiling he turned, ordred a shot glass and vodka bottle from the barkeep and began lineing them up. Turning back to the youth sitting alone in a Sith bar he asked the question that had been nagging at him;

        "So, any history of insanity in your family?"


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          "I wouldn't know, they died when I was younger. Though, that's probably a good thing. You aren't the first to ask me that question."

          -Ruby smirked and took another sip of her drink.-


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            "Is that died in inverted in I accidentally killed them, or am i just assuming that because I killed my mother and cut off my brothers head that everyone elses family meets the same fate."

            Smiling he sipped his drink and wondered if she wanted another. Best not to ask, she could probably construe a friendly offer as an offer to murder fluffy animals.


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              "I didn't kill them. I was forced to watch them die, though. Space pirates are such lovely people."

              -Her last comment was bitter and laced with sarcasm. She frowned slightly and finished off the rest of her drink before bringing her hands to her neck, tugging down the fabric of her shirt and rubbing at the large bruise that went around her neck absent mindedly.-

              "Though, I've known plenty of people that have killed their family. Your story does not surprise me."


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                Eyes straying to the large ugly bruse around the girls neck he was suddenly very interested in her.

                Ordering the girl another drink he decided just to ask;

                "That," he gestured at her neck "looks nasty, how did you manage a beauty like that?"


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                  -Slightly surprised at the Sith ordering her a drink, it took her a slight while to answer.-

                  "Strange things happen when someone decides they want to own you. As if you were a piece of property. Though, I am no slave...At least in everyone else's mind."


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                    Sighing, Darius felt the unfamiliar pangs of guilt;

                    "I have seen what slavers can do, I even went so far as to buy a girl because of the conditions she was kept in, she works at my familys home on Helios."


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                      -She sighed slightly.-
                      "He was not a slaver. An lover who was a bit tempermental and refused to not be in complete control."
                      -Realizing the neck of her shirt was still tugged down she pulled it back up over the bruise.-
                      "Besides. He's done lots worse."


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                        His eyes narrowed dangerously,

                        "Are you two still together?"


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                          -She looked pained for an instant.-
                          "Not at this very moment, perhaps. But I will eventually have to return to him."


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                            "Why?!?...I hope you mean to end his miserable life; that," he gestured at her neck again, "is not a gift from a loving partner."


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                              -She looked down at the drink the red haired man had bought her and finally gave in, taking a sip of it.-

                              "Why should you care? Doesn't seeing people in pain bring joy to your dark life? You are a Sith afterall.."