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When Darkness Meets Light... (open)

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  • When Darkness Meets Light... (open)

    Enya sat in a quiet dark corner, sipping a drink and remembering her pain. There had been to much in such a short time. She found it ironic that she could find comfort in such a place as this Sith bar. She had once been a dedicated Jedi. Now she was just a lover to one.

    "Corin, I'm sorry I can't be what I was." She muttered softly under her breath. To many things had been taken from her and the force was just one of the many things. Dignity was another. She had found herself ill at ease at the Jedi bar, but only because she had lost what they still had. Peace of mind and the ability to call on something that had once meant so much to her.

    "Damn you Huca for taking all I had." Enya sighed softly and downed her drink. She knew Corin would not like her being in a Sith bar but right now it was all the peace she could find.

    "Funny how things work out." Enya said as she motioned to the droid for another drink...

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    A low chuckle not far from the red head could be heard, catching the attention of Enya as she glanced over to see who it was. The dark cloaked figure was starring right at her...His eye's seemed to bore right through her. Thayin shot the woman a half hearted smile as their eye's locked, however Enya found herself looking away form the man's fierce dark eye's. As Thayin took a long drink of his ale, he continued to eye the beautiful woman. There was something different about the man that sat only two table's away from her, something dark and sinister...At first glance the man looked nothing like what Enya felt from him. But she also was aware that look's could be very much deceiving.

    "Perhaps your looking in the wrong place and asking the wrong question's." Thayin replied as he leaned back in his chair, studying the woman with the fire red hair.


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      :: Dios got up from his table after hearing what the man had said, he walked over to Enya and sat down with a bottle of Vodka in one hand and a full glass in the other. He ignored the man in the back and looked at the woman::
      Dios Kane, want some? Perhaps you're just talking to the wrong people.
      :: He downed his drink and poured him some more::
      It's a drag when someone takes away all you had, but a grudge hurts more than the loss in the long run.


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        Thayin chuckled at the man's intellect on social behavior. He could smell his sort from a mile away. A predator of the female specie's...And he wasn't even good at it...

        "An expert we have now on the subject of vindictiveness and animosity and what it mean's. Perhaps you can enlighten us all here stranger...Do tell..." Thayin then shot the man a mocking smirk as he took another sip of his wine.


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          :: Dios heard the man, watched him and thought for a moment::
          Sir, I am no expert, just a guy with a little experience.
          :: Dios laughed and returned the same mocking smirk. Dios could guess what the guy was thinkin about him, whatever you want to think suits you Dios thought. Turning back to the woman::
          Such things as hatred can taste sweet one day and bitter the next. Just from my own experience, of course, i don't read books and preach it to others.


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            Enya eyed both men nervously her eyes shifting back and forth between the two. The evil could be felt all around her in the bar but the man who had spoken to he first, was the strongest evil she had felt since Ulan had kidnaped her.

            Pushing her glass toward the one who sat down with her she gave a weary smile. "Thanks for the drink." She said as he poured. "I should have listened to Corin and stayed close to home. To late now Enya."

            Enya sipped from her glass as she studied both men. She had once been a Jedi and would have never thought to come to a place such as this and now here she was blocked from the light and in the company of darkness.

            "Bitterness, I wake up everyday with bitterness. It's a cold bedfellow, but I don't know how to not feel that way. So much was taken, and is still being taken from me. As for seeking out the right kind of company, well the company I used to keep I can no longer be around it causes to much pain. So where do I go for peace." Enya trailed off her thoughts muddled by the strong drink that she was unused to.

            "How does one survive a piece of there heart being gone? How does one live without the light that sustained her, when all I have now is darkness in my path?" She questioned the two men. Not really expecting an answer. She herself could not answer what plagued her mind. She did not understand why when she reached for the light side of the force, why it caused her so much physical and mental pain.

            "What can I offer him now? He is a Jedi and he loves being what he is, the way used to. How do I tell him that I'm lost eve though he found I'm still lost." Enya whispered softly. Tears pooled in her eye's. Grinding them away she sipped her drink and uttered a small bitter laugh...


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              The real thing is, what can you offer him as a person? The dark side and light side are two different entities with their own personalities. The light will accept you through patience, kindness, and all that other good stuff. It also will let you go just as easy because it will not control anyone, just help them further in their goals. The dark side is a powerful demon, promising revenge to be dealt and power in your hands, but it holds onto your soul with a jealous grasp. It would do much to keep you away from the light. You say you're blocked out from the light? Do you find yourself alone here without any other light side users?


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                "Ahh...Yes, experience,...Seems theses day's everyone has conquered the ideology of it's meaning...And then has a story to tell about it." Thayin returned the smirk as he slowly took another sip of the chardonnay, savoring it's bitter sweet taste. Thayin continued to listen to the hypocrite preach to the woman with the fire red hair...

                "Woman, your trouble's are this...You live in the past, wishing you could change what cannot be changed. You look to a significant other for the answer...Answer's that already exist within you now. Your path is one I sense of the light, a light that's fading, detached from you like two lover's estranged from each other. Your pain is a persistent reminder of what you once where...What you wish to have back, but no not the way there of to attain it once again. Yes, indeed, life is bitter sweet..." Thayin then turned his attention away from the optimist and the lost soul two table's away.


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                  Enya 's eyes widened at [Nuevole) assessment of her life. He had in essence touched what she had been feeling. Though there was so much more to why she was here, even she didn't know hat truly drove her to the Sith bar to tempt fate.

                  "Excuse me, How did you? I mean.. why do you say these things to me?" Enya's words tumbled over each other. Looking at the other man she grimaced near tears. A look of mistrust fell over her face. " I didn't want to come here but I just couldn't help it." She mumbled to know one in particular.


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                    :: Dios listened to the man and was distrubed by the way he talked to the woman. He could brush away what the man said but the sith knew his words would strike home to her. She was in a bad enough state as it was. He saw her get close to crying and a feeling of anger crawled up his throat.::
                    Hey, go away why don't you!? You seem to have some personal problems with such a dreary look on life. What's the point of giving it to her too? The light is always there! It's if you decide to look up or not. But it's also true, the darkness just sits there, right behind you, in your shadow. Accept it or push it away, it's all up to the person whether or not they want to do that. You also choose your side and fight the other. There is never a chance where you can't fight one or the other because they're always there.
                    :: Dios turned to Enya and smiled::
                    That's fine, people do things a lot of the time just out of autopilot ya know? Hey, you okay, ya wanna go somewhere else?


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                      : Erekrose had been watching this conversation for quite some time now, he had taken an intrest in this female she looked just barely familar, I must have seen at the Jedi temple before I left, getting up Erekrose walked over: Hmmm where have I seen you before? And you( to Thayin) you should choose your words carefully especialy around one that is in her state, with the way you're going she'll probally freak out and try and fight her way out.


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                        Enya looked from one man to the next. Things were certainly getting stranger by the minute. "Go somewhere? I have no where to go but back and I can't d that right now. I just can't." She said her voice empty of emotion.

                        "I do not now where you have met me. Perhaps another bar." She said softly casting her eye's to the ground.

                        "Please don't recognize me from the GJO. Please don't know Corin. He can't know I have been here not right now and not like this." She said to herself. Her eye's taking on a far away look as if hearing someone speak that was not there.

                        Ulan's voice poured through her mind. Bitter words that had left so many bitter regrets. "You will either be with me or find a way to die." They were so loud, drowning out everyone, drowning out her need to survive.

                        Looking at the one who had bared her soul she sneered, tempting fate against her will. "(To Nuevole) What do you know of regret, what do you know of the darkness that eats my soul. You know nothing of me." She hotly denied. But he had known, he had read her like an open book.

                        "Who sent you? Was it Uhlan. Tell him I choose death if it comes to that. I won't go back into his dark embrace." She all but yelled. Turning t the other men and seeing the shocked looks on there faces she grimaced. A blush heated her cheeks. "I'm sorry. So sorry. I..." Enya picked up her drink, looking at the liquid that failed to take her pain away, she was unable to meet there eye's....


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                          :: Dios wasn't entirely sure what was going on with her but he thought she seriously needed some help. He wasn't sure if what he was about to say would help or worsen it::
                          Hey, Enya, screw this guy with the dread tongue and forget this Ulan guy. Hey! Don't go backwards just yet but sure as hell don't die, that's like going inverted! Not good! It won't come to that with a guy like Corin for your boyfriend.He's a good guy from what I know of him. Tell him! He needs to know, if he truly loves you he will understand your problem. You'll say he won't but how do you know if you don't try?
                          :: Dios had to take a drink fast, he was getting worked up. She had mentioned killing herself rather than doing something else. Dark embrace? What was that? She didn't want Corin to know. He wouldn't tell but she needed to tell him sometime. Holding it up could cause problems. Dios reached across and wiped her tears away with his gloved hand.::
                          Don't cry, you're too pretty and it'll mess up your makeup.


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                            Thayin glanced over to Enya as she approached him. He could feel the blindness that consumed her, eluded her, taking her closer to the place all light-sider's dreaded...The path of the Dark Side it's self!...The preacher Dios's piped up as Enya came to stand in front of Thayin's table. Thayin shot him a sarcastic look as there eye's locked in a deadly embrace.

                            "Remember boy were you stand, the shadow's of the Sith Empire." Thayin eye's bored right through the fool like two sharp and lethal Sith daggers.

                            "Your empty word's hold no redemption for this woman, they only drive her closer to madness. Perhaps she will forgive you for your narrow sighted ways...I my self will not!" Thayin then turned his attention back to the red head that now stood at the opposite end of his table. Enya's fist's balled in frustration as she eye'd Thayin, waiting for an explanation to his cryptic word's to her.

                            The tavern chair in front of Enya slid out slightly on it's own accord next to the red head.

                            "Please, sit..." Thayin gestured to Enya with one free hand as he took sip of his wine with the other, studying her as she reluctantly gave in to his invitation. About that time another preacher mumbled something from across the room in their direction, However, his idle threat's fell short of the two.

                            "Regret?..." Thayin smirked at the word. However it was exactly what held Enya in bondage, gripping her soul while it fed from her essence.

                            "Regret is only a formality m'lady...A path that all confront many time's along the way in the struggle's of life and the scheme of thing's. Thayin knew he had her full attention now as she leaned in slightly, her body language giving her away as she did so.

                            Thayin bided his time, taking another slow drink as he let his word's to Enya sink into her cluttered mind. The claw's of destiny dug in deeper...Holding her tightly as it whispered in her open ear's.

                            "I know of no Uhlan...Nor did anyone send me... I come and go as I please as yourself,...Woman. "Enya searched Thayin's stoic face for any indication that he was lying to her...But there was nothing there to support her suspicions.

                            "Your mind is tainted with the word's of another, word's that constantly speak to you, wooing you to them and to him!...Keeping you from what you feel and know you should be." Thayin paused momentarily as Enya's crystal blue eye's widened at his word's of revelation. Again Thayin knew he had hit the mark true with her as a startled look slowly etched it's way across her youthful face.

                            "You will never find rest m'lady, nor will you ever find peace as long as it remains within you...It drive's you to madness and will not relinquish it's hold until you are dead!" Thayin's accurate word's cut at Enya, to the her wounded heart and to the troubled soul that was held captive against her own will. Tear's now welled in her eye's as she looked down at the surface of the table, blurring the grain's of wood and turning the line's into one watery mass.

                            "The question is now woman...Will you fight it,...Or just simply lay down and die?!" Thayin took another sip of his wine, savoring it like the moment the two stranger now shared. Darkness had finaly touched the light....


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                              :: Dios turned and watched as the man spoke to her, saying everything smoothly and carefully, he was definitly trying to plant something there, or nurture what was already growing. Dios wouldn't have it, this man had no right to say such things, did Dios have the right to defend her? He was jedi and that meant protecting those in need. It was his duty. This man had told him to beware because he was in the shadow of the empire. He knew that and had faced that shadow many times, he'd never won, but he wouldn't let Enya lose to him.::
                              Enya, snap out of it! He's trying to feed these words into you. You must realize, what he said of regret... Regret is a feeling we have when we do something that we think we shouldn't. But then there's still forgiveness on the other end! You just have to look for it. It might take you a while but in patience there is also healing. Force! Don't think that anything wrong you've done Corin will turn you away from! You shouldn't be talking to me or this other guy! Go talk to Corin, he's there for you, that's part of the relationship you have with him! I've seen you guys around, you're close. He would never turn away from you and he'd help you with whatever you need!
                              :ios turned to the man, he turned and looked the man straight in the eye and saw the shadow within, the shadow that was holding Enya's heart in it's claw and laughing::
                              My words are not empty! I speak what I believe to her and I can only hope that she listens to what I say.
                              :: He turned back to Enya and wiped the tears from her cheek with his gloved hand. Then he turned and began to leave. He had not wanted to say so much, he did not want to say something that might have hurt her more. He wasn't sure what exactly was going on but he had tried to help. He had a second thought and found another booth and sat down and watched the man, he ordered a glass of jawa juice and waited.::