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    Michin walked into the bar and looked around, studying the faces of those that were there. He went towards the bar and looked to the keep. He spoke with a low, almost silent tone...

    "Alderaan Ruge..."

    He was ordering one of the most rare drinks in the Galaxy, since Alderaan was destroyed by the Death Star on Tarkin's command. He watched as the person stuttered but moved along to get it...

    The atmosphere in the bar was heavy, as if there was a smoked haze around the area. He turned as the person was coming back with the bottle and he put a glass up on the bar as he poured it. Michin took the bottle and walked off, his cloak flowing against the wind as he begin to sip at the rare liqueur...

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    Alana sat in the darkened corner sipping her blood wine. Her eyes searching each face wondering what this night would bring each one. A small smile played across her lips.

    "Perhaps death?" She thought.

    Her eyebrows rose when she spotted someone she had not seen in a while. As Michin ordered his drink Alana sent a soft message. It was like a caress across his cheek.

    "Michin it has been a long time. Care to join me." She watched him turn in her direction. He was a very handsome man with an utter air of assurance. He moved as if to had vampyre blood in him. Alana leaned forward so her face just touched the lighted area around her table her blue-green eye's sparkled with mischief.

    "That is if you would enjoy my company." She whispered softly to his mind....


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      His face turned to see Alana at her table and he grinned. It was always good to see her around, it had been quite along time since their last talk. He carried his frame high with each step he took, he seemed to be taking his time, but he was just flowing in fluidic movement with each step.

      His dark eyes peered back at hers as he took the seat directly across from Alana. As he sat he adjusted his cloak to the seat and leaned back in it. His hand set down the drink of Alderaan Ruge. He spoke out, not through the force to her mind, but by his mouth...

      "Of course I enjoy your company. The matter is, I don't seem to have enough of it."


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        Alana chuckled softly. He was as always very good with his words. "It has been far to long Michin since we last talked. What evils have you been up to?" Alana questioned. Siting back she studied Michin's face. He was a handsome man dark and deadly and utterly alluring.

        Maia called the droid over and ordered a bottle of blood wine. She then settled back to enjoy the conversation...


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          He took the goblet of the rare drink and sipped at it and savored the taste as he looked towards Alana. His eyes seemed to peer up from the drink..."Indeed, it has been too long. And evils? I would say training, for it is a necessary evil..."

          He took yet another sip of the drink and set the goblet down upon the table and looked her over. He brought his towards the table and rest it upon it as he sighed...

          "What about yourself?"


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            "Well, let's see. What have I been doing, killing would be about it." Alana said with a small laugh. "Other than that things have been quiet. Though I must say the Shrine has grown in the time since we last talked."

            You must come visit Michin and see how lively it is now." She said as he sipped her blood wine a small smile quirked her lips. "The mother is quiet pleased from what I hear from Pandora. I Thought at first I would enjoy some quiet time but this is getting ridicules. Perhaps something will happen soon that will liven us all up. A vampyre needs a little fun in her umm life once in a while." Alana said as she leaned forward her eye's searching his.

            "What of you Michin do you tire of all this? She asked softly her words double edged...


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              He watched her as she went on about things that he didn't know a single thing about. She had spoken names of people that he didn't know and was mentioning on about The Shrine. She even mentioned that he should go and see how nice it is there, not a bad idea.

              She had asked a question which was very two sided, it could have meant many things. He looked at her as he sipped at his drink and set it down...

              "Do you mean do I tire of this Mortal Coil of mine? Or my lifestyle?


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                Alana sat bak amused that he understood what she was hinting at. "Yes, Michin your mortal coil. Don't you find life in general boring? The night offers so much more. Seeing what I see feeling what I feel now that is truly living." She spoke softly her words gentle hypnotic. If he had been any other mortal he would have fallen into a trap she had laid for so many.
                As it was he was a Sith and not easy prey, nor would she want him to be. He was not someone she wanted to prey on but rather play with. Alana found him alluring. His heart was dark almost as dark as hers and she was drawn to that. She was usually drawn to people that were Nobel, that wanted to see only good in life but that was only so she could find ways to corrupt there thinking. Michin was not one she needed to corrupt, he in fact was as evil as she...


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                  Was she hinting on possibly turning him to Vampyre? He looked at her as she spoke of different things and he leaned back, his eyes staring into hers. He leaned back and pondered her statements and questions as he sipped the rare drink...

                  "Sometimes I do, but right now I find things interesting. There are so many things to be carried out. However, the mortal coil is sometimes, very boring indeed."

                  He looked to her. She was right, life in general was boring. But if she was offering to turn him, he might take it. It was a high probability that he would, but he had some things to do...


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                    "Life can be very ... tedious at times Michin. The darkness offers a lot to its children." She said with a smile, her teeth glimmered softly in the darkness.

                    "What is it you get out of life Michin. What does it offer to you? I found that it offered nothing to me. I ran from life, afraid to face it and the lose I felt. The never ending battle of humanity looking for happiness or a way out." Alana raised her drink sipping it as he stared over the rim at him.


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                      "Yes...Indeed it can be tedious. If what you are insinuating is an offer, I am honored, but I must decline..."

                      He looked at her. He was honored that anyone would consider turning him. It was a good thing. He finished off his drink and set the goblet down. He rested lightly back in his chair before he looked back at her...

                      "I have had a previous offer before this, that is more to my tender..."