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Drowning Troubles in Alcohol(Open)

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  • Drowning Troubles in Alcohol(Open)

    *Enters through the front entrance, clad in what seems to be a blue suit, a cream colored formal shirt underneath, a blue tie, and blue pants. Wears a black trench coat over all of this, a mass of green hair atop head. Planning on drowning his troubles in alcohol, his chilling, gaze sweeping the room, glancing over different patrons before proceeding toward the bar. Pulls up a barstool, taking a seat in it before pulling it back up to the barcounter. Rests his feet at the rim of the bottom of the stool, as he rests his elbows on the bar counter, resting his forehead in his palms, his arms propped up with his elbows. Orders a drink once the tender gets around to him, fixing the drink up and bringing it back to Shard, the tender finding the exact amount of credits sitting on the bar counter infront of Shard. The tender sets the glass down beside Shard's left elbow, collecting the creds then proceeding to serve yet another patron. Mutters to himself, before taking a sip from the glass, savoring the fluid in his mouth before swallowing. *

    "Another lonely night alone..."

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    "Well, well, well .. if it isn't the boy who has all the answers."

    Lina appeared behind him, an evil smile creasing her lips. She crossed her arms over her chest, and canted her head a bit.


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      *Glances down to see her reflection in the glass by his side. Merely nods, saying in the most polite and respectable manner he can muster. *

      "Greetings, though I would hardly call myself that. "


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        "Well I would .. You waltz right into the Recruitment and Registration area, make your presence, and manage to stump everyone with your fine answers ... I admire you on that."

        Lina smiled, her blue eyes glimmering within the little light of the bar.

        "Have we been introduced yet, newcomer?"


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          *Rotates on the seat of the stool, to face her. He returns a brief smile, upon hearing her words. *

          " No, I don't believe we have been introduced. My name is Azrael Shard. A pleasure, of course. "

          *Extends a gloved hand to her, suggesting a more proper greeting. *


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            She smiled back as she took her hand in his and gently shook it.

            "Lina Alexis Capulet, in other words, call me Lina."

            She winked, and set herself on the stool next to him, brushing back her blood red hair.

            "So, what brings you by here Az ... heh, if you don't mind me calling you that?"

            Her smile was content and pure, as she glanced at him carefully.


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              *Though he may have suggested a simple hand shake, he meant something a bit more formal and gentlemen-like. He raises her hand to his lips, kissing it gently in a gentlemen manner. He releases her hand, letting her take a seat next to him. Listens, speaking afterwards. *

              " Of course not, call me whatever you like, within reason of course." *Laughs a bit, before answering. * " I simply seek to further my training. This seems like the best place to do so, so I choose here. I had heard great things from this place, and wished to see it's greatness with my own eyes. "


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                Lina giggled slightly at Azrael's manners.

                "Well, above all those answers you have quite the gentleman in you ... But remember Azzie, it's going to take a lot more then good answers and kindness to get to the top in this Empire .. yet I trust you already have what it takes ?"

                She grinned, and playfully ran her finger across his chest as she spoke her last few words.

                "But what I meant by what brings you here was, what brings you to Rama's ? People usually come here for drinks, but some others have their own thoughts ... some personal, some not .. just wondering."

                She crossed one leg over the other, half of her faced covered in her dark red hair. A blue eye glanced at Azrael on the other half.


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                  *If her eyes may fall upon Azrael's, she may notice his two eyes seem to be a different shade of colors. One eye is a darker shade of brown then the other. *


                  *His gaze shifted from her for a moment, landing on his glass. As he does this he speaks his answer. *

                  "I come here to simply get a drink, hoping to introduce myself to other patrons. Though I was unaware I would meet such a lovely member of The Empire. "

                  *Smiles a bit, though his answer was a lie. He was surprisingly truthful about calling her lovely, yet his reason for coming to the bar was false. He came to simply drown away his sorrows and thoughts in alcohol, not being able to bear all the mental scars of his past. *


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                    She grinned at Azrael's compliment.

                    "Lovely? Aren't you a charming one."

                    She hopped off the stool, and instead plopped herself ontop of the table. She poked at the droid, who was busy finding empty glasses below.

                    "Red wine please, thank you sugar."

                    Her gaze then turned back to Azrael. She lay ontop of her belly, but paused to take a glance around at others whom were giving her a few awkward stares.

                    "Erhem ... Can a girl lie down?!"

                    And with that, the rest of them went back to their buisness. Lina smiled, and once again turned back to Azrael, gently resting her chin atop of hands as she lay on the bar table. Her legs paddled back and forth as she spoke.

                    "Anyways ... darling that little thing you told me as an excuse for being here ain't true, " she smiled, and before Azrael could say more, she winked and spoke again, "let's just say I can read minds..."

                    The droid handed her the drink. Slowly she chugged it down, until only half was left ...


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                      *Chuckles slightly upon seeing her lay down, raising his glass to his lips and sipping from it quietly, savoring the drink in his mouth once again before swallowing. Continues to listen to her, answering again once she is down, finding no surprise she "read his mind". *

                      "I assumed one of the Sith could see past my lies. Odd, a living being could have both beauty and wisdom. You are indeed one out of a million, you know that?"

                      *His lips curving into a some-what flirting grin, as he rotates the glass in the air beside him, holding it in his palm, his elbow rested upon the bar counter. The liquid in the glass forms a small whirlpool, him stopping it as he uses the little force experience he has to cause the liquid in the glass to slightly rise from the level of the drink, rotating around each other, them forming into small spheres, then falling back into the glass, Shard taking another sip from it afterwards. *


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                        Lina couldn't help but to blush. Gently she dipped her finger into her red wine and moved it around in circles, while talking to Azrael.

                        "Hmm ... So tell me what's bugging you sugar. Not like I'm going to tell."

                        She slowly pulled her finger away from the glass, all covered in red wine. She plucked it inside her mouth, and ran it along her tounge and lips, giggling to herself.


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                          *Holds back yet another grin from seeing her do this, as he raises his own glass to his lips, sipping from it quietly, then seeing it back down on the bar counter. *

                          "Its really nothing, don't worry about it. "*Smiles briefly before continuing on. * "So, tell me what are you doing here?"

                          *Sitting forward in the stool, his heels propped up on the bottom ridges of the stool. His head slightly tipped to the side, so his gaze lands upon her's. His gaze may seem to be deep a memorizing, as it may seem he is looking straight into her soul as he does this. *


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                            Lina snickered, as she rolled ontop of her back, her hair spread on the table, and her head rolled back staring at Azrael, whom was right above her.


                            She raised her brow a bit. Nobody had ever really paid too much attention about her life .. guess Azrael was a first.

                            "Heh, well ... mostly to cure myself with red wine, and others .." Lina layed on her side, gazing curiously at Azrael. She grinned, running her finger along Azrael's lower lip as she spoke, "mainly to flirt.."

                            She took her finger away, and then rested her chin atop of hands, which were placed on the bar table.

                            "What about your past..?"


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                              *Smiles down on her, listening to this and watching her as she does this. Speaks, afterwards. *

                              "Heh, I'm glad to hear that. Why are you so intent on hearing my past? I don't mind, its just rare for me that anyone would care anything about my past, other then in those trails, or questions.

                              *Smiles again, pulling one gloved hand from underneath her chin and running it along the side of her face, caressing it in a flirting manner. *

                              "But if you must know..."

                              "I simply came to drown away my thoughts, for I do not wish to carry them any longer. They are becoming a burden to me, one in which I am going to diminish. "