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  • ...What to drink...(Open)

    Klis walked into the bar, standing silently at the entrance, he unlaces the top flaps of his coat, the flaps lowering to his shoulders, exposing his mouth and nose. He removes his hat and shakes the rain off of it, sliding it under his left arm.

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    Nikka sat at her usual spot at the bar after another hard day of training. She happened to turn as her new friend, Klis walked up to the bar.

    "Hello again, Klis. How are you this evening?"


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      Klis takes a few long gulps of his drink, setting it down with force, shivering as the alcohol courses his veins.
      He grins wide
      "Ahh.. feels good to drink again."
      He turns to Nikka and bows politely.
      "'Evening m'lday Darkstorm. Good to see you. I'm feeling fine. I just returned from visiting my home planet, for the last time. How're you fairing?"
      He waves his hand in the general direction of the drinks.
      "Can I order you somethin?"


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        "I'm doing well, thanks. Kinda sore from training but I'll be fine."

        The disciple stretched her arms out and then overhead, letting out a short groan. She then took her glass and finished off her drink, placing it on the table just as he offered to get her a drink and smiled in his direction.

        "I'll take a refill on the Ale, thanks."

        She leaned over on the bar, resting her elbow on the counter.

        "How was your trip home?"


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          He ordered the drink, the 'tender filling the glass back up and returning to other business.
          Klis took a final swig of his drink and slid it to the 'tender to add it to the dishes.
          Klis leaned back, cracking a few spins in his back.
          "Yea.. I can't wait for my training to begin again."
          He went silent for a moment, letting Nikka's question roll in his ears.
          "The trip went well, no problems. Until I got home.. but that's another story. On the way back I slept the entire time." He smirks.
          "Gotta love Auto pilot."


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            Nikka chuckled slightly as the tender refilled both of their drinks. Nodding her thanks for the refill, she turned toward Klis and smiled.

            "I haven't traveled in such a long time. I have a getaway spot not too far from here that I visit every now and then but that's about it."


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              Klis takes a sip of his drink, stretching and yawning deeply.
              "Is that so? Where is it exactly?"


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                Nikka gestured with her hand toward the door of the bar.

                "It's just beyond the other side of the ridge. It has such a good view."


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                  Klis' eyes follow her hand to the door. He stares at it for a moment, his mind going blank.
                  "Hm.. Should we have a look? There's not much else to do."


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                    Nikka smiled and nodded before standing to leave.

                    "Sure. It's quite a long walk though."


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                      Klis rose to his feet, flicking the 'tender enough to pay for the drinks.
                      He laced up the flaps that settled on his shoulders are his mouth, asserting the cap back on his head.
                      "Hah.. long walk. I could walk the planet in a day. You haven't known a long walk until you've carried the gear of twenty soldiers for hundreds of kilometers, just to get to the next target..."
                      Klis gets a cocky sort of grin on his lips as he finished lacing his mask.
                      "Shall we?"
                      He holds his arm t'ward the door, letting Nikka pass him first.


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                        *Nikka chuckled at his comment and grinned back in the same manner. Making her way out the door, turned and awaited for him to follow.*


                        *With that, Nikka led him out to the courtyard and down to the Hideaway.*

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