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    Taking a seat at the bar, Sersi glanced around with a slight interest. It was the domain of the Siths where they retired to relax after a long day - something of which she could relate to. Running one hand through her dark hair, the "elf" placed the other on the counter. She was wearing a Ra-Seru, a gift given to all Eldervines.

    "Barkeep, make it an ale."

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    :: Dios sat down next to the dark elf and laughed::
    Are you Sersi?
    :: He already knew it was her but he wanted to ask anyways. He got a glass and had the barkeep fill it with some wretched smelling drink.::


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      Ignoring the man besides her, Sersi took her ale and took a swig of it before setting it back down. If his laughter had accompanied that question, then obviously he knew the answer. She wouldn't waste her breath telling him something he already knew.


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        So are you? because I wouldn't want to waste my time, because I've come looking for a dark elf named Sersi and I would be very hurt if I hadn't found her and had mistaken someone that portrayed the perfect image of a dark elf. Especially with the ra-seru, that's a noble's gift in the elven clan isn't it? I remember few elves had them. But then Sersi's a dark elf, shunned by the elves and commited to the shadow. Have you heard of her?
        :: Dios wanted to know about her, he had met her cousin and they were complete opposites. Sersi was beautiful but dangerously so. All elves were very fair creatures but the dangerous ones weren't afraid to show it and this one spelled a risk just talking to her. But then again, that went for most sith anyways. He didn't enjoy playing games but she didn't seem very patient.::


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          "You talk alot."

          Turning to him, Sersi grinned, canting her head to the side.

          "And what would you want to do if you found her?"


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            :: Dios laughed and tilted his head as he looked into his glass::
            I'd want to talk to her of course. Maybe share a drink of jawa juice, I think dark elves would enjoy that drink very much. Blood of little annoying gibbering creatures mixed with whiskey, very nice.


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              Only if you paid for it, she thought. Then, smirking a bit, she raised her glass.

              "Well, I believe you already know the answer as to whether or not I'm Sersi."

              With that, she took another drink.


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                :: Dios grinned and raised his own glass, to what? He didn't know or care. He then drank down his glass and ordered two glasses of jawa juice::
                Do I?


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                  Finishing off her ale, she sat the glass down and watched as the bartender prepared them the Jawa juice. This man was strange - no doubt about it.


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                    :: The bartender finished and handed him the two drinks and he took his and handed the other one to Sersi. He let the dark red substance flow down his throat. The blood was cool but the whiskey made it feel like his throat was on fire. It felt very good.::
                    So how's life Sersi?


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                      "Do you ever shut up?"

                      It was a rhetorical questioin, and that was obvious when she lifted up her glass and drank the concotion, not paying attention to him.


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                        :: Dios smiled and drank some more before talking.::
                        I do. When I drink, sleep, and kiss. But that's about it. Why do you ask?
                        :: He was having fun. The dark elf didn't seem too talkative but he didn't care.::
                        How well is your Ra-seru attuned to you? It's seemed to grow up most of your arm. I've seen a few others in my time but not one so beautifully wicked. Very nice, it must've taken time to carve it to your personality so well.


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                          "How do you know about Ra-Seru's?"

                          She said sharply, looking at him as she set her glass down.


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                            :: Dios looked around for a minute then looked at her::
                            Would you believe me? Maybe. I'm from a place far away. There, Urth, or as I've heard some others call it Earth, there were many races. The elven race particular was known for many things as were all the races unique somehow. But the noble elves had symbiote creatures called Ra-seru that granted extreme power to the beholder. My master was an elven friend and he had several books that talked about them. One was on the lore of the elve's Ra-seru. Fascinating things they are, wouldn't mind one myself.
                            :: Dios laughed, would she believe him, he doubted that most did, but his story was true and long, and he didn't care if they did or not.::


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                              Ah, how long had it been since someone pronounced her home planet as "Urth" ? Too long, she decided.

                              ".. Do you mind telling me some of this lore on the Ra-Seru?"