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  • Lies of Life. (open)

    There was no way in the heavens that the person that was walking through the doorway would know the outcome of his life from the begining.

    Jared passed the doorframe and stopped, dark eyes scanning the establishment. He then turned on his left heel and walked the line of booths to one second from the wall. Removing a large wrapped item from his back and setting it across the table top, both ends of the item were over the edge of the table, Jared shot glances at those who did look at him with a grim express or a funny look.

    Int he days hence, Jared had aquired a certain taste. And he would love to quench the taste with some of the non-Sith occupants of the bar.

    The droid slid under the end of the wrapped item and beeped for Jared's order. He simply requested for a bottle of Jack Daniels and a large shotglass...

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    : Walking up to Jared, Erekrose eyed the package a little: Mind if I sit here?


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      Jared glanced up at Erekrose before speaking,

      "Yeah, Sure. Have a seat and order a drink!" He replied, smirking.


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        It had been the way Nikka Darkstorm felt over the last few weeks for unknown reasons. Even though she had decided to let someone go, she still felt he would return and be with her again, but she felt she would never see him again.

        She lifted her gaze from her drink and spotted Jared, a new aquaintence she met at the headquarters not long ago. Remembering the circumstances in which she met him, she smiled slightly from beneath her solemn gaze, also managing a slight nod in his direction.