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  • Kin

    Vega sat at a table in Ramas, a shot glass of JD in his hand, grinning a bit.

    "I'm quite sure you too will get on, you seem to have fairly similar personalities," he said, addressing the woman who sat across from him.

    "I've known you both a long time, yet it seems like you have never talked ... so tonight my brother and sister shall meet," he said with a quiet laugh.

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    A beer in her hand, Eve looked at her blood brother with a confused look. He had a plan behind that cocky head of his, and it wasn't always the best plan of all. She took a sip of her liquor and licked the taste off her lips swiftly.

    "Who exactly are you talking about, Vega ?"


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      "My good friend Lord Darkforce," Vega said, tipping his glass towards Eve.

      "He has been here longer than I, and we have trained together under Master Dara for some time ... yet it is rare that I ever seem him here conversing with others."

      With a dark smirk, he took a draught of his drink, finishing it off.

      "Hopefully tonight that will change."


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        "What do you want me to do ?"

        Eve arched en eyebrow upwards and took another sip of her beer.


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          "Just see you if you get on with him, nothing more nothing less," Vega shrugged a little.

          "I imagine you too will get on, like I said."


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            Eve sighed, but with a smile on her lips. She shook her head and looked at the liquid through the bottle's hole for a second before looking back at Vega.

            "Why don't you bring Gitane with us ?"


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              "Gitane, heh... I will be heading off back to our quarters after a short while anyway, no use in dragging her out here for such a short time,"

              Vega grinned as he spoke.


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                "Alright, I didn't need to know that much." Eve shrugged as she noticed his grin.


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                  Vega shook his hand and glanced up at the chronometer on the wall.

                  "Well he should be here anytime soon.."


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                    The doors to the bar slid open slowly as a shadow was casted into the dim lights. There was a light rain starting to fall now. A dark figure stepped into the tavern with cloak, hood, and all. It was a signature entrance by only one man. He brought his hand up along with his head, taking off the hood. Dyne rotated his neck, his long black hair just slightly wet. It settled along his back and shoulder line. Stepping in farther, the doors closed behind him. He left footprints from the water on the bar floor while coming inwards even more. Glancing from the corner of his eyes, all the way across the bar, he was looking for one particular person.

                    He caught Vega looking at him at the sametime he saw him. Vega had sent him a hologram message to come to Rama's tonight. Dyne was at his usual training location in the HQ before recieving the message. He spotted his good friend and someone else along with him. It was a woman and from the looks of it, the person was Eve Siren. The Lord was perplexed to see her there along with him, but it wasnt a problem obviously. He didnt know too much about her besides her being at the Empire and her rank. Dyne was more of a silent type after all time had passed at the Empire.

                    Dyne made his way over to their booth after Vega motioned for him. He nodded to his gesture and continued on, passing by some usual patrons and visitors. After going by a few tables, he arrived at their booth and bowed his head slightly to the both of them before speaking. He was curious as to why Vega had called for him to come over at Rama's. Obviously, he would find the answer to the question lingering in his mind very soon. For once that was the only question in his mind and the rest was clear and he felt relaxed.

                    "Good evening Vega...and Eve...."


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                      "'Evening, my Lord." Eve replied, rather simply.

                      She took another drink of her bottle of liquor, and swallowed it slowly. She looked back up at the Sith Lord and motioned him to sit down.

                      "You will be joining us, won't you ?"


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                        "Good evening Dyne," Vega said with a nod.

                        He smiled thinly, glancing back to Eve.

                        "I hope you don't mind me inviting you here, only I thought you'd like to meet my Blood Sister ... Eve."


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                          "Thank you..."

                          Dyne referred to both of them with the thanks before taking a seat slowly. He looked at his good friend Vega and arched his eyebrow towards the statement he made.

                          "You dont normally want me to meet people...Then again, that is probably my doing."

                          Laughing to himself slightly, a grin formed over his lips before looking at Eve. After a moment of silence, he spoke to her in his usual calm and cool manner.

                          "You can call me Dyne, Eve. There is no need for formalities with me."

                          Dyne paused for a minute then leaned back in his seat slightly.

                          "Besides, it makes me sound too old."


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                            "On the contrary, my Lord. Congratulations on your recent promotion." Eve smiled as Dyne sat back.

                            She looked back at Vega and arched her eyebrow slightly, shrugging. What Dyne had said was true; Vega didn't normally just present two people like that, unless there was some kind of plan going on behind their backs. She cocked her head to the side in a quick movement, her long brown-haired braid falling on her back.


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                              "I don't normally want anyone to meet people, but you seem in need of help in the social department, Dyne," he said through the Force, with a slight laugh.