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  • A drink...(open to any/all)

    Jodah stepped in. He was dressed in his normal bind, loosened a bit and pulled up to his elbows on the sleeves. He walked towards what he often like to consider 'his' table, a small booth in the back corner covered in scuff marks and scratches. As he walked he looked around. A serving droid passed near him, on its way to deliver someone's order. Jodah snatched a tankard brimming with a dark liquid. It was of no interest to him what drink it was, simply that it would quench his thirst. He took a long draught of it and sat in his seat, being careful to avoid the jagged, broken edge of a support beam that stuck out of the back. He looked around once again, and then looked up, focusing hard and dimming the lighting over the table to a mild glow. He took another sip of his Corellian Ale and waited, praying for a company of any sorts...

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    "Mind if I join you?"

    Brigid had been sitting the booth behind him and had been wanting to have a nice conversation with someone before heading back to the training grounds. Noting he might be here for the same reason, she saked the question.

    Twirling about on the booth seat, she leaned over his own booth and tilted her head to the side. Her ice blue eyes came to rest upon the stranger's face.


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      Jodah raised his lip alogn with his eyebrow in a perfect motion, half-grinning at her questioningly. "Not many people like it back here. Too dark, or too cold. Much less would they speak to a strange man in black clothing. You've my respect for even venturing this far. Have a seat, stranger." He stretched his smile a bit and gestured across the small table for her to sit down. "I'm Jodah Starlen. You would be...?" He hesitated, extending his hand.


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        Brigid smirked and nodded. She was a bit of a loner and unlike some people, enjoyed sitting in dark and sometimes chilly places. They just suited her more...of course...the reason for that...she would never know.

        Sliding out of her booth, she came around to his table and plopped into the booth in front of him. Bringing her gloved hand up to rest in his, she smiled and gave it a firm shake before returning her hand to the table.

        Her once ice blue eyes turned to a rare diamond color while she spoke...something odd, she figured, about her unknown race.

        "It's a pleasure to meet you, Jodah."


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          He returned her shake and withdrew his hand to the back of the seat, stretching it out and relaxing a bit. This...guest...visitor...woman was much more cunning than she looked, her just-shown mannerism was herald to that. He watched as her eyes shifted in color slightly, to a pale blue-white. It surprised him, of the few races he knew of that could do that, all were at the top of their respective food chains. A good thing for a Sith, he supposed, then dropped his conciousness from his musings back to the outside world. He returned her look with his eyes, fiery emerald. Play wit with wit, no doubt... "What brings you here, milady?"

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            [c]"I guess you could say I was waiting for someone... but that would be a lie.... for I wasn't... I guess when one is so lonely... one ends up seeking out someone to comfort them.. but comfort is not what I need. I need a warm conversation and a lasting friend. One whom I can trust..."[/c]

            She had certainly said what had come to mind... nodding slightly, she leaned back against the back of the booth-seat and awaited his reply.


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              He smiled thoughtfully. "It seems we're kindred souls indeed. I would have to say I'm here for the same." He blinked and turned his head abruptly, flagging down a droid. "Would you like something to drink? Or a meal, perhaps, if you're hungry?" His hand slipped absently into his small credit pouch on his sash.


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                Brigid gingerly scratched the back of her head and shifted her gaze over a bit, so she was able to view the bar counter... a drink... that would be nice.. but she was quite sick of red wine and.. well... she wasn't very familiar with the drinks in this section of the galaxy.

                Smirking slightly, she caught sight of a Jack Daniels and nodded.

                [c][i]"A drink would be wonderful... how's about.. a Jack Daniels?"


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                  Jodah laughed. "Classic Earther whiskey. A fine choice, milady. It's good to see somebody with more refined tastes than only wine and ale all day." He looked down at his own half-empty mug of Corellian ale and looked askance for a moment, his lips slanting in a sort of embarrassed frustration. He slid his hand deliberately over the side, knocking the mug off of the table. It didn't break on impact, but the thin liquid flowed out onto the floor. Droids came at once. "Heh, oops." He then walked up to the bar, ordering a bottle of 'Daniels and two glasses. The bottle the droid brought to the table was dusty and unused. It was obviously not the most popular of drinks here. Jodah picked up one of the short cups and dropped a few ice cubes into it, following those with a draught of the Jack. He then poured Brigid's and passed it over to her. He raised his glass in a sort of salute. "To...unexpected company, sort of." He grinned and waited for Brigid.