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Talking with a friend (Saharia)

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  • Talking with a friend (Saharia)

    :: Dios wasn't enjoying himself this time and he wasn't going to have a good time for a while either. He was waiting for Saharia to arrive and he wasn't sure of what to make of his feelings about how it would turn out. He swallowed down his drink and got some more. He was going to need it.::

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    ::Saharia walked up to him quietly, and did not sit down. The man who would have made a good sith but became a jedi. Jedi lived lies and it was sad to see talent wasted, well to her opinion but that was his decision. Saharia did not really like the jedi, but she wasnt one to try and kill them, onyl verbally see how far she could test them, then make a decision. But Dios was different, having spoken to him before. There was no warmth in her voice as she watched him notice her presence.
    Her eyes were cold and she was surprised that he had requested to have a drink with her.::

    Greetings jedi.


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      :: Dios listened to her speak and then he looked into his drink and laughed::
      Have you forgotten my name? Saharia...
      :: Dios stood up until she sat down. This would definitly be hard. Nothing had been funny other than the fact that she had refered to him as jedi.::


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        ::Saharia's smile was cold, as it twisted onto her lips like in an amused way::

        Of course I remember your name, you are also a jedi.
        What brings you here?

        ::She watched a droid come up and ordered jawa juice. Putting 8 credits onto the tray it held she watched it roll off silently then sipped her drink, watching Dios with that cold smile still on her face::


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          :: Dios saw the drink and smirked. He remembered when he had asked her about that Jawa juice. Blood.::
          I still haven't gotten around to trying those yet. The reason I'm here is you Saharia. I wanted to talk. Talk and not lose what could've been a good friendship.


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            ::Saharia nodded to the nearby droid again and put anothr 8 credits on the tray::

            A jawa juice for Dios here, it'd be interesting to see him drink the blood and whisky beverage. Quite good.

            Friendship. Why do you wish for friendship with a sith?


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              :: Dios smiled as she ordered another jawa juice. Tasty. But he had to keep his mind on other things. Friendship.::
              I want friendship with you not because you're a sith but because of who you are. Jedi, sith, no difference to me right now. Though I now believe my ideals had been wrong,you were still one of the first people to talk to me. Talk to me as a person that is. Ignore that I'm jedi.


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                Everyone is a person, be it a force user and a non-force user. I would give my freindship but keep in mind what I am on the battlefield.

                ::Saharia gave hima direct look, cool and calm. She sipped her drink, enjoyign the warm sensation on the tongue::


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                  :: Dios got his glass of Jawa Juice and gulped it down, interesting. The blood maked it thick but the whatever else was in it made it fabulous. He would be getting this more often. He listened to what she said and smiled::
                  I would glady recieve your friendship and of course, we all have our places on the battlefield. But I find your friendship more important right now. I'm glad we are still friends then. Now what was the other ingredient in this drink? It's simply intoxicating.


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                    ::Saharia looked at her drink and sipped it, the warmness sinking in, good on a cold night::

                    Whisky. Does it's job well.

                    ::She nodded at Dios, Jawa juice was hard to find in most bars, due to not many wanting it, but the sith bar was one of those bars. Looking around the bar she noticed a few stares::

                    You seem to make enemies pretty well. It puzzles me to see you submit to the lies of the jedi, but I hope you are happy and have found your path. We all have our paths we follow.

                    ::Her tone did not contain any disrespect, only a matter-of-fact voice::


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                      :: Dios grinned as she spoke::
                      I make friends and enemies faster than most but I frown on the latter of those two and I'd rather have them all as friends but such is life. I submit myself to no lies. I was born in training to prevent harm to those who have a disadvantage against others. I do not enjoy judging people for what they have done wrong or right, only that they would pick fights with an equal, no lesser. We all make our paths in life, the only thing to follow would be the light or darkness, whichever you choose to follow is up to you.
                      :: Dios drank more and felt the drink slide down his throat comfortably. This was a good drink and he would make sure to get some for his personal storage at home.::


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                        ::Saharia nodded, they saw differently in the way of the force. She saw the jedi as spreading lies, lies that must die. But everyone had thier own mind, and on the battlefield they were practised.::

                        Choose your path and face the consequences. Like everything in life.


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                          :: Dios drank the rest of his drink and got a refill. Life, everything was in life.::
                          Why do you choose to seek death in others if everything is in life?


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                            ::Saharia laughed coldly, then put down her drink::

                            Tod der luge. Death to lies. I believe the jedi spread lies, dangerous lies. I also have a very personal strong grudge against them for an entirely different reason. Life is about life, and life is about death. I intend to be about both. You could say darkness understands me.

                            ::When she spoke of jedi, she meant the group. She took up her drink again and sipped it. You never glug a jawa juice or you felt like you were on fire::


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                              :: Dios laughed. He would never say that darkness understood anybody. It didn't care. It just promised power and enslavement to it's incredible power. If that's what someone wanted to become, go for it, Dios wouldn't stop them.::
                              To be about both is to cancel yourself out. There is either life or death. The only counter measure I've found to that is the vampires and undead. You seem very alive to me.