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  • Gone? You wish....

    Stepping distastefully around the masses of inebriated mortals, Razielle chose a seat at the bar. Unfortunately her seat of choice was inhabited before she arrived at it. She gave a sigh of impatience as she leaned in close to hiss in the impolite cretin's ear.

    "You should learn some manners. I shall give you a lesson in etiquette."

    She hauled him out of the seat by his neck and chuckled.

    "Ladies first...."

    With that she hurled him across the room. His body crashed through a table and into the wall, it slid down leaving a trail of blood and he slumped to the floor with a groan. Razielle didn't envy him the headache he would have when he awoke. However he was unworthy of the privilege of dying at her hands so she would allow him to live with his humility.

    Taking her seat with a smile she paid for her drink and the damage she had created.

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    Michin's hand slid to the left, it seemed to go to the bartender before the woman's money did. He looked up from the darkness and spoke...

    [c]<font color=red>"A lady should never have to pay the bill..."[/c]</font>

    He had watched her throw the man from the chair at the bar, he most undoubtedly deserved what he got. She had caught his eye and intrigued him. His dark eyes followed the form of her body. Michin let his face turn to the left, light shining in the shadow giving the woman a view. His dark black hair seemed to flow backwards with a rush of air.

    "I must say, not many 'ladies' throw a man back like that with that such strength"...

    Was she that of the Dark Brethren? Or was she gifted with unimaginable strength? Either was a possibility...


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      "A random act of chivalry from a dark stranger... Most intriguing."

      Razielle return the credits to her back pocket with smooth gesture and took her seat. Raising her drink to her lips, she assesed her companion. She would remember such a face, they had obviously never met. Her lips parted as the slightly chilled bloodwine poured in a crimson trail into her mouth.

      "I thank you...."

      Her violet eyes locked upon his. Her mind stole into his thoughts searching for a name to put with his face. Images flashed through her mind and her efforts were rewarded with his name..



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        He looked at her with a raised eyebrow as she said his name. He hadn't told her anything at all, but had felt a presence somewhere. An essence. She had entered his mind to seek information...Then she saw everything....

        "...And you would be? I can't go searching through minds for a name, as you can."

        She had a very distinct persona about her, something he couldn't quite place. He was now certain as he watched her drink, that she was indeed a Vampyre. For only they are accustomed to drink bloodwine. He had learned to spot it recently, the way the two liquids intertwined...

        "For isn't that one of the many traits instilled in a Vampyre?"


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          "Well, well, well...."

          A voice spoke from the shadows.

          "If it isn't the famous Razielle. Come to grace us with your presence again, have you, Razzy?"

          Daegal stepped from the shadows, a smile on his face from ear to ear. It had been a long time since he had seen his friend.


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            A pale figure approached Razielle's table, his head towered so much so that quills of dark hair shaded most of his visage from view. He walked with a cured-hunch, a high 6 foot 7, his movements rigid yet fluid at the same time. Stopping a few feet from the table at which she sat, he canted his head upwards slowly and spoke, pin-prick fangs prying into view:



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              If one could be amused by a handsome face, Razielle was damned entertained surrounded a a few of the Empire's finest. She decided to pursue her talk of mortality with Michin at a later interval as she greeted two of her most trusted allies. Her long time friend Daegal, and her one and only fledgling, Salem. She greeted each with a fond kiss on the cheek.

              "Hello my pets..."

              She waved both gloved hands outward from her body and two chairs were slid away from the bar.

              "Please do join us. Michin and myself were just discussing the topics of chivalry and the Undead."


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                He watched as she greeted Daegal and Salem. Pets she called them, but it was probably just her way of greeting, maybe something else. He moved his head downwards in a nod to the other two as he ordered the rare Alderaan Ruge from the bartender and put the money on the counter.

                As he was given the drink he took a small sip of the drink and turned around to the two. He saw the fangs on Salem and narrowed his eyes. He favored the company of the undead, they seemed more alive than anything else.

                "Yes, indeed we were, Razielle"


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                  "Alas.. you have been told my name when I would have enjoyed my anonimity a while longer. Secrets make one more appealing, don't you think?"

                  Razielle smiled, baring small yet lethal fangs. She took a dainty sip of her drink and set it back down on the bar.

                  "So, gentlemen......"


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                    A smile spasmed onto the young one's lips as Razielle's reaction to his entrance, though it dissapeared as fast as it had come. He looked towards the one whom the Vampyress had been speaking with and narrowed his eyes somewhat - not kin to the Lady, though curious as Salem himself had once been.

                    "Dissscusssing the undead with ... Michin Michin?"

                    He pursed his lips.

                    "Anotherrr like mysss-elf," he hissed hoarsely.


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                      Daegal nodded, smiling at Razielle. He was not sure who the other two men were, but if they were friends of Razielle, then they were firends of his. It had been a long time since he had spoken with his ally, the one whom he had completed the Garqi mission with. A long time indeed, and there was much catching up that needed to be done. But now was not the time, nor the place.

                      "The undead? I would prefer to only wonder from a distance on that subject, no disrespect intended of course, m'lady."

                      Daegal winked at Razielle, making it obvious that he was joking.


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                        "Well... the subject just won't.....die will it?"

                        With a sly grin, Razielle took another sip of her drink and then proceeded with the intro's.

                        "Okay, I'll start in the order I met you guys... Daegal."

                        Razielle gestured to the younger Vampyre at her side and her gaze travelled over him fondly.

                        "This is Salem, newest addition to the legions of the undead and my first and only fledgling. I suspect I am about as protective of him as I am of my sister, although neither of them really needs it."

                        Turning to Salem, she continued.

                        "Salem, Daegal is an old friend and a very adept Sith Knight, if you weren't aware. Something tells me that you already know that though, being sneaky as you are...."

                        Very slowly her gaze swung to Michin. She explained him to her two comrades briefly...

                        "Michin.. I have no idea. I just met him 2 minutes ago when he bought my drink and commented on me throwing yon cretin through the wall....."


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                          Extending his hand to both of the men who were friends of one of his most trusted allies, Daegal nodded solemly to each of them.

                          "Pleased to meet you, gents."

                          Daegal waved to a droid that was rolling by.

                          "Please, have a drink. My treat."

                          Daegal ordered a vodka and then looked at the two men, wondering whether or not they would take him up on his offer.


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                            "A pleasssure,"

                            Salem held out a pale clawed hand and shook the Sith Knights firmly.

                            "Drrrink? I'll have what Rrr-azielle is drrrinking."


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                              "Oh? My dearest Salem is going to give bloodwine another go, eh?"

                              Razielle smirked at her young consort with wicked amusement in her eyes. She dipped the tip of her finger into her own glass. Bringing the droplet of bloodwine to Salem she ran it over his bottom lip with a chuckle.

                              "Wasn't that long ago you found it mediocre...."