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  • Past Meets Present(Open)

    Zeta sat at the back of the bar, slowly sipping his Ale. His eyes seemed to be focused on a specific presence even as he sipped at his drink.

    Malice Draclau...

    A Sith Zeta himself knew quite well. The two had once had a strong force connection with one another, but no longer did that connection seem to exist.


    He no longer uttered such a word to Malice, not here. Everything he left back at The Sith Order was still there, except for Malice. Malice had followed shortly after to join and be among the ranks of The Sith Empire.

    The two Sith had never discussed the choices that each of them had made. He felt a sense of betrayal, a sense of betrayal toward Malice. He'd felt like he'd betrayed his former Master.

    He wanted to set things right with the Sith Knight if he possibly could. He just did not know how to approach him, to ask him if everything was fine between them.

    Zeta could not move on in his place within the Empire, he could not feel right with his new Master, Raine Sarin, not until Malice accepted his new change in plans, or at least recognized his new change in plans.

    He'd only been staring at the Sith Knight for less than five minutes when Malice turned to look toward him, the two caught each others gaze.

    Zeta gave a simple nod of his head, however, Malice did nothing. In fact, he gave no expression whatsoever toward his former apprentice. Neither Sith moved, both observing the other with slight judgement...

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    Malice had been in the sith bar for quite sometime now. He had recently joned the empire, for reasons he would keep to himself. Though his attention was not onhimself at the moment, but instead on his former apprentice back at TSO, Zeta. Shortly after he had lef the order, heard Zeta was already gone, and had joined the Empire as well.

    Finishig his drink, the knight caught eyes with Zeta, he saw Zeta nod, bt he did nothing in return. Just stare. Then Malice finally decided to speak to the one that he used to call deciple, aword that will be forbbiden between the two now. Through the force Malice reached out to Zeta, calling him over to sit with hm at the counter.

    *Come Zeta. I believe we both have alot to talk about*

    Malice ordered himself another bloody whiskey. He was sure Zeta wanted to know why he had left the order, and how he felt about Zeta leaving without telling him personally.


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      Come Zeta. I believe we both have alot to talk about

      He'd felt Malice's call through the force, but it did not feel the same as it once did. The connection not the same as before.

      Slowly the Sith Disciple stood up from his place and made his way toward the bar. He nodded his head at Malice to show he had got the message.

      He took a seat next to Malice at the bar. Although hesitant, Zeta was the first to speak aloud.

      "You wish to speak to me, Mas...Malice?"

      As if by instinct, Zeta had caught himself calling Malice Master, it was still a word he had not yet got use to not uttering toward Malice.


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        Malice chuckled to himself as he too had caught Zeta's little slip up. He offered Zeta a drink before speaking himself.

        *It's ok Zeta. I myself have to get usesd to just calling you Zeta. A sudden seperation suc as the one we have done will not be an easy one to overcome. But tell me, why was it you decided to leave the order? I did not know you left till i decided to leave myself*

        Malice now just sat, not looking at Zeta, but instead looking straight ahead. Malic idnot feel like looking Zeta straight in the eyes, not yet anyways. He too noticed the bond they had lost when they split, a bond which will never be regained.


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          Unlike Malice, Zeta could look the Sith Knight in the eyes if he so chose to. The respect was still there for the Sith Knight, though parts of what he once knew were now lost.

          He'd never told Malice why he left, simply because he thought Malice would try to convince him to stay, something the Disciple just did not wish to do.

          His explanation however was long overdue.

          "Forgive me for saying so, Malice, but something about The Sith Order made me question being there. The Sith Order is a very honorable order in all its entirety, but something was missing for me there. I did not feel complete and whole there like I do here in the Empire."

          He'd wanted to ask the Sith Knight the same question that had just been asked upon him, but he knew better than to pry. Besides, Malice would tell him his reasoning for leaving The Sith Order if he truly wished to.


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            Malice nodded to his answer, he understood how Zeta felt. The sith then took a look around before speaking once more.

            *Well in any case i say we leave these old thoughts behind and start looking towards the future Zeta. We are in a new home now, and we must now meet new people and new ways of living and learning of the darkside*

            Malice took a sip of his drink.

            * But i sense that you might want to know why i left. I left becuase i felt i had learned all i wanted to learn from them. Granted they could have taught me a whole lot more, but my craving for power was too great and i decided to leave. I wanted to experience a new way of learning the darkside, new things about this dark power we posses. And the sith empire has just the kind of variety i was looking for*

            Malice stopped suddenly as someone he had come over to the two sith.

            OOC: Ok anyone can jump in at anytime now.


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              *Xenodoros had drunk a lot that day, and was getting full... Suddenly, Xeno felt the urge to go to the bathroom. Urged to find a restroom, Xenodoros looked at the nearest people around him. He then saw two Sith the were having a conversation and asked them:*

              "I'm sorry to interrupt any discussions you were having. But can you tell me where I can find the restroom? I'm kind of new around here and I still haven't found the restroom. "


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                Zeta nodded his head curtly towards the back of the bar.

                "It's back there..."

                Zeta shook his head a bit.

                "...I'd say stick around and join us, but I guess maybe you don't have time at the moment. Maybe when you come back?"


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                  "Back there?"

                  *His voice said impatiently. Xeno looked at them both and answered to them:*

                  "Thank you very much. And yes, it would be a pleasure to join you... but I've got to take care of buisiness right now."

                  *Quickly, Xeno rushed to the restroom and did what he had to do. A few minutes later, Xeno came out and got back to the table and said:*

                  "I'm back... Sorry I had to rush, but you know how it feels in those situations... Anyway, I haven't introduced myself. I am Xenodoros Stormrider, Sith Disciple of The Sith Empire. Ready to serve the Empire. And you are...?"

                  *Xenodoros said the last sentence in a tone waiting to be completed. His long hair covered his face, but Xeno swipped it away to show his face to the new acquaintance.*

                  OOC: Sorry that had to be so lame... but the restroom was the only thing I could think of... O_o;;


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                    OOC; It's ok. Quite funny actually.

                    IC: Malice nodded to his fellow sith, allowing Zeta to show him the way.

                    *Well actually i to am knew here. I......we were once with The Sith Order, but have since left and become part of the Empire. I am Malice Draclau, Sith Knight. And this is my friend Zeta. I'll let him fill you in more about himself*

                    Malice stopped the bartender.

                    *Care to have a drink, it's one me......Xeno if i may call you that*


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                      "Ah yes, yes... I can never deny a drink. Of course you can call me Xeno... It's much shorter."

                      *Xenodoros then looked at the bar tender and said:*

                      "Bring me a small glass of icy cold beer please."

                      *Xenodoros' cold, blue eyes directed themselves toward the other Sith:*

                      "Thanks a lot for inviting me to this drink. I really am sorry if I'm interrupting anything. So you say you're from The Sith Order? I've heard great things about the Order, but not in detail. Maybe you can inform me a little about it? "

                      *His hand motioning at the tender to get the drink. Xeno was not one to socialize that often, but since he was new around the Empire, he thought that he might as well have at least a few people to talk to. He looked at them both, and saw faces of uncertainty. They seemed quite 'strange' with eachother, but at the same time, they seemed like great friends.*


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                        Nikka let out a soft chuckle at the young man asking directions to the bathroom as she sat at a table near the men conversing. As the men turned and looked at her, she smiled and nodded in their direction before downing the rest of her water. The Disciple usually had a round of Ale or JD, but she felt she was overdoing it on the alcohol just a bit.


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                          Zeta decided to take the time to speak up.

                          "The Sith Order..."

                          Zeta paused, trying to come up with his words.

                          "..A very honorable place. Many great Sith dwell there as well. Honor, loyalty, respect, devotion, pretty much the same things are looked for in that order as they are looked for here."

                          Zeta struggled to speak, finding difficulty in just talking about the order he once belonged to. He'd not been there for very long, Malice much longer.

                          As Xenodoros glanced to look over both of them, Zeta had a sense that the Sith was doing more than just looking but observing. He'd let the Sith wonder no more.

                          "Malice was my former Master at The Sith Order. We're just now...catching up...on old times. Old times that will never be forgotten, yet somewhat remembered. However, The Sith Empire, we've both come here, for new beginnings and that also means that we must let go of what we once knew."

                          Zeta shifted his gaze from Xenodoros over to Malice for a quick moment. He nodded his head to the Sith Knight, showing him that he did understand what the Sith had spoken of earlier in the conversation, yet he still would never forget the past that had brought him this far, and that included Malice.

                          He drew his attention away from the two men for a moment, sensing a somewhat familiar presence that he had not met but just recently.

                          "Hello, Lady Nikka, good to see you again..."

                          He did not know if Xenodoros knew of Nikka or not, but he was pretty sure Malice did not. He introduced the woman anyway.

                          "Malice, Xenodoros, this is Nikka, a Sith Disciple of the Empire. Perhaps one of you could persuade her to join us...She likes to come and go rather quickly sometimes.."

                          Zeta turned his head slightly to look at Nikka again, chuckling just slightly.

                          He then motioned with his head toward the empty chair at their table.


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                            Malice nodded to all that Zeta had said about The Sith Order.

                            *Indeed both sith dwellings are similar. The Sith Order is more of a family group of sith. Which is why they keep there numbers small, It keeps the bonds between the siths there strong*

                            Malice payed for Xeno's drink and ordered himself a bloody whiskey. When Zeta mentoned the lady he nodded. He too felt her presense but did not know her. Standing up Malice walked to Nikka and bowed slightly.

                            *Wont you join us, Lady Nikka. The more company the better*

                            Malice offered to walk her to where they were sitting.


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                              *Listening to the words that Zeta said with pride, Xeno observed Malice and Zeta's eyes. They seemed kind of gloomy and sad. It wasn't really an environment that seemed good enough to party in. Observing the lady chuckling at them, he welcomed her by saying:*


                              *Xeno extended his arm to greet the female Sith Disciple.*