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  • Complicated[Open]

    Lina yawned as she made her way once again into the bar. She was tired, aching, and everything from head to toe practically couldn't move. She rubbed her head and face, some of her make-up brushed off onto her fingertips, but she was too lazy to notice.

    Slowly she made her way to an empty table, and sat herself on it. She looked up at the dark ceiling, her thoughts trailing off. She crossed one leg over the other, and hummed to herself ... everything had seemed so dull.

    "Boring ..." she groaned to herself, and kept her eye on the ceiling, trying not to get too deep in thought. This was going to be a long night ..

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    A thick glass, filled to the top with a foamy, dark liquid landed in front of Lina. Jodah half-smiled and leaned over the side of the table, facing her. "You need a drink." [i]He spoke with a mild hint of concern, though it was obviously not a question.[i] "Mind if sit down?"


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      Shocked by the sudden voice, Lina tumbled over onto the floor.


      The thump she made was loud and sounded painful, but she managed to pick herself back up, taking a glance at the stranger. She smiled sheepishly .. this always happened.

      "Hehe ... sure."

      Lina let some of the strands of her hair fall down on her face, as she sat down roughly into a nearby chair. Her hair would defintly be able to cover the tremendous blush of embarrassment she was feeling at the moment.


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        Jodah leapt forward, trying to stop her from hittin the floor, but with no such luck. The thump made him grimace, but, as he watched her pick herself back up and smile, he pulled his hand from his pocket. The small bacta pack fell back down into the black cloth. He sat down across from her, his mouth twisted in a sort of apologetic embarrassment. "Aya, sorry. Didn't mean to scare ya'." He caught his accent slipping back to its roots and straightened his voice out a bit, the australian/scottish drawl sliding into nothingness. "Are you okay?"


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          Lina giggled, giving the stranger a gentle smile. Her ice blue eyes glimmered within the very little light in the bar.

          "I'm fine .. I just get nervous around certain people. It's a gift I guess .."

          She shrugged gravely, feeling the redness in her cheeks slowly fade away.

          "Umm ... my name's Lina, what's yours ?"

          She felt her confidence rise up a bit, and canted her head to the side.


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            He smiled softly. "Or perhaps a curse." Jodah chuckled softly and extended his hand. "Jodah Starlen, at your service. What brings you here, milady?"


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              Lina chuckled a little as well, at Jodah's little comment. Maybe her clumsy state was a curse.

              "Mostly daydreaming ... besides that I come here just to take my mind off of certain things .. and you ?"

              She smiled, taking her hand in Jodah's offering one, shaking it briefly.


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                "Mostly the same. Boredom, of course, an ever-present factor." He drew his hand back to the edge of the table, lightly lifting and setting down his fingers in a swift pattern.


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                  "Hmm .. so what rank are you ?"

                  She tilted her head a little, her blood-red hair following in her head's movements. Once again another pain wave hitting her head. She plainly ignored it, since it was small and awaited Jodah's answer.