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A New Acquaintance (Lady Callista)

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  • A New Acquaintance (Lady Callista)

    Jezebella entered Rama's slowly and drew back her hood. She had asked that the Sith Warrior, Lady Callista, join her for a drink. Hopefully she would come.

    Striding silently over to the private tables, she slumped into a chair. The service droid that was tending to her was the one she knocked clear across the room not to long ago. With a deadly smile, she nodded to confirm she would have her usual and watched the droid skitter away

    "Any minute now...."

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    Callista strolled into Rama's seeking the one that had called to her. It had been ages since she had stepped into the Corner and she appreciated the invite to relax with a cold drink and good conversation.

    Stopping just inside the door, she peered around the numerous empty tables and limited chatter amongst the patrons seated at the bar. She had just been on her way to the training grounds when messaged and therefore only wore a simple black jumpsuit…hardly a site for sore eyes.

    Catching a glimpse of a woman out of the corner of her eye, Callista turned her head and took several steps forward to get a better view. The Force signature was the same… With a smile set upon her face, she slid into the seat opposite the Disciple. “Good day to you…”


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      Jezebella slowly shifted her yellow gaze up to the Warrior. She had come. She couldn't help but smile. With a curt and friendly nod, she leaned back a bit more in her chair

      "I'm glad you came...I've been wanting to meet you."

      It was true. The disciple had heard of the Warrior and was honored to have her join her. She wasn't very social...but that was improving

      "Would you like something to drink?" she offered.


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        She was thirsty. As the droid brought Jezebella's drink, Callista barked a Corellian Brandy order and immediately sent the droid scurrying off to fetch it. She turned a polite smile upon Jezebella, admiring the unique beauty about her.

        "Jezebella...mind if I call you Jez?" She didn’t wait for an answer, instead continuing on, “I have seen you about the Sith base and am glad you called to me this day. I’ve been meaning to become more social with the members of this grand Empire. You shall be my first victim,” she teased, a toothy grin spreading upon her features.


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          Jezebella smirked...a victim she would never be. Jez...a common nic-name for her...her sister had always called her that. Nodding slightly, she noted the fact that the Lady Callista wasn't very social..."Meh...join the club." she thought smugly to herself

          "Jez is fine. You are not the only anti-social here...I'm sure. Victim? I think not....perhaps a good friend....but not that. So....could you tell me about yourself?"


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            The barkeep droid beeped softly as it rolled back up to the table and presented Callista with her drink. She took it and downed several swigs before replying.

            "What is it you would like to know, my friend?"


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              Jezebella kept her intent gaze upon the Warrior as she downed the drink and then shifted them to the side. A couple sat at table across from them.

              Raising her gloved hand, she knocked the glass that was in the male's hand onto the female's lap. The fight that took place left a smile upon her icy lips

              "Anything that you wish to tell me. Like your past if you would care to share it with me."


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                The rim of her mug hid the smirk that graced Callista's lips as Jez caused chaos in Rama's. Watching the scuffle unfold, she waited until the woman slapped the man across the face before turning back to her hostess. “My past…”

                Setting the mug down she traced a delicate fingertip along the lip of the glass. “Well, there’s much to tell…I’ve done just about all one can do in 23 years. If you wish to know how I came about the Empire, it was by word of mouth. A friend told me of a place that I could harvest my skill in the dark arts and I immediately came here seeking my destiny.”


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                  Jezebella smiled, a rare accurance. It sounded so simple....but she knew better. Nodding slightly, she shifted her gaze over the Corner once again and leaned back a bit further in her chair.

                  Twenty-three seemed so little. Although the Lady Jezebella was a year older..she held great respect toward the Sith Warrior

                  "Doesn't sound too complicated. I'm sure your you will be successful."


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                    Callista matched Jezebella's smile. "Fortunately I told you the uncomplicated version." She took a sip of her drink then set it down loudly against the table top. "What of yourself? When and how did you come about The Sith Empire?"


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                      Jezebella bit down on her bottom lip and thought for a moment. It had been a while since she had first arrived at the empire.... though.. that didn't dull her memory. Shrugging slightly, she replied quietly

                      "It was a while ago... about a year. I was drawn to it... my sister had told me of it when I met up with her. It sparked something in me... and I just had to see if it was what it was made out to be."