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  • Nightfall

    The bar was fairly quiet as night drew in. Elena sat alone at the table which Vega had so many times inhabited, now feeling as though it belonged to her in his departure from the Empire. She let her hand fall into the claw marks cut into the surface of the wood, tracing the line which they ran upon with her fingers. With her other hand, she rose a drink to her lips and took a sip before sighing quietly.

    "Sssooooo bored.."

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    Then find something to do

    He found it quite annyoing when people started to leave the bar. He had no one to talk to and no one to trick if the bar was empty, that's when he noticed the woman sitting at a table alone, that's when he heard her sigh about being bored. That was when he got up and walked right over to her and sat right in front of her and simply said.

    "Then find something to do."


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      "Don't you think I've done that already?"

      She replied, quirking one eyebrow as she dipped her fingertip into her drink. Her eyes rose up from the liquor to the man sat before her and she smirked somewhat.


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        He smirked right back, now this was gonna be interesting.

        "Really? You have? I don't see you trying...."

        He held his arms out to his sides

        "There are still some silly people left here, maybe we could play a game, with them as the playing pieces."


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          Xavier slowly wanders into Rama's and glances around. He cracks his neck lightly and moves over to the bar, ordering a Correllian Ale before sitting down. He wets his lips quickly before taking a long drink from the mug of ale, his eyes roaming the bar once more, scanning it for anyone who he knows though sadly.. there wasn't really anyone.


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            "I came here after trying, and as for making a game out of the patrons..."

            She paused to suck the tiny amount of liquid off of the tip of her finger.

            "I'd rather not."

            Sensing a familiar presence enter the bar, she glanced around to see the fair haired Knight that she knew so well.

            "Ah, if it isn't Sir Sadow," she said with a slight smile.


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              Xavier smirks as he sees Elena and stands slowly, walking over to her as he takes a long drink from the ale.

              "Well hello there, Ms. Van Derveld."

              He finishes off the ale and sets it on the table before wiping his mouth with his sleeve.

              "How have you been?"


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                "I've been better,"

                She glanced about the bar.

                "I'm still getting awkward looks from people, no thanks to Vega's departure," Elena added with a quiet yawn.


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                  ~Sith Warrior Alisa Sha entered the bar and as she glanced around, she saw someone she hadn't seen for a while. She had missed him dearly but not knowing exactly what to do, her pale blue eyes locked onto Xavier's for what seemed a long time and then she walked to the bar to get a drink and just waited...~


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                    Xavier yawns slightly, his eyes closing as he does, not noticing Alisa coming in. He slowly opens his eyes and looks back to Elena.

                    "Yes well it does not matter what the hell they think of your 'brother'. It was his decision so they should not be that angry in the first place and they shouldn't give you awkward looks or anything like that. Not like you caused him to leave."


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                      "He had thoughts of leaving before he created me, Xavier, therefore I have the same concerns, and I think people can sense that."

                      She smirked a bit, glancing away towards the bar. There stood a rather helpless looking girl, who Elena nodded in greeting to, silently welcoming her to join the group if she wished so.

                      "In the end though," Elena added as she turned back to Xavier.

                      "You're right. They can't do anything or affect me, so they can think what they like," she chimed with a defiant smile.


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                        Xavier smiles slowly nods.

                        "Exactly. They can think what they want. Even though Vega has left The Empire. He is still the same person."

                        He slides his hand back through his hair slowly, pushing a few strands from his face before crossing his arms over his chest.

                        "And he is still my Master."


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                          "Of course he is, you were always so loyal..."

                          Elena said with a nod, her voice quietening somewhat. She smiled, nostalgic for no reason. It was as though all of Vega's sentimental side about his apprentices and comrades had been unfiltered in Elena, allowing her to think whatever she wished of them and express it however she liked.


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                            Xavier smiles slightly and nods slowly, deeply, almost a bow but not quite.

                            "And you Elena.. who is your Master?"


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                              "Mistress Dara, of course,"

                              Again, she dipped her fingertip into her drink and stirred it slowly, her eyes raising as she smiled with pride.

                              "I can't, and don't want to, shake of the attachment I have to her."