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  • .. .Let There Be Light. ..

    The tavern at the foot of the mountain loomed as a beckoning beast, daring any lightsiders to trespass its damnable province. The Rogue Knight entered the establishment; calculating azure eyes taking in the array of creatures infesting its interior. The Sith were communing amongst themselves, boasting of their past kills of Jedi. Her reasons for entering this foul land were her own, and no being would induce her to divulge the information pertinent to her quest. Crystal sauntered past the patrons, her two light saber hilts skimming her sultry thighs as she motioned ahead to an open table. For a fleeting moment her amber cloak disguised who she was. She was prepared to meet a verbal assault undressing what she stood for, the antithesis of dark.

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    *As he sat in the shadows, drinking a glass of some emerald liquid, the Jedi stood out to him like a light bulb in the darkened bar. He smirked slightly to himself. It wasn't often the Sith Lord left his room, but days like this made it worth it. As the woman walked past him, he looked up slightly from his drink and chuckled softly before speaking, his tone strange and hard to tell if it was sincere or horridly sarcastic.*

    "You're a brave one, aren't you?"


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      Regarding the Sith with cold indifference, Crystal nodded to him.

      "Bravery is not an issue with a Jedi, since we are trained to still our emotions," she commented undauntedly.


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        Danya had been sitting in a dark corner of the bar when a presence that she had met only once before. A slight smirk crossed her lips as she eyed the Rogue Jedi who entered the bar. Rising from her seat, Danya walked across the establishment and sat down. Though uninvited, so to speak, this was a Sith bar and she was Sith.

        "Greetings're back, I see."

        The young Apprentice said softly. Her eyes fell to a droid that came to take their order, if there was one. Danya decided to follow her Master's teaching and be the bar, at least.

        "Would you care for something to drink? It's on me..."

        She smiled and ordered a JD for herself, waiting on the Jedi...wondering if she would accept. Then another thought crossed her mind...why she was here in the first place. The Apprentice decided that was not for her to know and she would not poke into the woman's business...but rather, she would find out more about this Jedi and the Jedi in general....


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          *He rolled his eyes slightly at the Jedi's comment, but suddenly looked over as one of the Empire's disciple's spoke. A look of sheer disgust came over his face as the Sith Disciple offered the Rogue Jedi a drink. Truly he must be hearing things. He had never read anywhere of Sith Lords of old "having a drink" with their enemies. He chuckled at the thought of Darth Maul sitting across from Obi-Wan Kenobi as the two of them sipped tea...considering the scenario would always end in bloodshed.
          But here in Rama's, there was no such promise in the universe. A "Sith" was being kind to a Jedi...pathetic. If that was what the universe had come to, perhaps it was better in his dark little room where he could be alone with the Darkside.

          Only a slight movement in the shadows told of the Sith Lord leaving the bar. He wanted nothing to do with such "sith" that had "meaningful" conversations with the enemy.


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            "Your fellow Sith who just stormed out the door seemed to have congested the air with a wave of hostility."

            Crystal gestured towards the exit.

            "I do appreciate your civility, but it may not be wise to associate with me. I recollect it has been over a month since our last meeting, Danya. Seems Lord Darkstar had pressing business which obstructed him from interrogating me about the whereabouts of my cousin, Aura."

            Crystal scoped the crowd as her azure eyes fell onto a smuggler. The man appeared to not have shaved in a week; his well lived in apparel being as shabby. She turned to face the Sith Disciple whom she ascertained was out to milk information from her.

            "If you would excuse me."

            The Jedi Knight half bowed to Danya. Crystal approached the man at the bar and sat down next to him in the adjacent chair. They were speaking in code, that would appear to any spies in the establishment like a dull conversation.


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              Danya thought it rude of her fellow Sith to leave the bar as such.....she thought it even more rude when the Jedi got up and parted ways from her. All she wanted to do was act as her Master had taught her. Growling deeply, she rose from her seat and passed by Crystal.

              "I'm sorry you feel that way, Jedi....."

              With that, she stormed out of Rama's Corner and headed for her room. Everything was too confusing....perhaps she would never truly be happy....


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                *Nikka sat in the back of Rama's that night, watching the conversation between the disciple and the Jedi. She didn't blame the Sith Lord for storming out of the bar and felt disgusted herself at the way one of TSE's disciples was behaving toward a light sider. Nikka could sense the confusion from the woman as she passed her table, but said nothing. The only thing she could do was keep her thoughts to herself.*