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Two gals looking for fun

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  • Two gals looking for fun

    Grima walked slowly up to the bar, eying the sign before she stepped in. Looking around the bar with her one good eye, the other covered from an injury long ago. Dressed in a black leather body suit, she still looked great even with her injury. She looked toward the door before yelling.

    "Are you coming or not, Moldavi?"

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    A few moments later, another woman walks in, shaking her head at her sister's impatience.

    "yeah, yeah, always the impatient one aren't you, sis?"

    She then sat down at the bar as Grima followed. Moldavi ordered a drink before her eyes roamed the place, getting a feel for her surroundings and its inhabitants.


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      Grima rolled her eyes before flashing her sister a glare.

      "Whatever. You were the one bugging me to come here. So where is the fun you said happens here?"

      Grima looked around a bit, there was an eager air about her even though she tried not to show it.

      this is open btw


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        Xavier slowly walks into Rama's and lets his eyes roam around the bar. He looks at the two women that he had never seen in here before and raises an eyebrow slightly. He smirks slightly. They really didn't know what they could get into by coming here. He walks over to the bar a few feet away from them and quietly orders a Corellian Ale. He pulls the glass to his lips and takes a long drink from it.


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          Moldavi stretched out her frame, arching her back somewhat then looked at Xavier as he walked in. Her emerald green eyes flashed for a moment, new people always interested her. She turned in her stool to face him, smiling a little.

          "So stranger, do you come here often?"


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            Grima rolled her eyes at her sister's line, Moldavi had a way of being obvious. She sighed softly then her attention focused on the blade of her dagger as she twirled it on top of the bartop.