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A New Look [Open]

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  • A New Look [Open]

    Eve ran her hand nervously through her hair. Suddendly, the wind felt a lot colder on the back of her neck. Then again, she always had long hair to cover that part. This short hair was something unusual. She bit her lower lip, looking at the beer remaining in the bottle between her hands and sighed.

    "It was a stupid idea." She told herself.

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    A figure slid down into the chair across from Eve's, grinning somewhat.

    "Oh come now, don't be so hard on your self."


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      Eve's eyes widened slightly as she recognized the voice. A voice that had terribly disappointed her not a long time ago ... Her lips frowned, her hand fell back down on the table, the front of her hair covered her eyes.

      "... What are you doing here ?" She asked.


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        "It's a free world, Eve. I think you'll find I'm aloud to be here."

        Vega canted his head, gaze looking onto the visage hidden by a curtain of hair.

        "Surely you have not forsaken our blood bond over my departure from the Empire?"


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          "You pretty much ruined the whole thing, yourself."

          Seeing as Vega kept looking at her, Eve pulled her gaze to the side, biting her lower lip.


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            "By doing what? Having my own beliefs?"

            He smirked somewhat, folding his arms over his chest.


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              "No. By leaving me here." She muttered.


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                "How am I leaving you here?"

                Vega leant back in his chair.

                "It's not as if you need me here, I don't provide any moral support to you, infact you rarely speak to me anymore."


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                  "By disappointement of your 'decision'. Besides, you know I'm not much of a conversation person. Plus, I lost Athena, I don't know where the hell Gitane is, and now you're gone too. Doesn't that look like you leaving me here ?"


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                    " You lost Athena?"

                    Anger welled up inside, yet he tamed it quickly.

                    "... Gitane is on the planet of Fascinataru, our new home. I made it quite clear I would be residing there, and therefore she is also."


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                      Eve knew what she was saying.

                      "Yes, I lost Athena."

                      Knowing it would anger the ex-Sith Lord, Eve finally leaned down her elbows on the table, looking straight at Vega.

                      "What are you doing here then ? Go join your Gitane. Go live in your new home."


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                        He rose up to his feet.

                        "Enjoy your life alone then, Eve."

                        And left.


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                          "Been doing that since last week, love ..." She muttered to herself.


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                            "What a drama queen,"

                            Elena chimed with a yawn as Vega departed, laughing to herself.


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                              "No drama at all, Elena. Simply reality. And it pretty much sucks."

                              Eve looked up to Elena, and cocked her head to the side, looking at the girl's hair. Eve already regretted cutting her hair this short.