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  • Monkey see monkey do....

    Having heard of the wild exploits in Ramas, Dakkon finally decided to head in there.

    As Dakkon wandered into the bar, he relaxed seeing nothing out of order. He had heard scary stories about Ramas, most of them founded, but regardless this was the best place for a drink around here. Walking up to the bartender, Dakkon grabbed a shot of tequila without the obligitary lime and salt, as well as ordering an Arconian Fire. Surprised it was on the list of cocktails, even though it was heavily poisonous to anyone other than Arcona...

    Taking his seat while the bartender tried to figure out how to make it, Dakkon settled in for the night.

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    *Seeing the figure walk in he noted him sitting by himself, after his long day he figured he wouldnt mind a conversation with another. He made his way past the bar, picking up the persons drinks along the way, he stood at the persons table and looked at him and smiled*

    "Hi! I believe these are yours?"

    *Before he could get a response he sat down next to the Arcona, he looked at the unusual species and smiled.*

    "Hi! I'm Abydos Nighthawk."

    *He extended his hand to shake his.*


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      Looking up with his slightly glazed yellow eyes, Dakkons eyes drifted towards the relatively human hand. Reaching out, he shook it, his three fingered claws scrapping gently along the mans wrist as he shook.

      "Dakkon Blackblade, apprentice to Vega. Whats up?"

      Seeing his drink in the Abydos hands, Dakkon looked at it longingly.

      "Mind if i have that?"


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        *"Mind if i have that?" The words echoed through his mind as he contemplated not giving the man his drink and keeping it for himself, but after looking at the glass in which the liquid was held in, he noted the bubbling and handed the drink to the creature. He made himself comfortable and signalled for a service droid to get him a drink.*

        "So, I havent seen you around here before. Not that that I am a common face... but I have been here long enough to know the usuals..."

        *The creature made looks at him, which he chose not to interpret for the moment.*

        "By the way, my Master is Dara Shadowtide..."

        *The information didnt truly matter but he decided it was worth talking about.*

        "So, where do you hail from?"

        *He leaned back in his seat and placed his hands behind his head as he was now starting to relax.*


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          Dakkons small mouth jerked up at the sides as Abydos noticed the bubbling and handed the Arconian Fire back in disgust. Tipping it back, the firey red and orange liquid disappeared surprisingly fast.

          "I wouldn't drink it, the ammonium would kill you in a matter of minutes...

          And yes, i rarely get in here. Before arriving i was a... drifter. All i did to support myself was sell my piloting skills. Before that.... Cona."

          Dakkon leant back in his chair, relaxed in the calm atmosphere of the bar, its fearsome reputation not looking so scary, but there was the whole night for that to change!

          "Yup, Cona. Homeplanet of all Cona, greatest pilot race in the galaxy.

          What about you?"


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            *acknowledging the words of his host he leaned forward in interest.*

            "Piloting you say? Well... I might just be able to use that... actually I lie, I have no use for flying for I seem to appear to be where I need to be. But that is not without exception to the rule of thumb. You must also ignore my rambling, it becomes a part of me after awhile, and it will become part of you too!"

            *The droid finally arrived with his drink, he sipped at it for a moment and let it quench his thrist.*

            "As for my home planet... well, lets just say its a place on the outer rim of the galaxy. Corellia. Nice planet, nice place, nice everything. Actually, no complaints about my planet, in fact if I had my choice between a swim in the water and going back to my planet for two and a half seconds, I would have some thinking to do."

            *Noting the creatures confusion, he smiled inwardly, he loved playing around with peoples heads... it was wrong, but it was all for a joke. It would be funny to reflect on. As he returned his focus to the creature he felt the need to stir it up a bit more. Looking around on the table and floor area, as if he had lost something, he speaks anxiously to the creature*

            "Have you seen my thumb?"

            *He kept searching.*


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              The small smile that had initially covered Dakkons face grew even larger as the man 'lost his thumb'.

              "Your really quite strange...

              Has anyone ever told you that?"


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                *Looking up at the creature in disgust*

                "Have you found my thumb yet?"

                *The creature shakes his head*

                "WELL!! Dont speak to me until you find my thumb! MY THUMB!!"

                *He resumes looking for his thumb, he even gets out of his chair and begins searching on the ground for it. He finds an object*

                "Ooo!! Got it... OH wait, just a cockroach."

                *He eats the cockroach and continues searching.*


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                  "Somebody mention a monkey!?"


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                    Looking up at the monkey now standing in the bar, Dakkon waves him over. Reaching into his pockets, Dakkon pulls out the thumb of one of the Jedi he has killed.

                    "If you don't find it, i have this one! I figure if they think its lucky to have a furry defenceless animals foot for luck, i can take their thumb for the same reason!"


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                      *Looking at the mans 'thumb' he is curious as to how he obtained it...*

                      "May I have that? I mean, its not my thumb, but it can be used to help me to nothing... So, may I have it?"

                      *He looked at the friendly creature and waited for his reply.*


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                        Looking the strange man up and down, Dakkon tosses the thumb to him.

                        "I set the base of it in platinum so it would stop bleeding. Who would have thought a Jedi would have bleed so much??

                        So anyways, How long have you been here?"


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                          *Catching the gift he looked at it in awe for a moment then returned his attention to Dakkon.*

                          "Ah... A question of the ages, friend. You may say I have been here for a while, but others might say that has been of little time, whereas actually being here is another different thing as to being here! I have been here for as long as I can remember beginning here, which was the time when I came here. For many that may be a little time ago, for others it might be a short amount of time. So, I pose to you the same question."

                          *He smiled slyly at his new found friend and awaited to see his response.*


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                            A confused look was about to pass Dakkons face before he realised this man must be insane...

                            "Perhaps i should wait til you answer my question properly!

                            But by the looks of you, i think you might say you already did. Carrying on, I mylsef have been her for a while, not as long as you persay, but a while none the less."

                            Tipping his head back, the rest of the Arconian Fire disappeared from its glass. Looking up, he gestured for the bartender to bring him another one.

                            "So anyways, how are you finding it here?"


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                              *he smiled, as the creature played along with the games. This is what it was all about... usually people would get annoyed or frustrated, but this friend was different, he could see this friendship continuing for quite some time.*

                              "I find it a place to be. A place to dwell, a place to live. Its a place and I seem to find it whenever I do."

                              *He took another sip of his drink and looked around Rama's*

                              "So, you like to drink eh?"