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  • Meeting

    The doors to Rama's flung open with haste as Lana Westbrooke stalked in in her usual manner. Her draping attire concealing her fully, it was nice to see hardly anyone noticed the Queen of Shadows enter her once favorite retreat. Shadows from the tavern swirled about her at her entrance and return, and needless to say, Lana was very impressed by the wooing she received from her beloved and longing shadows.
    She decided on taking a seat in her usual corner, also concealed with such a veil, to wait upon the entrance of an awaiting Lord. A droid passed, though failed to notice. Her fingers gently toiled with one another under seemingly endless sleeves as she patiently waited.

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    Almost barely moments after Lana's entrance, her aqquaintance stepped over the threshold. His delay had been caused by dealing with security outside, who had given him momentary trouble about his motives here. It amused Vega, he had been barely out the door a day before they were out on a witch-hunt for him. Still though, he strode confidently towards Lana's table, nodding towards her.

    "Getting a drink before you go in there?"

    He murmured to her as he took a seat a little to her right, glancing about the bar. He was not paranoid, far from it, but curious as to who was here. The bar was, as per usual, a teeming source of dark energy thus someone aside from the two had to be lurking in the shadows.

    "Are you sure that's wise?"


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      "I'll need a keg if I decided on a drink, Vega..." Her eyes slowly scanned the darkness. "Maybe some ice water..."

      Her hands slipped from their cover within the sleeves of her cloak and combed through her hair. "...Thanks for joining me, Vega," she murmured.


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        The Lupine reclined, exerting his presence fully so that his force aura was overtly obvious to anyone within the establishment. He cast a leisurely glance around, before canting his head back towards Lana, smiling somewhat.

        "It's not a problem, Lana."

        One of the ever present droids rolled past, and Vega flagged it down with a snap of his fingers. As he spoke, it registered his voice pattern and put down a JD automatically as the order. He smirked a bit, looking expectantly at Lana.


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          "Water..." Her pair of chestnut eyes were now colored pitch due to the lighting in Rama's. They watched defensively as the droid whisked away, as it always did. Her gaze fell back to look at Vega after a fleeting moment of seeing machinery again.

          "Wonder if people know I'm here... Do you think?"

          She figured it didn't really help with a hood hanging loosely over her face, but then again thought of the pale skin that hid within. Even in the dimmest of light, and the baggiest of cloaks, people could see her porcelain features. It wasn't hard, but it wasn't easy trying to hide either.


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            Casually, he rose one hand to massage his right temple, tracing his fingertips over the scars that tarnished his skin. The right hand corner of his lip curled upwards somewhat as he nodded lightly.

            "The moment we arrived here they would have known, their curiousity will be more than piqued."

            For a moment he became preoccupied, and tongued at the tip of one of his fangs, gaze staring straight down his nose.

            "I imagine though that their interest in your is far better than in me, they will be wondering where you vanished to, and what has passed in your leave."


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              "Then let them wonder..."

              Lana looked away, obviously agitated. Her piercing gaze landed on the ground and stayed there for some time before she spoke again. It was calm and collected, as opposed to previous. "...It's none of their business, really... But it is. An oxymoron in itself. They have a right to know where I've been, but they don't..." A small sigh escaped from between her lips as her fingers became interlocked with each other.


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                "I wouldn't worry about it, Lana. Others have dissapeared for longer than you and returned to a warm embrace,"

                Now, moving on from his teeth, he rose one hand and began to inspect his nails - or claws rather - one by one. As always, his demeanor was flippant.


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                  Lana frowned and looked up, a droid placing their orders in front of them. She quickly took a sip of her water and began to watch Vega.

                  "... Maybe you're right ..."


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                    The glass of JD hovered into the air as he examined his cuticles, before he extended one hand to take the tumbler from out of mid air. Sometimes he could be so fickle with how he used the Force, and this was one of those times. He took a sip, and smiled.

                    "Of course I'm right Lana,"

                    He grinned and looked to her.

                    "And if I'm not, well then this will be all the more interesting."


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                      She gazed curiously at him at first, then shook her head and managed to ease a smile.

                      "...Insane..." Another sip, and she placed the glass gently to the table before her.


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                        "Not insane, just confident."

                        He returned the smile and gave a mock bow.

                        "You have nothing to worry about, remember. I'm not going to let you get into any trouble."


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                          "You sound like an attorney..."

                          She broke into another toothy grin as she watched her finger trace around the rim of her glass. "Thanks again."


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                            "Vega Van-Derveld, attorney at law," he said with a cheesy smirk before taking another sip of his drink.

                            "Hm, you're going to have to let me know when you've drunk enough liquid courage so that we can get this over with. I'm sure there's more important things we could be doing."


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                              "Yeah, like shaving my head..."

                              Lana leaned back, taking hold of her glass again, and downing the rest of her water. She rose from her seat and placed the glass on the table top. "...Let's go."