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Karaoke? Perhaps.

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  • Karaoke? Perhaps.

    Klis was bored.. had been sitting at the table for far too long. And the blasted droid had forgotten his drink. Klis was probably drunke enough to make a fool of himself, and remember it as if it were a dream the next morning. He shrugged and decided to give it a go.
    Klis stood and stepped onto the stage. Taking the mic and panneling through the screen for a song. Hopefully a good song.. one he had known already.
    Klis nodded and grinned, punching a few more buttons then helds the mic to his mouth.
    Clearing his throt, he began.
    Even though an old song, and probably heard by None other than him. He liked it.

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    *Sitting in the back of the room, Nikka was disgusted at the way the crowd was behaving toward her friend and stood up in the way of the madness. Using a slight push with the Force, she deflected the objects away from him and the stage, directing them back toward the crowd.*

    "Get a grip of yourselves! I'll bet not a single one of you could do better, so knock it off! Now!"

    *Glancing to Klis who stood there covered, she smiled slightly.*

    "Why don't you finish it? I thought it was great."