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  • Temptation(Open)

    *The front doors of the bar creek open and a seemingly tall figure steps in. Clad in a black shirt underneath a black trench coat, green pants with lead ammo-like objects running around his waist, a pair of black dewback hide buckled boots; them having small spikes proceeding from the bottoms and various weapons concealed about him. Has silver slightly spiked up hair atop his head; two large strands hanging down in front of his face. His hands tighten into fists, a faint cracking being heard from one. *

    *He continues in, the bottoms of the coat flowing behind him as he goes. His piercing gaze sweeps the room, glancing over each and every patron, studying their every move. By merely glancing over their usual sways and movements he is able to discover their very weaknesses. Already building up defenses and tactics in his mind for each patron, he arrives at an empty, and secluded booth. *

    *He takes a seat, glancing around once more. His gloved hand goes down to his utility belt, unclipping a pouch. It then comes back up holding a pack of cigarettes. Takes one out, putting the pack back into the pouch. His hand then goes inside the trench coat, coming out with a strange looking lighter, or it may seem to be a lighter. *

    *The cigarette would now be hanging from his lips. He brings the lighter to the end of the cigarette, flicking a button. A flame flickers into existence, dancing above the lighter. It seems to light up the dimly lighted area he occupies for the moment it takes him to light the cigarette. Once diminishing the flame, the slightly eerie glow that just moments ago casted upon Shard vanishes. He takes a rather long drag from the cigarette, letting out a long stream of smoke afterwards. He then whispers to himself, his eye lids half closed. *

    " Hmm, quite an exhilarating crowd tonight. "

    *His words dripping with sarcasm. *