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A Lonely Night .. (Closed)

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  • A Lonely Night .. (Closed)

    Lina breathed in the night air, a smile creased her lips, feeling herself a bit in a good mood. She had no headaches so far, and practically everything was perfect ... she knew nothing could go wrong.

    "Hmm ... something's missing."

    She wished to talk to someone, not caring who .. but maybe someone new, nice even. It didn't really matter ... She just didn't want to spend this night alone ..

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    Staggering drunk, Sith Knight Daegal Murdoch was barely able to see over his glass, but when he looked, something caught his eye. It was a woman to whom he had only spoken once or twice before, but one who seemed like a friend. So few could be trusted in this awful time, but Daegal was too intoxicated to know, or to care. The Sith Knight knocked over two chairs as he walked slowly toward Lina's table, sitting down and smiling. The smell of brandy suddenly filled the air around him.

    "Goo..good evening."


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      "Oh my-!"

      Lina quickly sprung up, trying to get a better glimpse at him. She felt as though her eyes were going to pop out of their sockets.

      "Daegal ! What happened ? ... You ok ?"

      She gulped, and made her way slowly towards her best friend's husband .. It was too bad Lana herself couldn't be here to help him.

      "Do you need help ?" The Sith Disciple moved a few more steps closer.


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        Moving unaided toward a chair, Daegal sat, barely.

        "I'm fine. Just drowning sorrows with liquid courage."

        Sighing, Daegal finished the drink in his hand in a big gulp.

        " are you?"


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          "I'm ok, but you sure aren't ! Daegal you shouldn't be drinking so much .. I know how big your problem is but that doesn't mean you drink so much ! Anymore of it and you might kill yourself ... "

          Lina was on the verge of panicing. She studied Daegal a bit, noticing he was having a hard time finding his words at certain points.


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            Daegal shook his head, finally realizing that she was genuinely concerned.

            "I'll be fine. Here, if it makes you feel better, take these."

            Daegal removed his saber from his belt, along with the access keycard that allowed him to use his personal ships.

            "Now you know I won't cause any trouble."

            Daegal chuckled as he waived for another drink.


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              "Daegal don't make me slap you .."

              The tone in her voice showed a lot of frustration and anger. She grunted seeing him ordering another drink, her eyes widening a bit.

              "How many have you had for crying out loud ?! It's dangerous to be chugging down so many damn amounts of alcohol !"

              Lina tried not to raise her voice, but she couldn't help it ... this entire matter was pissing her off.


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                "I wouldn't suggest that."

                The grin was gone from his face in an instant as sobreity suddenly found it's way to his voice.

                "I've had enough to have my wits dulled, but not even close to enough to not be able to ward off an attack. Now, if you'd like to have a conversation, then let us commence speaking, otherwise, I can leave you be."


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                  "Daegal ... "

                  Lina grunted a bit, finding herself at ease. A smirk played on her face, trying not to forget he was still in a rough period. She took a seat next to him, sighing a little.

                  "I worry about you too much ... that's all. Seeing you drunk just pushed me over the edge a bit. I couldn't help but yell at you, because I was scared .. scared you would've wanted to kill yourself over the problems you had at hand ... I'm sorry."

                  The Sith Disciple turned away, feeling as if she had really not done the right thing by yelling at him .. but she knew he needed to be put into his place. Small pieces of her hair covered her face. She had already lost her best friend Lana Westbrooke .. losing Daegal would also break her down a lot more ...