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  • ~A soldier at heart~

    For many months Zena had been training under the versatile tutelage of her master, Jedah Lynch. She felt alienated to most because of her past life as a mercenary. Besides a few heated spars with fellow members, she had yet to be acquainted with the vast assemblage of her fellow compatriots of the Sith Empire. BladeIce, an adroit warrior who captured her heart in battle and in thought, was the one cherished experience that had stabilized her altered subsistence. Alana Stormcloud, her adopted sister and close friend, had left to seek new horizons leaving behind unanswered questions. BladeIce was an assassin, much like a merc, so they could relate well as comrades and speak of wars long fought; only the bones of the deceased decorated the loam to remind oblivious trespassers of the deadly altercations that had transpired. The future would test their pledges of affection towards one another. Time could be a cruel reality, as well as a mentor in healing.

    Zena was still a newcomer to most, and felt the veterans' unwavering scrutiny behind her back which often tried her patience. Her loyalty would always be for TSE, and she felt constantly pressured to prove the honor she held for its revered ordinance.

    Entering Rama's, Zena took a seat in the corner and ordered red wine. The crimson color reminded her of the blood she shed in past battles as a mercenary, and in her spars and training in the dominion of the exalted Sith Empire. She would give her life for its cause; only then, would she be accepted without doubt, when her heart pumped the final pulse of blood through her dying veins.

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    ~Sith Warrior Alisa Sha entered the bar and took a look around. The last time she had visited she was sorely reminded of her lack of people skills as of recent. The Princess of Ord Mantell was so accustomed to speeches and the politically correct responses which were drilled into her by her aides that she sadly found she had lost the ability to just mingle. Trying her hand at this once again, she walked to the back of the bar and approached a woman sitting alone. Alisa spoke quietly but loud enough for the woman to hear.~

    "Hi. Is this seat taken?"


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      Zena shifted her gaze from the wine goblet to the woman.

      "Please..have a seat...I am Zena," she spoke with a courteous smile, and waved with slight gesture of her hand.

      "I just thought it was time to meet my fellow Sith combatants. I haven't had the pleasure. You are..?"


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        ~Alisa smiled and took a seat across from Zena.~

        "Hello Zena, I'm Alisa Sha. It's nice to meet a fellow member of the Empire."

        ~She ordered a brandy as the service droid whizzed by and then took a long drink as it was quickly delivered to her.~

        "So, have you been in TSE long?"


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          Zena shrugged.. .

          "Is nine months long? Sha...That name is familiar...Are you daughter of Sith Master Rama Sha?"

          Zena returned the smile as she raised a brow.

          "And how long have you been in the Empire, Alisa? I was a mercenary. Some know, some don't. Was your past similar? I was born to a sword, sorta speak."


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            ~Alisa smiled at Zena.~

            "Rama is my brother, or half brother actually. I am the Princess of Ord Mantell, the homeworld of the Sha family, so my past is one of royal upbringing and duties to be perfomed, etc."

            ~She took a drink before continuing, not wanting to bore Zena with tales of her past. Alisa then smiled again at Zena.~

            "Nine months is quite a while. Congratulations on your long service record to the Empire so far. I've been here for a long time now although my royal duties often took me away from the Empire. I certainly have some catching up to do. Hey, if you're not busy, maybe we can spar some time. I'm a bit rusty."


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              Arctic blue eyes widened, as a wide grin parted her lips.

              "I never turn down a spar. Fighting is in my blood. I can never get enough of it. I would love to take on two Jedi Knights simultaneously for my next birthday bash," she commented with an arrogant smirk.

              "Sure Alisa, when ever you wan't..It will be an honor to spar with you. Sounds like you have quite a Royal ancestry and decorative upbringing under your belt. Most impressive. I have never known my parents. I wonder at times who they were, and how they met their demise. Some mercenaries took me in when they found I had an aptitude for warfare."

              Zena took a drink from her wine, as she added further to the conversation.

              "I thankyou for your compliment on my duties for the Empire. I would expect you are appreciated as well, especially having royal heritage," she nodded as she raised her drink in a token of friendship.


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                ~Alisa smiled and raised her drink in a toast as well.~

                "I look forward to our spar then, Zena. I will contact you within the week regarding it. Two Jedi Knights huh? Sounds like lots of potential for fun to me too."

                ~She laughed lightly and took a drink of her brandy.~

                "You are most welcome for the compliments as they are well earned. I cannot say I have been as active as you or as active as I would like to be. And I'm certain that my royal heritage or even being a Sha makes little difference in my accomplisments here. I have always had to work hard and I will continue to do so. It's just how I am."


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                  With a sidewise glance and her wide signature grin, Zena nodded once as she put a hand on Alisa's shoulder; a mercenary's gesture for a comrade.

                  "It is agreed then. I will be eager to clash blades with you on the battle field, Alisa. I am sure both our hard work will be rewarded accordingly in time. I have no doubt your battle skills will be viewed ahead of your Royal blood when the time arrives for our ascention in rank. To the Sith Empire...Death to its enemies."

                  Zena again elevated her wine goblet in a celebrated tribute.


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                    "To the Empire."

                    ~Alisa smiled back at Zena and raised her glass in a toast before taking a long drink.~

                    "I will look forward to our spar as well, Zena. So, how has your time been at TSE? Any interesting adventures to speak of?"


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                      Shivering at Alisa's inquest, Zena took in a deep breath.

                      "My Master is harsh and relentless in our training sessions, but I shall endure. There is just one thing playing on my mind that will not see favor with Master Lynch, and perhaps the Sith Empire as a whole. My fate of this shall construct my future. Hopefully it will not back fire on me."

                      Zena's apprehension in discussing it further coerced her to order another drink to stabilize her faltering nerves, as they have been plaguing her to a multifold of restless nights.


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                        ~Alisa nodded.~

                        "Sith Master Lynch is definitely not a man to cross, that's for sure. He's one of the most evil men I know."

                        ~She looked over at Zena with concern.~

                        "What's going on that is so serious? Is it something I can help with? I would sure hate to hear it if you're thinking about leaving since we just met and all."


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                          Zena's silken blond hair brushed her shoulders as she shook her head in a negative gesture.

                          "No..I would never leave TSE..unless.." she took a generous swallow from her wine goblet pausing in mid-sentence. "I were to be executed for a crime when I was in the service of the Red Moons."

                          She locked eyes with Alisa with an expression of presentiment.

                          "Pray your past never comes up to haunt you as well some untimely day."


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                            ~Alisa blinked in surprise.~

                            "Executed? That sounds kinda...bad. I can't say that I have ever heard of the Red Moons though. What is it?"


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                              "Mercenaries of Tatooine. They were the best around. I was on guard duty, and I...well that Sith Apprentice challenged me. It wasn't my fault the Rancor destracted him so I could get in a clean stab."

                              Zena sighed, recalling the fateful day with foreboding.