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Monsters in the Closet (Antony Icarus)

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  • Monsters in the Closet (Antony Icarus)

    Tegan picked at her long black fingernails that had been filed to sharp points. She was sitting in one of the many empty council chamber seats. Not that she was a member of the council, if it were up to Tegan she would do away with the whole council thing and just declare herself God of the Sith Empire. Then everyone would love and worship her as it was meant to be. No, she sat here because she could it wasn’t like anyone was going to stop her, she did what she pleased. In truth though she was just really bored, she just wanted to go ruin lives or worlds or both.

    She continued to pick at her nails going over all the fun things she could be doing right now. She could be burning Corellia to the ground, stealing an imperial star destroyer, or torturing a Jedi. Why wasn’t she doing those things, she didn’t know exactly why she wasn’t doing those things. Oh, enslaving Mandalorian’s sounded like fun the thought passed though and she remained there sitting in the council seat her legs crossed hanging over one of the shoulders.

    As small as she was the seat seemed huge. Tegan was only four foot ten inches so just about everything looked huge compared to her. She didn’t seem all that intimidating until she looked at you with those glowing orange eyes and that wicked smile that always seemed to be hanging on her face. Here eyes beady and she always seemed like she was scheming something because she was. There was a very noticeable wild and craziness to her look you knew it was there you just weren’t exactly sure what it was about her that gave you that feeling.

    As she lounged in the chair thinking about doing stuff but not actually doing anything, she was wearing her normal Black leather cat suit with black mag boots. On her wrists where bracers with tons of gadgets on them and on her shoulder crawled a droid that looked like a spider. On the back of her neck you could just catch a glimpse when her hair moved of a cybernetic implant of some kind. Tegan sat there minding her own business when a disturbance bursting into the chambers caught her attention.

    "Can I help you?"

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    Antony was a few rooms over from the Council chambers though if one listened hard enough they would hear his feet walking, more or less quickly pacing down the hall. Like he was trying to get somewhere fast but wasn't going fast enough to get there. It was as if the only way he would was if he ran or bolted through the hallway to get where he was wishing to be rather than where he was at this point and time. The newly crowned Sith Lord had his hazel eyes looking around like he was trying to stay away from something or thought something was slowly stalking him. As he kept his eyes darting around looking at every corner he heard the Dark Passenger in his head speak from the room that the other personalities occupied.

    This is pointless, boy! Why try to run from him...he will catch you eventually!"

    The reassuring voice of his twin brother, Jaden said otherwise, Don't worry, Antony...I'll help you best I can. Just stay calm, dear brother.

    With that Antony took in a deep breath and tried to calm his nerves. Of course it didn't work but the thought was what counted he guessed. Antony stopped in front of the Council chamber's big doors and his eyes darted around. In front of him was another hallway that lead through toward the living quarters and then it split toward the kitchen area. To his right was a hallways that had a winding staircase that lead up to offices of what the Council used to be. He still wondered if his father's stuff was still up there. But, shaking that thought he then kept looking around in a panic. He saw a shadow move across the hall and then dart around a corner as it had it's yellow eyes peek at him from around the corner.

    It then sent a screech out through the Force that rang out to anyone who was around. A sound that made him cringe for a moment though no one could tell where that sound actually came from as it then stared back at Antony, and all anyone would hear after the screech, Let me in!

    Antony had his eyes go wide before he ran into the chambers and shut the door. As he found that a woman was in there and asked if she could help he then turned his face to look, "You didn't hear that thing? It's gonna kill us all if it gets in here!"

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    Thanks Tearstone for all the help you did on this