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  • Let Me In!!!(Zeta) can't escape him!!! There is no escape boy...stop fighting it and The voice of the Dark Passenger stated, I can't stop him...and why are you trying to escape him...

    "Shut up! Shut up!" Antony said screaming at it as he walked down the halls his hands on the sides of his head, like he was trying not to hear someone, though of course he could since it was inside his head.

    Don't worry about it, bro. Can't hurt you if you don't let them. The voice of his brother spoke to him in his head.

    Seemingly looking at nothing as he wound down the stairs he then said, "Thanks Jaden. Why aren't you helping keep it away?"

    Not much I can do, my dear brother. It's up to you. Jaden said back.

    Oh boys! Have you forgotten about little ol' me? Come on I wanna have fun! The voice of Lykeria, a fellow Sith who Antony unfortunately absorbed a piece of her psyche into himself when she tried to connect to him a while back.

    "Oh for pete's sake. Why don't you all freaking say something then. Oh wait...the Gamorean can only grunt. So...there's that." He said shrugging as tried to shake the voices from walking out of the room they were in. That room being his consciousness. Which is what they represented if they looked in his mind. The door and what was beyond it was his conscious mind which is what Antony occupied.

    The Dark Passenger was the only one who Antony could see physically and spoke to him in his head the most. All 9 of the others took turns speaking at times but they couldn't occupy his consciousness unless they went through 'the door'. The one that was called the Dark Passenger went through it the most. It was the darker part of Antony that he didn't show. Even as he was a Sith there was a darker version of him that had suppressed itself thanks to his twin, Jaden. With his brother gone it slowly manifested and it didn't help when his mother passed on. His psyche broke further after that and other personalities developed and some were accidently absorbed from the deceased.

    While Antony walked he then heard this screech although it was also in his head and it rang through the Force to anyone nearby and then this voice said loudly, LET ME IN!!!!!

    Antony's Theme Music

    Antony's alternate theme song

    Thanks Tearstone for all the help you did on this