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Lyra Darkstar, you have been summoned...

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  • Lyra Darkstar, you have been summoned...

    :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide Rayial got the last of the programs loaded into the Sim computer database while she awaited the arrival of her apprentice and sister, Sith Disciple Lyra Darkstar.

    Lyra's extensive training had progressed to Dara's satisfaction and it was time for the Disciple to demonstrate what she had learned.. ::

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    :: Lyra arrives and nods to her sister respectfully.

    "I am ready." ::


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      :: Dara nodded to her sister, Lyra Darkstar, as she arrived and then the Sith Master spoke to her apprentice ::

      "Greetings, my apprentice. I have summoned you here to be tested, Lyra. I informed you at the beginning of your training that as a culmination of your session you would face a Jedi on the battleground, and so you shall. This is your battleground and new additions to the Sim have been put in place specifically for this purpose. So now, my apprentice.. you have a choice to make."

      :: Sith Master Shadowtide retrieves a small object from her belt, depresses a few buttons and then gestures to a panel off to the side ::

      "You have three choices: the red button on the left, the black button on the right, or.. should you deem yourself not ready to face a Jedi, you may choose to leave here and return to the training grounds for additional work. Choose wisely, Lyra.. and may the Dark Side guide your path."


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        ::Without hesitation, Lyra chooses.

        "The black." ::


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          :: Dara smiled and nodded and then stepped to the side as the surroundings in the room began to change and a figure appeared across the now rocky terrain from Lyra ::


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            :: The sun shone upon a figure of goodness across the rocky clearing. His armor reflected the rays of the sun like a beam of light as he stood basking in the warmth of the Light side of the Force. He smiled and began walking toward his dark opponent ::

            "Greetings, dark lady. I am Sir Ulrich Vayle, a Jedi sworn to defend the innocent from evil in the galaxy. I sense there is good that resides in you, perhaps a good which you do not even realize exists. I shall strive to lead you to the path of peace and serenity should your destiny reveal such things in our meeting this day."

            :: Ulrich smiled as his hair blew in the gentle breeze and his blue eyes focused on her ::

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              :: Lyra smiles wickedly at the handsome Jedi's words as she sizes him up, letting her gaze slip from his head to his toes.

              "Why Sir Ulrich, she purrs, "I bet you say that to all the bad girls you meet. However, you sir, will not be leading me anywhere."

              Lyra summons the forces of darkness within her and throws her left arm forward, palm out, sending a force push at the Jedi's shoulder, throwing him back a step. It was a rude gesture, meant to insult him, bait him. She ignites her silver saber with hiss and steps forward to meet him.

              "Shall we dance, Sir Ulrich?"


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                :: The warrior of light falls backwards and then regains his stance against the alluring darksider ::

                "I see that the Dark Side has indeed tainted your mind, however I will not fall under its spell of empty promises, concealed lies and tyrannical corruption. The Dark Side is for the greedy, the twisted, the evil.. not a woman like you. I feel the good in you. It is not too late to unlearn what you have learned. Join me in the serenity of the light and rejoin the path of truth, justice and honor."

                :: Ulrich ignited his blue lightsaber and stood across from her, the radiance of the lightside surrounding him in a pale hue as he took a defensive position ::


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                  ::Lyra sneers at Ulrich, and shrugs her shoulder indifferently.
                  With a nod of her head she grips her saber in both hands and attacks, swinging her blade menacingly toward Ulrich's head. He meets her attack and their blades sizzle as they come together. As they step together, blades locked, she surprises him with a quick, but well-placed jab to his nose. Then, with force speed she whirls around and cuts low with her blade and then brings it up, leaving a black charred trail on his body armor. ::


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                    :: The noble Jedi finds his nose bleeding from the surprise impact of her skilled punch to his face. As Lyra swings her blade around and scorches Ulrich's armor, he jars from his dazed state and reacts with speed and intuition. He quickly extends his blue lightsaber powerfully and hits her saber hilt with tremendous strength, forcing her weapon to fly from her hand. He then bows to her honorably as his blue eyes search out hers ::

                    "My dear lady, such rage does not befit you. Join me and embrace the light. You know it is your destiny..."


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                      :: As her weapon leaves her hand, Lyra uses the force to halt it in midflight. It hovers in the air a moment, then flies back to her waiting hand. Ignoring his ridiculous bantering, Lyra fires back at him, "Do you want to fight hand to hand Sir Ulrich?"

                      Menacingly she moves forward, saber at the ready. She swings at him and he parries easily. With her free hand Lyra draws back and delivers a powerful punch to his jaw. Lyra's violet eyes glow with the evil power coursing through her.


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                        :: Ulrich parries her saber attack and as she punches him again in the jaw, he force pushes her away from him.

                        "Dear lady, fighting is never the way to solve a conflict. Surely we perhaps sit down, have a drink and talk peacefully about how your path strayed from the light and goodness that still resides within you."

                        :: Keeping a watchful eye on the Sith, he readies his saber and takes a defensive posture ::


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                          "I think not." she grimaces as she lunges into another attack. slicing down sharply, attempting to cut his legs from under him. He leaps the sabrebeam and parries her continous attack. She pushes on relentlessly, searching for an opening, his honest, open face seeming to mock her every move. A skillful feint to the left leaves her a split second opening and she delivers a powerful kick to Ulrich's midsection, sending him sprawling on his backside. Lyra lands on his chest, saber poised to deliver the fatal blow. ::


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                            :: Ulrich's lungs burn as the Sith woman lands on him. Ribs are bruised and he struggles to breathe but is able to call upon the purity of the light within to aid him in this perilous situation. His saber glides up to block her lethal attack and as she sits poised on his chest, he lifts his right knee and kicks her hard in the back from behind her, sending her toppling over him and landing behind him. He smiles and climbs rapidly to his feet to turn and face the dark sider. The Jedi holds his position and maintains a defensive posture against her, awaiting her next outburst of unbridled rage ::


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                              :: The dark side raged inside Lyra, but she remained outwardly calm as anger and hatred threatened to engulf her. She knew she had two choices. To let her emotions control her, or to control them, channeling the blistering energy to her advantage rather than her demise. She stole forward a step toward the handsome, smiling apparition that was her opponent. Her lip twitched but she did not return his winsome smile, refused to be drawn in by his goodness.

                              Lyra swung her blade back and forth, creating a shimmering arc between her and Ulrich. They crossed blades and then Lyra dropped, hooking her right foot around the back of his ankle and simultaneously kicked hard at Ulrich's midthigh. As Ulrch went down, Lyra shoulder-rolled to the side and sprang to her feet, swinging. Her saber sizzled through the air on a deadly course to separate Ulrich's head, from his body. ::