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Life's Lessions. (Syren)

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  • Life's Lessions. (Syren)

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 11-30-2002 09:16 PM:
    Life's Lessions. (Syren)

    The Sith Knight Athena walked threw the darkness of the night into the training grounds. She had every memory of Syren from her Makers death. She was there and she almost gave her life to save her Maker. The Knight was more then happy to take on Syren as her Apprentice.

    Her black boots seemed to leave, footprints into the soft mud. The night before had left a light amount of Rain on the ground. Her ebony black cloak whipped behind her as she walked. She made her way towards the old gates that her Master(Mistress Shadowtide) had trained her at. Lifting her right hand she pushed the gates open with the force and placed the box of training gear on the floor.

    She knew the force signature of Syren and could feel the child getting closer. She had heard of the death of Syren, and how she had no felling other then pain. Well if it came to it. Athena would show the child pain just to teach her.

    With her back to the gates. The force signature of Syren was overwealming.

    " Welcome My apprentice. I am sure we have much to learn from one another. "

    Turning to see Syren.

    " Tell me what the Darkside is to you. And how it is part of your life. Then tell me what all we have to work on. "

    Athena waited. She had answered everything of her Masters questions. And then the training started. Athena Lady Darknss had been a decorated Member here and The Lady Athena the clone was going to be the same.

    Posted by Syren Lysandor on 12-03-2002 07:57 AM:

    As Athena already knew, Syren was following close behind. The gates her new Master had pushed open were forbidding, and the air had a slight musty smell. Crinkling her nose up slightly, the Disciple walked through the gates and took a couple steps forward, hesitant.

    " Welcome My apprentice. I am sure we have much to learn from one another. "

    Athena turned around and looked at her, causing the girl to kneel. The Sith Knight wished for her to answer questions like she had to MnT when she first joined the Empire.

    "M'lady, the Darkside is power, knowledge, life, and death. I have learned this over the time I served the Empire and after I was called away. It is the sole exis-... existence for my being. M.. Mir-yan has taught me well, with combat skills and using the Force. Eve ... she helped improve these skills. I s-still need to work more on using lightsabers, and I wish for you to teach me illusions."

    Short, simple and to the point. Her speech still needed working on, but she was making progress. At least Athena wouldn't have to worry about an Apprentice who wouldn't shut up.

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 12-03-2002 11:24 AM:

    Athena heard the answers they were good. MnT was indeed a wonderful teacher and in the skills of fighting she thought there were few better. Eve Siren, one of Athena's best friends within the Empire skilled was not the word for this knight.

    " Rise Syren, and tell me what kind of power you seek from the darkside? I know you are well trained within the art of fighting, but your saber skills are in need of improvement. And the Art of Illusions, is not an easy art to learn. "

    Posted by Syren Lysandor on 12-04-2002 10:33 AM:

    As Athena commanded, the Disciple rose to her feet, ignoring the dirt that clung to her simple clothing.

    "I seek -" she hesitated, forming the word with her mouth before speaking it, " - everything."

    Yes, that was the right word.

    "Everything it has to offer. Can you t-teach me ?"

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 12-04-2002 12:50 PM:

    " Yes I can teach you. "

    Athena's eyes seemed to slightly close, She thought of the Illusioin she was going to use. Then it appered... The exact Image of Syren standing before Syren.

    " Teach yourself first. Spar with yourself, and see how far you can get. "

    The Illusion was identical to Syren herself, it even had the same weapons. And carried the gifts Athena's Maker had left for Syren upon her death. Now if Syren didn't have the daggers then that was the only give away of the illusion and the real Syren.

    Posted by Syren Lysandor on 12-10-2002 07:13 PM:

    Syren canted her head to the side, red hair falling from one side to the other. It looked just like her, with the same empty look in her eyes and the translucent skin ... But it wasn't her. The weapons ... she didn't carry any with her, unlike this illusion.

    "How c-can I fight ... it ... if it's j-just an illusion ? Wouldn't I just .. go thr- .. through ?"

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 12-10-2002 07:27 PM:

    Athena smiled.

    " True it is an Illusion, but I can make it move, as if you were fighting me, you just wont get hurt this way, until I want you hurt. "

    Posted by Syren Lysandor on 12-20-2002 04:31 PM:

    Closing her eyes, Syren listened as her Master replied before taking in a deep breath. Break her.

    After a moment's hesitation, the girl opened her eyes again, except this time they glittered maliciously. It was then that Syren, enabled with the Force, moved with unnatural speed to the replica, throwing a round-house kiick towards the right knee.

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 12-30-2002 03:51 PM:

    Athena smiled and then watching as her apprentice attacked the image. A round house good move, but still not what Athena had hoped for...

    The Image jumped as if a human was using the Force in enhance the movement. Then landed right where it was, and punched at Syren. Since it was an image it never hit Syren, but a slight force nudge from Athena allowed her apprentice to know when she would have been hit.

    " Keep trying Syren, kill her...."

    Posted by Syren Lysandor on 12-31-2002 03:47 PM:

    Her blue eyes narrowed and her right hand clenched into a fist before she brought up her left knee. To fool the image. It looked like she was going for a kick, but Syren then stopped and gave a punch towards the replica's gut, then spun sharply on her heel, her hand extended to she could shove her fingernails into the image's neck and draw blood.

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 01-09-2003 09:19 PM:

    ((OOC loving the Sig lady looking good! ))

    Athena smiled and moved the Illusion slightly her apprentice had made a good move but also a bad move. As Syren spun out of the way the Illusion sweeped the Apprentice's feet from under here. Well not really but the cold chill of the darkside let her know what would have happened.

    Posted by Syren Lysandor on 01-31-2003 06:16 AM:

    The cold chill that suddenly swept through her feet and ankles made her shudder, the image of herself staring blankly back. Without a moment's hesitation, she threw her right fist at the image - it was caught and held tightly. She threw her left fist - same thing. Bringing up her knee, it was blocked with the image's knee. She did the same with the other knee ... same thing.

    Suddenly Syren swung her hands down with extreme force and the illusion let go in order not to "break her arms". She brought her left hand into the illusion's stomach and dug her fingernails through the fabric, whilst using her other hand to reach up and grab the neck. Tightning her grip, the Apprentice growled, staring into the eyes of her reflection.

    [OOC - thankies]

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      The Illusion acted with each of the movements even the ones where Syren did better then Athena could imaging and start the block before the move could be made. The Illusion struggled to breath and finally force pushed Syren from her.

      The Illusion staggered and stepped back rubbing her neck and checking for blood. Athena made the image do this to see if her apprentice would move in quick for the next attack or wait to fight a person looking at her.


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        Immediately the Disciple rushed forward, grabbing the illusion by the shoulders and throwing it down to the ground. Straddling it, she placed one hand around the image's neck with a firm grip that cut off the oxygen. She drew her other hand back before plunging it inside the illusion's chest and through the ribcage, grabbing the heart. Pulling it out, she let it drop to the ground.

        Slowly Syren rose before stepping away from the dead illusion, if indeed it lived at all, before turning to face Athena.

        "Master," she said softly, to let Athena know she was done with the task.

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          Umm did you miss some of your post?



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              Wonderful was all the Lordess thought.

              " Now me. "

              Athena stood there in a ready stance.


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                Without a moment's hesitation, she rushed at Athena, aided with the Force, and swung her arm out with the intention to slam her Master with it.


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                  Athena simply moved to the left (Syrens right) and tripped her apprentice with a quick spin of both of their ankles. Interlocking Athena's right ankle around Syrens right ankle.

                  " Better then that. "


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                    She almost fell on her stomach but balanced herself on her hands and then pushed up, jumping on her feet. She formed her hands into fists and sent out her right hand towards Athena's face, but suddenly stopped and threw a punch with her left fist at lightning speed.


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                      " Better " Athena said as th punch landed right in her ribs.

                      " Now put more anger behind the throw "


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                        "I have no anger, Master."

                        This time, she formed another fist and sent another punch, meant for Athena's face.


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                          Athena was caught off guard at the comment of no anger. She would have to fix that... Just then the punch landed right on her jaw. Twisting her face in pain she looked at her student and leaped forwards tackling Syren to the floor.

                          (OMG where have you been? )


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                            After Athena tackled her to the ground, Syren dug her fingers painfully into the woman's side and headbutted her before using all of her strength to throw her off. Quickly the Disciple scrambled to her feet and took on a defensive stance.

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                              And that was the final straw....

                              " My student you have progressed nicely sence we have known one another. But tell me where is your Anger? Where is your drive for power? "