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  • Bubbles (Gideon Desdemona)

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 12-30-2002 06:27 AM:
    Bubbles (Gideon Desdemona)

    What a bright, sunny day Gideon had to be trained on. The air was clear, an there was no cloud in sight. They arived at the plateu that Tempist had grown accustomed to, and did most of his training at. The Dark Knight walked to the edge, and spun on the ball of his foot, to see how far behind his new apprentice was.

    Now, how far along were you trained already> Tempist said to Gideon, through the force.

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 12-30-2002 09:31 AM:

    Gideon was not but a couple of steppes behind his master when he stopped and spoke to him. Gideon was accustom to elder Sith speaking via the force but it still threw him for a loop when he wasn't expecting another voice in his own head,

    :I've learned to use force levitation, pull and push, and a small amount of strength enhancement. I have also had a few saber lessons but have not yet had the time to construct my own:

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 01-01-2003 04:24 PM:

    Tempist noded slightly as Gideon spoke, and thought about what needed to be taught still. After a short silence, Tempist finally spoke, now verbally.

    "Good... I now offer a question for you. What would you use to save your life in a brutal conflict... your abilities with a lightsaber or sword, or your depth in the force?"

    This would determine which feild they would work on for this session, and how long it would last. Not having a saber is only a minor problem, that can be remadied at any time.

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 01-01-2003 05:35 PM:

    Gideon gave his master his full attention as he was posed with this question,

    :It would be my lightsaber that would save my life in a conflict. I feel more at ease using it then being totally force dependent:

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 01-06-2003 07:20 PM:

    "Alright, then that is what we will save for later. Now we will work on your force abilities and using them with hand to hand combat."

    Tempist dropped his long cloak to the ground, by the edge of the cliff, along with his battleaxe, short sword, and two lightsabers. They wouldn't go anywhere, they were nesteled in an indentation in the dirt, with a large rock near it to block the wind. He then walked about ten meteres from Giddeon, and assumed a well guarded stance, with one leg facing his opponent and apprentice, his arms risen to defend his torso.

    "Whenever you are ready, we will begin."

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 01-07-2003 07:15 PM:

    :So it shall be:

    The words of complete confidence where the only thing to be heard out of the disciples mouth, though on the inside he was trembling with complete fear, For the force was his weakness. Al his training thus far had been saber skills and the one brief lesson he had with force pull and push.

    Putting his fears aside Gideon dropped his heavy training robe to reveal a dojo style uniform, two daggers strapped to the left and right of a hand made sword he had crafted before he left home, and a knife kept his training boots with his family symbol on it.

    Placing all the items in his robe, wrapping them up, and placing them on the ground the ground a few feet away. The second he placed his equipment on the ground he engaged himself in the battle that he knew was going to be painful and that he knew he could not win. Running at his top speed he came to be a few feet away from Tempist he dropped to baseball slide, only to pivot on his frontward foot, and spin around to what would seem to be a leg sweep, but stopping his foot on the ground behind Tempist to swing his body around to the back of his current enemy/master. Moving with the momentum of the spin Gideon aimed his left elbow for his master’s spinal cord.

    ooc-sorry for the rambling of this post (or so it seems to be to me) but I have felt that as of late I have been leaving to much detail out of my post and I’m currently trying to rid myself of that bad habit.

    btw-sparing post hasn’t been my strong side so please catch me on aim to set me strait on the mistakes that I have made/will make.

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 01-13-2003 07:55 PM:

    OOC: no problem, everyone has problems with the details sooner or later. you'd be suprized by how often I forget to mention very small important things about the setting, the character, the weather, whatever it may be. also, it's not always best to try to fix problems in one thread alone. you're better off picking one specific thing you have trouble with, and looking at what others do about the problem, then addapting it to your character's situation. i'll write an IC response to this tomorow hopefully.

    oh yea, before I forget, remember to take as much time as you need when you RP. you're better off taking a while and having really good posts than having alot of short responses with no detail or real action.

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 01-13-2003 08:01 PM:

    occ-ok, thanks for keeping me strait, i know i rush my post sometime and they don't turn out the best. And i will try to stick to one problem at a time

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 01-18-2003 06:54 PM:

    Seeing his apprentice begin to run twards him, he prepaired himself to jump. Skidding into your opponent is an efficient and often used tactic for starting the match off, one of Tempist's favorites. When Gideon dropped to the ground in a slide, Tempist gave a quick force boosted jump, and sailed over Gideon's head, landing where the desciple had started off. Tempist turned to see Gideon finishing up what would have been a powerful first attack, and grinned.

    "Good starter, but you should wait to slide untill you are closer, or they will have time to react. You may also just want to work with that momentum that you gain when you slide."

    Without another word, Tempist closed his eyes. Two good sized stones, about the size and weight of a man's fist, flew twards Gideon from both his left and right sides, at an alarming velocity. If they connected with the desciple's body, they would leave large, painful welts after the training session ended.

    The force has many applications. The physical applications are limited, but those limits can be pushed and pushed, untill they break. This is a tiny sampling of what can be done with propper control. It's also a good way to start a match off.

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 01-19-2003 10:04 PM:

    Gideon did not take his masters words as a distraction while he was listening but he soon found it was. At the speed the two stones flew it was too late for the young disciple to move, as they shattered into small pieces with contact to his biceps. With a grunt of pain and unleashing his anger Gideon sent a giant force push towards the middle of the two combatants, and the ground erupted as a huge cloud of dust grew around them.

    Merely a few seconds later, Gideon propelled himself into the air with a force jump. As the dust cleared around Tempist Gideon's boot was merely 1 meter away from his master’s temple...

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    Very good, young one. You see the value of a good distraction in battle. However, you must work on your follow up attack.

    Tempist instinctivly crouched low as the cloud rose, and readied himself for the attack. He smiled, seeing that his apprentice had opted to jump at him. The Desciple flew over Tempist, grazing his shoulder with his foot. He rose after Gideon was no longer over head, and spun on the ball of his foot to face him. Tempist raised his right hand out infront of him, and gave a sharp twist of his wrist. The fragments of the stones that had hit Gideon earlier flew about the Knight for a moment, and his eyes closed. He concentrated on the vortex of shards that swirled around him, bringing the velocity higher and higher. During this time, it would be difficult to attack him, without getting impailed by pebbles atleast.

    ...then, his eyes opened, and he stoped concentrating. Shards of stone flew out in all directions, with such a high speed that they would definatley leave scars after they healed, should the victm still live.

    Remember, you are using as much of the force as you can right now. Fall back on what you already know.


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      That was the problem; Gideon knew very little of the force and what he knew he did not believe it could help. With no time to think he did as his master said and did what he knew how to do. Gideon took a strange fighting stance and gathered all the energy he could get together in such a short period of time; with an eruption of power Gideon sent a force push out in every direction of his body. All the rocks aimed at him where diverted off into the sky.

      Gideon stood there, amazed that it worked, but also for he didn't know if he could move. Inhaling and exhaling as hard as hard as he could Gideon stood still, completely out of breath for the time being. He wasn’t even sure how, or if he could block his master's next attack...


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        The Knight smiled, and started on his next attack. Although he was confused about why Gideon hadn't just gave a force aided leap straight up, he didn't ask just yet. After the training session perhaps.

        Tempist's hand went out again, this time aiming two very precise force pulls at Gideon's knees, weakening his legs' integrity. Not wasting any time, Tempist ran twards him, stopping about a foot or so away, amd spun on the ball of his foot, to send a kick twards Gideon's chest.


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          Gideon stumbled forward and almost to his knees from his masters first move, and it seemed inevitable to stop his master's boot from connecting to his chest.

          But with a sudden urge of adrenalin Gideon's arms shot up in an x shape and he caught Tempist's foot. Gideon closed his arms around his master’s boot and aimed a quick little sweep kick and the back of Tempist's other knee, hoping to drive him flat back on the ground...
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            Taking advantage of a bad situation, Tempist kicked upwards with his free foot, aiming twards Gideon's gut. He fell back onto his hands, to end in a backflip after his foot was freed. By doing this, Gideon's kick missed entirely, leaving him on one leg to try to keep ballance when the second kick came. His hands were already busy holding Tempist's other foot, giving the desciple few options.


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              It seemed inevitable for Gideon not to loose his balance, but with his quick thinking abilities he thought of a solution for this problem he was faced with. Narrowly missing his master kick Gideon dropped to his knees in a corkscrew angle. Using the momentum from his fall the young Disciple clinched even tighter to Tempist’s boot and propelled his master over his head. With the Sith Knight now airborne Gideon looked up to see what would come of the attack…


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                As Tempist moved closer to the dirt below, he gave a powerful force push twards the ground, keeping him in the air. He readied himself to land, and ended it all in a roll. He looked to his apprentice, and grinned.

                "Not bad Gideon, but remember that throws are only affective against non-force users and desciples for the most part. You can occasionally catch a Knight off guard, but quite often, it's a waste of energy."

                He held out his hand, and waved two fingers, motioning for Gideon to attack if he wanted to continue, or not if he didn't.


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                  Gideon's eyes flared with fire, the word quite was not in his vocabulary, and as long as he had a say about it, it never would be,

                  :I know you are at least 10x stronger then me master, and that i don't have a chance at beating you, but i shall never quit:

                  Letting his anger get the best of him Gideon ran with force enhanced speed towards Tempist. Not trying anything fancy Gideon clenched his right hand into a fist and aimed a force enhanced punch right at his master’s jaw...


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                    Instead of taking advantage of the openings Gideon had left, Tempist crouched low, and grabbed his apprentice's legs when he came close enough. He lifted Gideon up, and threw him to his left, not too brutally this time.

                    "Sometimes it's better to know when to stop for a while. It isn't giving up, it's taking the challenge on peice by peice. This lesson is over for now, you have my permission to spar any desciple or warrior you chose. I also want you to practice what force skills you know in battle. Don't be afraid of loss, even in failing to defeat your opponent, you gain knowlage and skill."

                    The Dark Knight walked to his apprentice, and extended a hand to help him up.


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                      Gideon would usually never accept accentenc form any one, but he knew that his master hd his best intentions at hand,

                      :As you wish, i will try my best: